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Monday, November 30, 2009

New Britain Fisher Cats

New Britain Fisher Cats

Looking for first place

The Fisher Cats as finished second in the National North for three straight seaons and is really looking to bring another division crown this season. I think the Cats have to the team to watch this season, as they could make a serious at the World Series. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to your Season 9 New Britain Fisher Cats:


C Erik West (32 years old) - The future Hall of Fame catcher just keeps plugging along with another outstanding season. There's not much you can say about someone who's got eight straight seasons of 100 runs scored and 100 RBI's. West last season hit .327/.400/.669.

1B Hoss Boone (33 years old) - Boone is just another great hitter that just knows how to hit. Boone is a lifetime .321 hitter and will probably get over 1,600 hits this season. Boone numbers from last season where .329/.405/.550.

2B Pep Valdes (26 years old) - Valdes followed up his great rookie season with an all-star sophomore season. Valdes is hitting his prime and could be going for a break out season. Last year Valdes went .315/.384/.554.

3B Santiago Melendez (22 years old) - Melendez had a up and down rookie season showing he has some good power and speed. Melendez will need improve his hitting if he wants to be something special in the league. Melendez hit .244/.314/.423.

SS Kennie Sexson (33 years old) - The Lancaster Wizard Kennie Sexson is one of the best defense shortstops in the league. Sexson really struggled at the plate last season barely hitting above .200. Last year Sexson hit .207/.281/.282.

LF Gustavo Park (26 years old) - Park is just another great young hitter that the Fisher Cats always seem to find. Watch for Park at the end of the season when the Rookie of the Year awards comes out, he'll probably be near the top.

CF Santiago Alfonzo (29 years old) - Alfonzo isn't your typical Fisher Cat hitter as he isn't going to hit a ton of homeruns but he is still one of the best hitters on the team. Alfonzo is also one of the best defense centerfielders in the game. Alfonzo hit .310/.367/.432.

RF Damaso Seneca (25 years old)- What a year Seneca had not only did he when the homerun derby, the All-Star team and Silver Slugger award but he won the grand daddy of them all the MVP of the National League. We all have to wonder what kind of season he will have this year. Seneca last season hit .320/.416/.697.

Players coming off the bench will be veteran, spot-starter Vernon Graves(32 years old), backup catcher Vicente Melendez (32 years old) and pitch-hitter Tony Padden (26 years old).


SP1- Raymond Pavlov (31 years old) - It took five years but Pavlov finally got his second Cy Young Award. There wasn't really any question that Pavlov had one of the best season any pitcher has ever had in this league. His 22-7 was really nice but the 1.97 proved just how dominate he was last season.

SP2- Andres Crespo (24 years old) - Everything really came togather for Crespo last season winning 20 games for the Fisher Cats while keeping his ERA under 4. Crespo has always been a workhorse type pitcher but he has learned if he can keep the hits down he can be one of the top pitchers in the league.

SP3- Bono Barr (24 years old) - Barr really had a nice rookie season even though his win-lose record wasn't really that great. It's really a great advantage for Barr to know that he really doesn't have to worry about pitching perfect games as the offense will always be there to back him up.

SP4- Jimmie Amezaga (23 years old) - Amezaga really had a horrible sophomore season losing 18 games for a team that almost won 100 games. No one really expected Amezaga who won the Rookie of the Year award to struggle that bad. One has to wonder what we will get from Amezaga this season, the one from his rookie season or the one from last season?

SP5- Phil Perry (28 years old) - As the fifth starter Perry is almost like a spot starter for the team. Perry went 9-5 last season but the 1.48 WHIP has got to be a concern for the team that maybe some struggle will come from the Perry this season.

Closer- Shawn Buckley (25 years old) - Not since Buckley's rookie season has he had a chance to become a closer and that season he had 10 blown saves. The Fisher Cats believe that Buckley has matured enough where he is ready to be a full time closer once again.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Monterrey Stars

Monterrey Stars

The Unbeatable

The Stars just won there fourth World Series victory in the last five season. This team is truely a dynasty. The Stars will once again be in the running to win the World Series but I really think the rest has really caught up with him talent wise. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to your Season 9 Monterrey Stars:


1. LF Vin Cordero (29 years old) - Cordero is not your typical lead-off hitter as he will probably hit around 40 homeruns once again this season. Last year Cordero stole more bases for the Stars then anyone one has in years with 17. Cordero last season hit .293/.340/.549.

2. C Cookie Pena (32 years old) - Pena came over from Atlanta last season and the switch to the National League didn't slow him down at all. The only thing that has held Pena down has been his stamina has going beyond 100 games a season is a stretch. Pena numbers from last season where .341/.411/.627.

3. 1B Mike Bonds (26 years old) - After his MVP preformance, Bonds followed up with one of the best seasons just not another MVP season. Bonds had his fourth straight year of 60 or more homeruns even though he had the fewest homeruns since his rookie year. Last year Bonds went .306/.391/.642.

4. RF P.T Valdes (23 years old) - The Tijuana Crusher P.T Valdes crushed 37 homeruns in just 259 at bats. Would have probably won Rookie of the Year if he had played a whole season. Hague hit .328/.392/.826.

