Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

USMLB Power Rankings 12-29-11

1. Salem crawdaddies [davisbrian] (28-8) (Points = 62.58)
The crawdaddies are boiling hot right now. Is that not something they want to avoid?

2. Sacramento Kings [impressionah] (23-13) (Points = 40.45) / Cincinnati Highlanders [yanksrule11] (25-11) (Points = 40.45)
The Kings and Highlanders are once again fighting each other for position. Wonder when William Wallace will make an appearance?

4. Milwaukee Bucks [waydogg5] (21-15) (Points = 36.67)
The Bucks may not be able to survive the deadly weapons from the Kings and Highlanders but trying hit a Buck going 70 mph on the freeway. It’s not pretty.


5. Scottsdale Massacre [Free_Barry] (21-15) (Points = 21.57)
Can you really be called the Massacre when your in second place?

6. Tucson Rattlers [olmy] (18-18) (Points = 20.40)
I have a feeling the Rattlers are just lying in the weeds waiting for that perfect time to strike.

7. Charlotte knights [ndrules] (19-17) (Points = 18.97)
Can you really be a manly knight with a lower case “k”?

8. Seattle Rainers [aa12on] (20-16) (Points = 17.51)
Apparently the Seattle pitching staff did not get the memo that it is suppose to be rain drops in Seattle not fly balls.

9. Kansas City Monarchs [hacker7] (18-18) (Points = 17.44)
I guess if your mascot is from the middle ages, you’re a good baseball team in this league.


10. Rochester Red Wings [shesaid] (21-15) (Points = 15.18)
I wonder if the Red Wings are playing so well because other teams are confused on what is a Red Wing.

11. Houston Astros [ccwolf] (19-17) (Points = 13.63)
Astros offensive is ready to rocket off this planet but the pitching staff broke the clock.

12. Richmond Posse [dennisdee] (20-16) (Points = 9.89)
Five games back already. Must be a small posse?

13. Helena Blue Devils [dukediggler5] (17-19) (Points = 3.25)
Can a Devil really be blue?

14. Wichita Redemptions [tomjames] (18-18) (Points = 2.24)
The definition of Redemption “is the act of saving something or somebody from a declined, dilapidated, or corrupted state and restoring it, him, or her to a better condition” I do not think playing .500 ball equals that.

15. Tampa Bay Bandits [coach_floria] (19-17) (Points = 1.21)
The Bandits are hanging around in the back to avoid the Posse.


16. St. Louis Cornerstone [kk73] (17-19) (Points = -0.91) [Winner of the Unlucky Award]
The Cornerstone’s our anchoring the back half of the rankings. Cornerstones are good at that.

17. New Britain Fisher Cats [jway11] (20-16) (Points = -1.78) [Winner of the Your Not Fooling Anyone Award]
Winner of the oxymoron award as well. Plus this is what you get for winning the 7 game series against Wichita.

18. Detroit Titans [mrtheedge] (18-18) (Points = -3.82)
The Titans are living up to there name just for the other teams offensive.

19. Chicago Fire [tarktheshark] (15-21) (Points = -4.16)
The offensive keeps lighting the candles but the pitching staff keeps blowing them out.

20. Anaheim Beefpound Beef-Flab[beefpac] (16-20) (Points = -6.19)
Have officially changed the name of Anaheim from Beefpound to Beef-Flab until they get out of this funk.

21. Boston FistsOfRighteousFury [gbaldwin9] (16-20) (Points = -8.63)
What is more deadly: Bruce Lee’s Fist of Righteous Fury or Chuck Norris’s Roundhouse Kick?

22. Minnesota Sea Stallions [holdemhigh] (16-20) (Points = -9.95)
Since this team is in Minnesota should there name be the Lake Stallions instead of the Sea Stallions?

23. Jackson BlaZers [bodean] (17-19) (Points = -10.69)
For some reason it always take the Blazers awhile before there burning hot down the stretch. Just wait.

24. Chicago Goshawks [gymshoe6640] (18-18) (Points = -11.78)
If you squeeze a Goshawk does it sound like a goose?


25. Santa Fe Trail [gnocc] (16-20) (Points = -17.99)
Name tells all we need to know, as we are walking towards the bottom.

26. New York Metros [lvrecsports] (14-22) (Points = -19.08)
Typical city folk. It’s just to not cool enough to be a winner.

27. Philadelphia Quakers [fritz44] (16-20) (Points = -25.96)
I think it’s 20 lashes in the Quaker law if you have a losing team. Better get hot Fritz44.

28. Cheyenne Capitals [brutus_08] (14-22) (Points = -26.73) / 28. Dover Senators [BBMogul] (14-22) (Points = -26.73)
Nothing good comes out Capital when the Senators are in session.

30. San Diego Bluejackets [glencurtis] (15-21) (Points = -27.82)
Must be the non-stinging Bluejackets?


31. Scranton Red Barons [pbsilver11] (14-22) (Points = -32.03)
I guess the air traffic controllers must be on strike because the Red Baron is still waiting for the green light to take off.

32. Monterrey Sultans [ct_duck] (13-23) (Points = -70.23)
This just in: The Sultan has reversed is decision to cut off the non-pitching arm of every pitcher on the roster. Hopefully that 10.46 ERA will improve.


[Unlucky Award] – Awarded to the team that was better then there record.

[Your Not Fooling Anyone Award] – Awarded to the team that played over there heads.

[Knucklehead Award] – Awarded to the worst team in the league during the week