Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Friday, March 13, 2009

American League North Draft

Scranton Beet Farmer’s
The Beet Farmer’s selected pitcher Pat Kennedy as there first pick in the first round. Kennedy has great control and knows how to throw many different pitches that are effective in getting hitters out. Kennedy is the fifth best pitcher in the draft and the best starting left-hander in the draft. The question about Kennedy is that he’s only 18 years old, so how long will the fans have to wait to see him in the majors. Ranking A
The Beet Farmer’s had also selected left-fielder Davey Sherman in the second round. Sherman has a great bat with some decent pop in it. Sherman is probably better suited for first base or a DH spot then in the outfield. The question about Sherman is that he really can’t play in the outfield and may be stuck at first base or a DH spot if he would like to make it to the majors. Ranking B-
The Beet Farmer’s the a great job a finding a great pitcher in the first round as the pitching class was weak this season and it will help them out in the long run. Ranking B+

Portland Landports
The Landports selected left fielder Jesse Walker as there fourth round pick. Walker has got a great bat and great speed on the base paths. Walker is really in a hard position for any team as he really doesn’t have the defense to play the outfield but doesn’t have the power to be a first basemen or DH. The question about Walker is that he really struggles against left-handed pitching which could make him a platoon player. Ranking C+
The Landports also selected shortstop Zephyr Meacham in the fifth round. Meacham may never see the majors as he has a below average bat and below average defense. Meacham is the 26th best shortstop in the draft this season. The question about Meacham is that he may spend his whole career in the minors. Ranking C (unsigned)
The Landports really just had average draft, not really getting anyone that has a long term future with the team but not really getting anyone that will hurt the minor league system as well. Ranking C+

Ottawa Crawdaddies
The Crawdaddies selected first basemen Hub Gordon as there first round pick. Gordon has got a great bat, with some decent pop to go with and an understanding of the strikeout zone that few hitters have in the draft. Walker is probably going to be an All-Star sometime during his career. The question about Gordon is that he may be better suited as a DH as his defense needs some work. Ranking A
The Crawdaddies also selected centerfielder Octavio Furcal in the third round. Furcal has a decent bat but his strength is his speed and defense. Meacham is the 3rd best centerfielder in the draft this season. The question about Furcal is that he doesn’t have any power in his bat and will have to rely on a lot of balls getting by the infielders. Ranking B
The Crawaddies really got some good picks with there first three picks but they went after pitching after that and it hurt them the rest of the draft. Ranking C+

Minnesota Milfoils
The Milfoils selected left fielder Trace Peterman in the first round. Peterman is about as average and vanilla you’re going to find in the outfield with decent hitting, power, speed and defense. Peterman is the 4th best left fielder in the draft this season. The question about Peterman he’s not going to be any special for a first round pick. Ranking B-
The Milfoils also selected right fielder Benny O’Malley in the fourth round. O’Malley has no problem pounding the ball over the fence as he’s got some good power in his bat and an eye that should get him a lot of looks at a pitcher. O’Malley is probably best suited in a DH position as he could be a big liability in the outfield. The question about O’Malley is that he may hit a decent amount of homeruns but he will probably strikeout about every other at bat as well, also he could be the first player to be thrown out at first base if the left fielder as a good arm, he’s that slow. Ranking C+
The Milfoils where plagued in the this draft like a lot of other teams when they started going after pitching which brought there ranking down. Ranking C