5. 3B Frank Surtain (29 years old) - Surtain was really struggling in Atlanta last season but once he came to Monterrey he really started like he did a couple seasons ago. Surtain should put up a nice season in his first full in Monterrey. Last year Surtain hit .249/.311/.448.

6. SS Clem Barkley (29 years old) - Barkley had a really off year last season hitting his lowest average since season 5 and his lowest runs scored since season 4. Look for Barkley to have nice bounce back this season and come close to career highs. Barkley hit .267/.346/.485.

7. CF Rondell Lowe (27 years old) - There is probably nothing that puts more fear into a pitcher then having to face Lowe in the seventh spot in the order. Lowe hit over 50 homeruns for the third straight season but saw is batting drop to a career low. At 27 Lowe is hitting is peak, so the rest of the league should watch out. Lowe hit .250/.316/.594.

8. 2B Brain Turner (32 years old)- The homeruns hitting machine of the Stars don't even take a break in the eigth hole. Turner in any another lineup would be a number four or fifth hitter but for the Stars he's just another power hitter. Turner last season hit .264/.350/.494.

Players coming off the bench will be veteran, spot-starter Cy Ryan (33 years old), backup catcher Brooks Surtain (26 years old) and pitch-hitter Stone Taylor (22 years old).


SP1- Wilson Fisher (31 years old) - Fisher won 23 games for the second straight season but something just really seemed off with Fisher last season. His 84 earned runs and 28 homeruns was the first since season 4. Fisher during the off-season really reditacted himself into becoming the best pitcher in the league once again this season.

SP2- Wilt McGee (33 years old) - At the age of 32 years old, McGee set a career high in wins last season. Since he was traded to Monterrey in season 6, McGee has gone 37-15 and if he can stay on that track he could approach 200 victories for his career.

SP3- Gil Henson (37 years old) - Henson just keeps pitching well evening has his age is getting up there. Henson had a 3.21 ERA last season dropping his career ERA below 4 for the first time. Henson will once again get about 15 wins this season based on his ability to pitch as his abilities are beginning to slip a little.

SP4- Tommie Relaford (31 years old) - After spending eigth seasons in the Pioneers system, Relaford was trading to the Stars last into season last year. In his seven starts Relaford pitched really well even though he went 4-2 for the team. Look to Relaford to have a career year has he will finally have an offense to provide runs and wins for him.

SP5- Tom Smith (23 years old) - The Rookie of the Year had one of the finest season any rookie could ever have. Smith went 21-2 in his 29 starts and if he could repeat this preformance this season, he could see a Cy Young award hanging next to the Rookie of the Year award.

Closer- Donnie Washington (28 years old) - Believe it or not but Washington only had 25 saves last season. The reason for this is that the Stars are in so few close games that it's rare for any closer on the team to pile up the saves.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Los Angeles Galaxy

Los Angeles Galaxy

The Western King

The Galaxy won there fifth National League West division crown last season but once again really couldn't do anything in the playoffs. The Galaxy really tried to make moves this off-season to not only win the division but make a run in the playoffs as well. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to your Season 9 Los Angeles Galaxy:


1. CF Khoury Glass (33 years old) - Glass made his return to Los Angeles last season where he had trouble getting a ton of at bats finishing the season with only 349 at bats. Glass was excited about returning to the starting lineup once again promising the fans of Los Angeles that he's going to return to his glory years this season. Glass last season hit .298/.364/.433.

2. 2B Odalis Montanez (31 years old) - Montanez really saw his numbers take a huge drop last season. Montanez really needs to improve on his 57 RBI effort last season and get is average around his mark of .280. Montanez numbers from last season where .255/.352/.409.

3. RF Glenn Matheson (27 years old) - Matheson came over near the beginning of last season and had one of his finest season for the Galaxy. Look for Matheson to once again be in the race for the National League MVP. Last year Matheson went .319/.377/.618.

4. LF Lewis Hague (24 years old) - It's the simple fact that if Hague would have had a better average of .258 he might have won the Rookie of the Year award. Hague is just another great young hitter that the Galaxy just seem to bring up every season. Hague hit .258/.349/.531.

5. 1B Antonio Frye (30 years old) - Frye continued his streak of a great season to a below season with the below season coming last season. Look for Frye to bounce back and do what he always does and have a great year this season. Last year Frye hit .258/.324/.403.

6. C Ricardo Ramirez (33 years old) - Ramirez wasn't getting any playing time while he was he was in Monterrey but once he got traded to the Galaxy he proved why is one of the best offensive catchers in the league hitting 12 homeruns in just 75 games for the Galaxy. Ramirez hit .311/.360/.486.

7. 3B Arnold Buchanan (26 years old) - Buchanan came off the bench last season after getting the starting job the during season 6 and 7. Buchanan should really become a man on mission this season to earn back his starting spot. Buchanan hit .253/.309/.402.

8. SS Archie Hitchcock (26 years old)- After spending five years in Tacoma, Hitchcock went Galaxy hoping that his luck could change. Hitchcock put up the same offensive numbers he's put up in his career but really improved his defense having a career low in errors with 23. Hitchcock last season hit .225/.293/.365.

Players coming off the bench will be veteran, pinch hitter Heath Fitzgerald (35 years old) and backup catcher Robin Lily (26 years old.


