Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Season 5 World Series Match-Up

The Atlanta Brave Vawts versus the defending World Series Champions the Monterry Stars
Atlanta Brave Vawts:
The Brave Vawts had a good season winning 101 games and winning the American League East once again. This is there first apperance into the World Series. They have one of the best pitching staff's in the league with only giving up 4.38 runs per game during the regular season. The offensive was no slouch either as it's a top 10 offensive scoring 5.61 runs per game during the regular season.
The path the Brave Vawts took was a series sweep over the Portland Landports. Then they had a tough seven game series with the Anaheim Beefpound where they had to win the last two games to make it to the World Series.
American League Championship MVP: Nick Collins (.313, 2, 6)
Monterry Stars:
The Stars had a great season winning 114 games most in the majors and winning the National League South for the second straight year. This is there second apperances into the World Series. They have a top ten pitching staff this season while giving up 4.50 runs per game during the regular season. They had the best offensive this season scoring 6.51 runs per game during the regular season.
The path the Stars took was a series sweep over the Indianapolis Clowns. Then they had a very tough battle with the New Britain Fisher Cats which they had to come back from a 3-1 deficet to win the National League Championship
National League Championship MVP: Gil Henson (1-1, 2.57ERA, 14IP)


Offensive: Brave Vawts (The Brave Vawts offensive has gotten hot during the playoffs averaging almost a run better then during the regular season.)
Pitching: Stars (The Stars pitching staff has been almost lights out and would have a better record if the offensive didn't struggle a bit during the National League Championship series.)
Fielding: Stars (The Stars have only made three errors the whole playoffs.)


If the Brave Vawts can stop the Stars from hitting homeruns I believe that the Brave Vawts can win the series as 19 out of the 24 runs the Stars scored in the National League Championship series where scored because of a homerun. Also the the Brave Vawts will need to use there speed as everyone knows the Stars aren't going to be doing any running on the base paths.

If the Stars can continue to smack the homeruns they should win the series as they have hit 23 homeruns in the playoffs so far, 14 coming in the National League Championship. The offensive can't struggle at all during the series as I don't think this team can come back from another 3-game deficit.

The Stars in 6
I don't believe the Brave Vawts can keep the Stars from hitting the ball over the fence and the Stars pitching staff might be just a little to tough for the Brave Vawts.