Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Game of the Day 6-17-10

Scranton 6 - Kansas City 3

Wish I was back in the National League: Wilson Fisher started his fifth game of the season and for the first time he didn’t take the lost. The problem for the 4-time Cy Young award winner is that he’s been awful so far this season; his 6.31 ERA is proof of that. Good news for Kansas City is that he gave up only 2 runs in 6 innings of work this game.

The Best: Scranton right now has the best record in the American League and with players like Wilfredo Velazquez, (who hit a two run blast during the game) the season could be the best in team history.

They Also Played...

Jacksonville 10 - Vancouver 9: There is no justice for Allen Justice. The sixth inning killed what was a nice pitching performance.

New Britain 5 - Salem 3: It took just about every Reliever to close out the game for New Britain but when you’re the hottest team in baseball, you could have a pitching machine out on the mound.

Ottawa 8 - Cincinnati 6: Someone better call the fire department because Junior Lui is on fire. 26 RBI’s in 21 games is record breaking pace if you ask me.

Iowa City 8 - San Jose 4: You don’t see a lead-off Catcher very often but is Miller Meacham truly a lead-off hitter after his 2 homerun game?

New York 7 - Charleston 4: What happened to Peter Webster? Once one of the best pitchers in the game, to barely able to hold a spot in the Charleston rotation, it’s been a tough four year stretch for him.

Philadelphia 13 - Florida 6: Scoring 13 runs is a nice way of getting your team out of a slump. Also playing at home can’t hurt either.

Arizona 10 - Louisville 3: Did you enjoy watching the game to much Nick Ball? Every starter got at least 2 hits, while you went 0-6. Reports said he had to buy the whole team a 12-pack to make up for it.

St. Louis 6 - Milwaukee 4: Ed “Moving on Up” Jefferson just keeps adding to his career save record. Can 500 or 600 saves for his career be possible?

Anaheim 5 - Cleveland 4: Does anyone remember when George “Dubya" Steinhacker thought Ajax Peavy was going to be something?

Columbus 6 - Chicago 2: I don’t think Chicago thought the team would be this bad. A nice rebuilding year seems to be in order.

Durham 10 - Dover 4: It’s good to see the Durham offense finally getting the bats going. Now if they played all there games at home, there would be nothing to worry about.

Portland 7 - Burlington 2: Watch out for Perry Glanville. Could be the next great power hitter in the league.

Tacoma 3 - Monterrey 0: Nice job by Wilfredo Villarreal for getting his first career complete game shutout.

Jackson 4 - Oklahoma City 2: You know your not having a good start to the season if you’re Pepper Gunderson. Getting booed from the home fans, when you entered the game has to be a clue.

Boston 6 - Minnesota 4: Darren Higginson is getting hot, now if Minnesota had some pitching, they could surprise a lot of teams this year.