SP1- Bartolo Rosado (30 years old) - Rosado always found winning games tough in the league until the team came to Los Angeles. Since the move Rosado has a 29-13 record with his ERA well below 4. Look for his numbers to come close to last season numbers with his wins improving a little.

SP2- Aaron Hernandez (26 years old) - Hernandez rookie season was a huge success for the Galaxy. Hernandez will get a full season in the rotation and with the teams history should get around 15 wins with around 200 innings pitched.

SP3- Daisuke Lui (31 years old) - No one really knows what happened to Lui last season for the Beefpound but pitching just over 100 innings and having a 5-11 record really hurt his chances of returning to the team. The Galaxy really knew how much he loved living in the Los Angeles area so it wasn't a big sell sign a contract with them.

SP4- Butch Magee (26 years old) - You can't ask any more from a rookie then what Magee did for the Galaxy last season. It's amazing that a rookie could win 20 games and not win the Rookie of the Year but Magee is looking to prove that last season wasn't a fluke.

SP5- Peter Baek (37 years old) - Baek was once worth 18 million dollars a season but now at 37, 18 million dollars now is paying alot for a fifth starter. Look for Baek to have a fine season, as the 37 year old arm simply knows how to pitch and sometimes that's all you need.

Closer- Jeremy Morris (39 years old) - The Galaxy loves what Morris brings as a closer even at the age of 39. After losing the closing job a couple of season ago for the Stars the writing was on the wall he wouldn't return once his contract was up and that's what happened this off-season. The Galaxy said he was going to be the closer and he signed a two year contract that day.

Anaheim Beefpound

Anaheim Beefpound

The Return (just not this season)

The Beefpound saw there third straight season where they didn't make it to the playoffs even though they had a winning record. The team this team is very young this season so it could be a struggle to expect the Beefpound to make a return to the playoffs. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to your Season 9 Anaheim Beefpound:


C Alex Franco (29 years old) - Franco had a really nice year last season setting career highs in at bats, hits, homeruns, RBI's and batting average. Franco is also one of the toughest catchers to steal against as you threw out 26 attempts last season. Last year Franco hit .280/.338/.440.

1B David Taylor (27 years old) - Taylor seemed to take a small step back last season setting career lows in most offensive catergorys. Taylor should bounce back as it always seems with a young player once they get there bad year out of the way they really start playing well after that. Taylor numbers from last season where .262/.324/.418.

2B Ezdra Martin (26 years old) - Martin was traded from the Headhunters during the off-season and the team is really excited about what they think Martin can do this season. Beefpac told me he didn't know how Martin wasn't in the majors all ready but they where more then happy to get him.

SS Don Guerrero (24 years old) - Guerrero really seems to puzzle me and probably the Beefpound as well. Guerrero really seems to be struggling offensively but the team hopes that keeping him at one position instead of seven like last season will improve those numbers. Guerrero hit .239/.94/.273.

3B Danny Stratton (26 years old) - Stratton really struggled during his rookie season but coming from HI-A to the major would be a major jump for any player to over come. Also the team is hoping with him as well keeping at one position will hlep him. Last year Stratton hit .229/.315/.431.

CF Juan Amaro (27 years old) - Amaro once again a very solid season, not only with his bat but in the field as well. Amaro will be player centerfield for the first time in his career but I don't think it will be a big problem for him. Amaro hit .306/.361/.461.

LF Gene DeJean (24 years old) - DeJean made his debut about half way through the season and really took off. DeJean might struggle a little this season but a solid season shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone. DeJean hit .331/.404/.431.

RF Vic Robertson (24 years old)- Robertson had a great year last season and will really look to take a big jump in becoming the offensive weapon for this team. Robertson should have no problem getting over 100 RBI's this season. Robertson last season hit .290/.346/.495

DH Bing Kolb (24 years old) - Kolb only played 24 games last season and only hit 2 homeruns but his 117 carreer homeruns in the minors should tell you what Kolb could do in a full season. Expect Kolb to be in the running for Rookie of the Year at the end of the season.

The Bench players for the Beefpound are backup catcher Wascar Ozuna (25 years old), 100 RBI producer from last season Robinson Buckley (27 years old) and big power bat Andrew Stevenson (27 years old)


SP1- Miguel Martinez (27 years old) - Martinez had his best season last year setting a career high in innings pitched and ERA. The team will really look for Martinez to be the staff ace this season and help the young offensive in tight games. Injury update: Forearm strain will have Martinez miss his next two starts.

SP2- Herbert Brandt (29 years old) - Brandt set career highs in games started, wins and innings pitched. The only reason Brandt isn't the number one starter for the team is only averaged five innings a start last season and team ace should go more innings then that per start.

SP3- Paulie Yarnall (31 years old) - Yarnall really struggled last season having his worst season eight year major league career. The team really needs Yarnall to find his old form or could Yarnall already beginning the down turn of his career.

SP4- John Wang (24 years old) - Wang will finally be given a chance to be in the starting rotation this season after starting in the bullpen the last couple years before moving into the rotation. Another season with 10 or more wins should be within reach this season as well.

SP5- Steve McIntyre (29 years old) - I really don't know if the Beefpound was desperate for starting pitchers during the off-season but I really don't think they should have signed McIntyre to a 3 year 18 million contract. Since McIntyre had elbow surgrey during season five, he's gone 26-29 with his ERA close to 5.

Closer- Rodrigo Romero (25 years old) - Romero is only 25 years old but is already one of the top closer in the game. Something happen with Romero last season as he had 13 blown saves and an ERA over 5. Could last season just be a hiccup in his career or is it a beginning of a trend?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Houston Hitmen

Houston Hitmen

Who's going to stop me

The Hitmen saw there second trip to the World Series last season but with a very different result then there first trip. The Hitmen have to be the favorite in the American League to once again go to the World Series and maybe get some revenge against the Stars. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to your Season 9 Houston Hitmen:


1. CF Edgar Tejada (26 years old) - Tejada played in his first All-Star game last season and he really seemed to get better as the season went along. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Hitmen really let this speedster run all over the place this season. Tejada last season hit .339/.378/.387.

2. 2B Sean Foster (28 years old) - The man from Malad City Sean Foster is probably the most underrated player on the Hitmen's roster. Any team in the league would love to have a number two hitter that has an average around .300, 20 homeruns and over 100 runs scored year after year but on the Hitmen it's the soft spot in the lineup. Foster numbers from last season where .287/.350/.455.

3. DH Weldon Erving (35 years old)/ Tomas Roque (29 years old) - Erving will mostly be in the lineup against right-handers. Erving doesn't have the biggest power on the team but he just seems bring the runners in. Erving last season hit .337/.406/.545. Roque will mostly be in the lineup against left-handers and the main backup catcher. Roque struggled so much last season that he lost his starting spot and now will ride the pine on most days, not really what the team thought would happen when they signed him to a long term extension last season. Last year Roque went .255/.333/.454.

4. LF Geraldo Rodriguez (29 years old) - Rodriguez last season won his most MVP award. With 61 homeruns, 157 RBI's and 200 hits there wasn't really a big question that he really deserved the award. Rodriguez hit .321/.407/.685.

5. 3B Alex Lee (30 years old) - If it wasn't for his own teammate Lee would have won the MVP last season. Lee hit the most homeruns in the American League with 70 homeruns while adding in 166 RBI. Last year Lee hit .296/.368/.708.

6. RF Art Roskos (28 years old) - It's simple amazing that Roskos last season was able to get over 100 RBI's with Rodriguez and Lee who combined for 223 RBI's in front of him. Roskos hit .290/.363/.606.

7. 1B Todd Kirk (26 years old) - Kirk is another future MVP that is in this lineup. Kirk last really lived up to nickname of Captain Kirk last season hitting over 50 homeruns for the third straight year. Kirk hit .287/.350/.606.

8. C Carlos James (26 years old)- James played in only 21 games last season but with his defensive ability he will be given the shot at the starting catching position for that reason only. James could be the one wink link in the lineup but he could surprise some people with some big hits this season.

9. SS Rocky Meadows (26 years old) - It's really scary that this lineup will feature a number nine hitter who hits over 30 homeruns and will be around 80 RBI's. Meadows is still growing into his position and you should see his hitting improve even more this season. Meadows last season hit .263/.342/.527.

Players coming off the bench will be defensive sub, pinch hitter Todd Howry (30 years old) who is still looking for his first major league homerun after four major league seasons and super sub Pablo Manuel (26 years old) who hit 10 homeruns in is 150 at bats last season.


SP1- Cliff Sheets (30 years old) - The all time leader in victories in the league is going for this fifth straight season with more then 20 victories. It would surprise no one in the league if Sheets gets 20 or more victories this season but look for him to really try to improve his numbers as he gave up a career high in homeruns.

SP2- Garland Haney (27 years old) - I believe that Haney took a really big step heading into prime years on a roll. Haney got his second straight year with 20 victories but dropped his ERA by 50 points and that had to be why the Hitmen offered hima 5 year contract extension at the beginning of the season.

SP3- Alberto Sanchez (25 years old) - Sanchez became the third Hitmen pitcher last season with 20 victories and also seemed to be the workhorse of the staff with 245 innings pitched. You can probably expect Sanchez to come close to 20 victories once again this year.

SP4- Mac Nakamura (27 years old) - Nakamura is the type of pitcher that really has to rely on his bullpen if he's going to pile alot of victories every year as Nakamura very rarely goes beyound the sixth inning. Those first six innings though there are very few pitchers that are better then Nakamura.

SP5- Andrew Peterson (23 years old) - Peterson made 11 starts last with mixed results. He had 52 strikeouts in his 53 innings pitched but his 1.76 WHIP had to be a concern for the team. With this offensive though he could probably have an ERA around 6 and still probably get 10 wins.

Closer- Lonnie Rizzo (29 years old) - Rizzo seems like he can be one of the greatest closers in the game but somehow gets around 6 blow saves every season. Can Rizzo final live up as one of the great closers in the game this season or will he find away to once again be in the middle of the pack?

Dover Souls

Dover Souls

The Time is Now

The Dover Souls finished with a winning record for the first time since season three but when you played in the toughest division last year that only good enough for a 4th place finish. Things don't look any different as it's going to be tough for the Souls to get out of the basement. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to your Season 9 Dover Souls:


C Endy Hemingway (36 years old)/ Tanyon Strong (33 years old) - Hemingway will see action against the right handers while Strong will start against left handers. Strong is a better hitter but lacks the defense capablities that Hemingway can provide.

1B Matt Darr (27 years old) - Darr is the big power bat in the lineup. He hit a homerun every 10.4 at bats last season but then comes the other side as he strokeout every 4.9 which was better then his career average of 4.1 strikeouts per at bat. Darr numbers from last season where .244/.317/.566.

2B Robert Seanez (22 years old) - Seanez had himself a very stellar season and was in the running for rookie of the year as well. Seanez fell three stolen bases short of having himself a 30/30 which he might just get there this season. Last year he went .292/.346/.507.

SS Johnny Grey (29 years old)/ Shawn Durbin (25 years old)- Grey will mostly in the lineup against right-handers and after being demoted to AAA last season he's very eager to prove he's a major league shortstop. Durgin will mostly see time against the left-handers and his also the better defensive player of the two. Durbin hit .289/.341/.419.

3B Tommy Crede (33 years old) - Last season Crede had the worst year in his career hitting less then 100 hits and less then 20 homeruns for the first time in his career. The time has got to hope Crede can find his old form this season or the team could be in trouble. Last year Crede hit .236/.302/.422.

CF Claude Marshall (30 years old)/ Cory Skinner(28 years old) - Marshall is mostly going to be in the lineup against the right-handers and his knee surgrey from last season doesn't seem like it will effect his speed. Marshall hit .295/.362/.444. Skinner should be in lineup mostly against the left-handers and is one of the fastest runners in the league. Skinner hit .281/.321/.340.

LF Milt Kroeger (28 years old) - Kroeger was probably the best player on the field for the Dover's last season. You know every season that Kroeger will give you just over 30 homeruns and around the 100 RBI mark which is really want this team needs season after season. Melfi hit .284/.350/.481. Update: Ligament tear in the knee has put Kroeger on the 60 day DL.

RF Timmothy Hennessey (23 years old)- It rare these days to see a team given a rule-5 draft pick a chance in the starting lineup. Hennessey's solid ability, sometimes you have to take a chance if you want to make the playoffs.

DH Brad Villone (30 years old) - With third base blocked by Crede the team needs a another solid bat in the lineup and Villone can fill that void. Don't be surprised if you see Villone finishing the year starting at thrid base. Villone last season hit .245/.296/.438.


SP1- Gene Brooks (24 years old) - After a solid rookie season Brooks took a small step back last season, losing 16 games in the process and having an ERA close to 5. It wassn't all bad news though as his control improved and people are still having trouble catching up to his fastball. I think you should bouce back a little and have another solid year.

SP2- Tito Holt (29 years old) - Holt really does seem to be running out of options for someone only 29 years old but the reason for his lack of success at the major league level is his control issues. For his career Holt has walked 274 against 325 strikeouts.

SP3- Pablo Moreno (26 years old) - Moreno really had himself a great season last year setting career highs in every major catergory evening keeping his ERA around the 3 mark for most of the year. The team is really looking forward to what he can bring this season.

SP4- Albert York (33 years old) - This to me was really one of the few moves this off-season that had me wondering why. Why would the Dovers want to take on York's contract of 7.5 million dollars for a player that was banished to rookie league during the end of last season. Career 5.51 has to be another concern for a team in the American League.

SP5- Delino Maduro (30 years old) - Coming over from Los Angeles during the middle of last season really seemed to wake Maduro up. He went 8-6 with a 3.91 ERA during the 21 start for the Dovers. Maduro really needs to do something this season as he got a 2 year 10 million dollar extension from the team during the off-season.

Closer- Justin Lewis (26 years old) - After getting 5 saves in 10 games he pitched after september call ups as the team excited that they have a good closer this season. Lets see if Lewis can take advantage of this great chance the team is giving him this season.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Philadelphia HeadHunters

Slowing building towards the future

I'll be happy with a .500 year here in Philly. The focus with the team is work on the future. I hope to field a competitive team and continue to build the farm system. Philly will be a contender soon, so this is just a fair little warning to the rest of the National League North. Those where just some of the words that the philly manager fritz44 said early this week Without further ado, let’s introduce you to your Season 9 Philadelphia HeadHunters:


C Endy Hemingway (36 years old)/ Tanyon Strong (33 years old) - Hemingway will see action against the right handers while Strong will start against left handers. Strong is a better hitter but lacks the defense capablities that Hemingway can provide.

1B Rudy Adams (28 years old) - Adams is nothing put a pure power hitter and nothing else. Last season Adams had 31% go over the fence with his 23 homeruns. Adams numbers from last season where .248/.341/.525.

2B Curtis Palmer (28 years old) - Palmer really had himself a very nice rookie season and will be really looking to improve with those numbers this season. It depends where he's put in the order he could get around 100 RBI's this season . Last year he went .282/.350/.481.

SS Sean Cepicky (29 years old)- The Russian Wizard Sean Cepicky isn't really going to scare anyone with his bat but his great glove would be a welcomed addition to any team. Cepicky already has 20 great plays during his three year career. Gomez hit .262/.330/.302.

3B Pedro Alvarez (27 years old) - Alvarez only had 141 at bats last season but he made such a great impression with the Headhunters managers that it looks like he will get a starting spot this season. He just went over the plate apperances to be considered a rookie last season, so no shot at the Rookie of the Year award for him. Last year Alvarez hit .333/.405/.489.

CF Sammy Aguilar (29 years old) - Aguilar had his best season last year setting career high in games played, at bats, runs, hits, doubles and walks. With last seasons number Aguilar earned himself a nice 3 year, 22 million dollar contract extension. Aguilar hit .288/.378/.472.

LF Bruce Melfi (26 years old) - Melfi has to be one of the best rule 5 draft picks from last season as he had a very nice rookie year for the Headhunters. At 26 years old you should see his power numbers improve this season and with the team having more trust in him, the RBI numbers should also improve. Melfi hit .291/.352/.511.

RF R.A. Donavan (27 years old)- It was a mixed bag for Donavan last season, he improved his average by 30 points but saw the rest of his numbers hit all time lows. The team has to expect more from someone making just over 4 million dollars this year. Donavan last season hit .285/.329/.460

Coming off the bench will be defensive outfielder and main pinch runner Albert Jimenez (24 years old), fifth infielder Wally Henson (28 years old) and big power bat rookie Jose Toca (25 years old).


SP1- Al McKinley (28 years old) - McKinley is still looking for his first winning season which it looked liked he had a shot at it last season until sorness in should hurt his season. The secret to McKinley's success will need to be hit the hit totals down has he losses control at times during a game.

SP2- Sammy Goya (35 years old) - Goya was signed last season to be the staff ace and in a way he was as he had double digit win total for the third straight year but saw his ERA jump to 4.66 as well. The team will really need him to get another 10 victories this year if they are looking to get to the .500 mark.

SP3- Aaron Hodges (30 years old) - Hodges played for the Los Angeles Galaxy minor league system last season before being traded to the Headhunters. The team is really taking a chance on him this season as he really struggled with his short stint in the majors last year.

SP4- Junior Guerrero (32 years old) - Guerrero led the team in victories last season with 13 and fell short one inning from pitching 200 innings pitched as well. At the age of 32 Guerrero is really taking advantage of being able to play in the majors after spending so long in the minors.

SP5- Keith Donovan (37 years old) - Injuries have really hurt Donovan during the late part of his career. He's gone 17-18 the last two season but his ERA is still low enough that if he can stay healthy you could do some real damage against some teams this season.

Closer- Philip Price (35 years old) - After losing his closer job in Washington last season the Headhunters brought him as he was thinking he could put this team over the .500 mark.



A New Hero of the League

The Highlanders did something that they have only been able to once before in the last eight years and that was to dethrone the Brave Vawts as the American League East division champions. The pressue will be one him this year to repeat that preformance as Vawt will probably be out for revenge this year. A quick exit in the playoffs really showed the battle the Highlanders went through last season but it should be expected for the team to make the playoffs once again even if they don't win the division. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to your Season 9 Cincinnati Highlanders:


1- SS Hong-Jin Wanatabe (21 years old)- Rookie Wanatabe could see a big rookie year as he's got the hitting and the speed to be a great lead-off hitter in the league. If the team could get over the defense problems he could have, he could start alot of games at shortstop.

2- CF Rob Carlson (32 years old) - Carlson has really shined the last couple of years but I don't think anyone expected 131 runs scored season from last year. Carlson will get around 20 homeruns again this season but for him to get 100 RBI's again he will need a good lead off hitter infront of him. Carlson numbers from last season where .283/.351/.483.

3- DH Shawn Long (22 years old) - This just shows you how much hitting talent Long has that the team would give him the number three spot in the lineup at the tender age of 22. You could probably see Long hitting close to 50 homeruns this year. Last year he went .310/.405/.604.

4- 1B Max Gomes (27 years old)- Gomez has saw his numbers improve every year and he didn't disappoint with almost hitting 50 homeruns and his first season with more then 100 RBI's. Gomez hit .303/.352/.652 but the 37 walks from last could be a concern for the team.

5- RF Jorge Rojas (24 years old) - Rojas is just another young powerful hitter that really makes this lineup scary for any pitcher that has the face them. 47 homeruns and 116 RBI's in your sophmore season really has the Highlanders giddy with excitement over what you could produce has he gets older. Last year Rojas hit .268/.354/.565.

6- LF Matt Reagan(28 years old) - It doesn't matter where Reagan finds himself in the lineup, goes goiong to find a way to produce. With five straigh 40 homerun, 100 RBI's season he really shouldn't expect anything less from him this year. Reagan hit .261/.327/.598.

7- 3B Carlos Martin (25 years old) - If there is one thing that Martin can do, it's hit homeruns. If there wasn't already a great DH on the team Martin would fill that role and excel at it. The low average and walk totals could be a concern for the team but the RBI's will offset those low totals.

8- 2B Quilvio Hernandez (22 years old)- Hernandez could be the next big rookie to come out of the Highlander system and if he can live up to his minor league numbers expect some big power numbers to come from him.

9. C Gus Abe (28 years old) - Abe is just another big power bat that but he could have trouble hitting for any kind of average. Abe also will be a big help to the pitching staff as he's one of the best game callers in the league.


SP1- Harry Morales (24 years old) - Morales is very young to be an ace already but he's the best pitcher on the staff and the workhorse. Expect another winning season from Morales but you should see his ERA be lower then 4.93 he had last season.

SP2- Fausto Gonzales (23 years old) - After pitching a couple games last season in the majors, Gonzales was able find his way into the starting rotation this year. Expect some up and down numbers from Gonzales but with the offensive protecting he should have a winning season.

SP3- Lewis Robertson (29 years old) - Robertson has really struggled as a starter through out his young career but after getting sent down to the minors for most of the year it looks as if Robertson will be given another chance at the rotation again.

SP4- Ralph Middlebrook (27 years old) - THe former Rookie of the Year as never came close to matching his rookie numbers and for many fans in Cincinnati this could be a make it or break it year for Middlebrook. I believe he will have a bouce back year and earn his 6 million dollar salary.

SP5- Tracy Bowie (31 years old) - Bowie as never been the same since have surgery on his elbow a coulpe seasons ago but he does provide a reliable arm that should be able to keep the Highlanders in some games.

Closer- Donne McClellan (29 years old) - If you want any shot of beating the Highlanders this is not the guy you want to see in the late innings because it will mostly mean the end of the game. McClellan set a career high is saves last season with 41 and was able to keep is ERA under 3 for the third straight year.

Sunday, November 22, 2009



Kings of the North

The Bucks began last season looking for there third straight National League North division title and got it after a tough battle with the New Britain Fisher Cats. The season ended for the second straight year in the National League Championship series to the Stars. To that end, the Bucks saw there offense take a small dive in numbers but the pitching staff really pick up and took up some of the slack. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to your Season 9 Milwaukee Bucks:


1- RF Tomas Olivares (29 years old)- Olivares really struggled last putting career low numbers in just about every catergory last season. Olivares scored 86 runs in 140 games, with 33 stolen bases and a .252/.324/.364 line. I would expect Olivares to normal range of a .300 average with around 100 runs scored this season.

2- CF Orber Sierra (26 years old) - Sierra is probably one of the best number two hittes in the league. Sierra should improve on his numbers last season where he hit .289/.367/.501 and fell just just six homeruns from having a 30/30/30 season. Being part of the All-Star wouldn't be out of the question this season.

3- 2B Sal Moore (28 years old) - With the numbers that Moore has been putting up for the last four season it was only natural that the Bucks offered him a contract extension and making just under 10 million dollars for the second five years. Last year Moore saw his numbers hit hit all time highs, he went .298/.377/.536 and with a league leading 84 stolen bases.

4- LF Danny Harding (26 years old)- Harding is just another young big offensive player for the Bucks and the scary thing is that he's just now hitting his prime. Harding numbers fell last year but with the numbers he put up during season seven it would have been hard to repeat. Harding hit .260/.342/.630 with another 50 homerun, 30 stolen base season.

5- C Guy Williams (37 years old) - You have to wonder how much longer Williams has got in those 37 year old knees but he just keeps finding a way to put up great offensive numbers year after year. Last year Williams hit .274/.351/.492 and getting his eigth straight year with at least 30 homeruns.

6- 1B Julian Hartley (32 years old) - Hartley bounced back last season after a very disappointing year during season seven. Hartley hit .279/.356/.484 but I could see his career numbers beginning to fall this season.

7- 3B Nicholas Lowe (23 years old) - With the way that the Bucks have been turning out young players for the last couple years I wouldn't be suprised to see Lowe has a shot at the Rookie of the Year award.

8- SS Heinie Miller (29 years old)- Miller for years has been known for his defense and with some power but low hitting average. All that changed last season when Miller had his best season hitting .276/.353/.433 with career highs in hits, doubles and RBI's.

The bench will be filled by veterab LF/RF Manny Vanguri (only 2 homeruns during his first season coming of the bench), CF Ted Huffy (main defense player who hit .360 last season) and rookie 2B Vin Welch.


SP1- P.T Ramirez (31 years old) - Ramirez saw his best season last year and has turned into a reliable ace for the team. With the teams offensive it's easy for Ramirez to just pitch and not worry if he gives up a couple runs a start.

SP2- Raymond Walton (30 years old) - Walton really took a big step last season with only 12 wins and a career high in losses with 11. The team is expecting better numbers from him this season if they plan on repeating as National League North champs again.

SP3- Emmanuel Navarro (34 years old) - The best thing about Navarro is that he seems to get better with age. Navarro really seems to a perfect pitcher if you can keep him under six innings a start and with a good bullpen his win totals should still be high.

SP4- Joaquin Diaz (35 years old) - Diaz comes from St. Louis and will had another veteran arm into the rotation and with this team Diaz could put up career high in wins.

SP5- Vern Buckley (24 years old) - Last year Buckley proved that he could pitch for this team and with the veterans pitching in front of him the Bucks are expecting some bigs things from him in the future. Buckley could see about 10 wins this season but his ERA could be a little high as he's prone to giving up the long ball.

Closer- Jim Nathan (28 years old) - Nathan was given the closer role last season for the first time in his career and he responded with 31 saves but it wasn't easy as his 4.27 ERA made the late innings exciting at times.

Saturday, November 21, 2009



The Rebuilding

The Pioneers began last season as one of the winniest teams in the last four years. A 92 loses regular season the first losing season since season two and also the first time the team finished last place in the National League West. To that end, Tacoma went into the offseason looking to rebuild the whole team, starting with the the pitching staff and go back to the oringal plan that was set up for this team during season three. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to your Season 9 Tacoma Pioneers:


For a franchise that has set the gold standard for the worst offense in the USMLB, it comes as no surprise that Tacoma will struggle to score no matter who's in the lineup. That said, Season 8 was a great year, which is below stanards for most teams in the league. Tacoma lead the league in stolen bases by a whopping 44 bases, but still below average for a team that has average around 300 stolen bases since season three. With major changes to the core of the offense I wouldn't be surprised if they broke the all time mark of 397 stolen bases this year.

1- RF Rich Blue (31 years old)- Blue returned to Tacoma during the offseason when his seven million dollar option accepted by the team, bringing stability back to the leadoff spot for the team. Blue holds the career record in the league with 492 stolen bases and will be expect to add to that total this year. Blue scored 93 runs in 152 games, with 85 stolen bases and a .279/.344/.307 line. Another similar year would be reasonable to expect.

2- LF Bobby Donnelly (23 years old) - Donnelly has rockted through the Pioneers farm system since being drafted during season six. This will be his first season at the major league level but if he could produce any where near his minor league numbers he could become a force to reckon with for a long time.

3- 1B Tony Armas (36 years old) - Armas has always been one of the best pure hitters in the league with a career batting average over .300. Last year Armas saw his numbers hit a all time low, he went .274/.372/.369. Armas will be look upon to be the power bat in the lineup for the team.

4- CF Tommy Mientkiewicz (29 years old)- Former All-Star Mientkiewicz came into the Nationa League hitting a brick wall, hitting .272/.330/.402, well below his average numbers in the American League. Mientkiewicz is into his second year in the National League so one could hope that his number will improve.

5- 3B Julio Ricon (28 years old) - Ricon was the big free agent signing for the team and will need provide constent numbers at the third base spot. With the hitters in front of him it would be expected that he would improve on his 31 one RBI's from last season.

6- 2B Anthony Bolling (31 years old) - Bolling has had several up and down years with last year begining an up year. His .282/.350/.321 was stellar but with Kevin Lloyd breathing down his neck and bad year could see him seating on the bench by the end of the season.

7- C Nigel Howard (28 years old) - Long time Pioneer Howard who has only played in 184 major league games in eight season will given a shot at the catching position once again. His bat has very little threat but this defense and pitch calling will keep him in the lineup.

8- SS Tommie Romero (33 years old)- Another player who has no problem slapping the ball around but has very little power. His 33 errors from last season is a concern for the team but with no options in the minor leagues he's the teams only option.

The bench will be filled by emerging 2B/LF Kevin Lloyd (six homeruns in 96 AB last season), slugging C Vic Franco (averaging 10HR's the last two season without getting over 200 at bats), RF Tim Kelly (23 HR's last season and could really put pressure on lot of players for playing time this year), and rule 5 draft pick Corky O'Conner.


With the offense expected to struggle but also put alot of pressure on defenses to control there speed the pitching staff is expected to carry the weight of the team if they have any chance of returning to a winning record.

After four seasons of being one of the best pitching staffs in the league but a 3.96 team ERA last season the worst number since season three. With most of the big name pitchers gone from the team alot of young pitchers will be through into the fire.

SP1- Luis Barajas (24 years old) - Barajas is only 24 years old but already has 91 career starts. He spent time with three different teams last season but showed how good he could be with a couple of starts for the team last in the season.

SP2- Jumbo Quevedo (22 years old) - Quevedo came from the team during the waiver wire. He has never started a game during the minor league game but the team is really expecting him to be a big suprise this season.

SP3- Edwin Saipe (34 years old) - After spending a couple season away from the Pioneers Saipe return the team where he saw his best success and didn't disappoint the team. Saipe led the team in victories last year with 13 and will be looked upon the be the workhorse and get over 200 innings pitched once again.

SP4- Steven Hill (21 years old) - One of the best pitching prospects in the league, Hill will be given his shot of proven he's ready for the Major Leagues this year. The team isn't expecting him to set the world on fire this year but keeping the bad outings down would be nice.

SP5- Pedro Aguliar (25 years old) - Don't let the 5-10 record fool you, Aguliar had a very nice season proving he could be a good major league pitcher. If Aguliar can find a way to get past the fifth inning every start he should see those win totals improve.

Closer- Ricardo Hernandez (29 years old) - Hernandez will be given the first shot of being the closer but if he struggles he will be quickly replaced and put into a setup role.

Setup- Miguel Pena (23 years old), Horacio Mieses (28 years old), Manny Krivda (22 years old), Mariano Belliard (28 years old) and Manny Barrett (26 years old)- Pena and Mieses could see time as a closer this season also and Krivda, Belliard and Barrett will need to be solid bridge during the middle innings.

Long Relief- Brook Spencer (24 years old). Nothing special here, but Spencer could find himself in the starting spot of the young pitchers struggle for a stretch.