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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

World Series Game 3 Recap

Game 3 of the World Series went to the Atlanta Brave Vawts 9-3. I don't think any team was more happy to come home then the Brave Vawts where. The Vawts welcomed there home fans to a beating that the Stars haven't received in a while. The Vawts offensive which looked like they never arrived in Monterrey came alive in Atlanta getting 9 runs on 13 hits. Samual West provided another strong outing from there starting staff going seven strong innings allowing only 1 run on 2 hits, walked 3 and strikeout 7 batters on his way to the victory. Just like the Stars in Monterrey the Vawts started there scoring early and they never looked back. Frank Surtain started the scoring with 2 RBI double in the bottom of the first inning. In the bottom of the second inning Ellie Bowman crushed a three-run homerun on his only hit of the day. The game was quite until Mike Bonds hit his second homerun of the series just over the out stretched gloved of Nick Collins. The Stars defense struggled in the bottom of the seventh as the shortstop Clem Barkley made a bad throw to the second basemen Brain Turner to put runners on third and second. Then the catcher Ricardo Ramirez allowed a pass ball by him scoring Mac Johnson who was on third. The next batter Luis Carreras hit a two run homerun that the centerfielder Rondell Lowe just couldn't get to. Brain Turner started to start a rally for the Stars in the eighth with a RBI double that scored Mike Sewell but the inning was over with the next batter. Collins added insurance run in the bottom of the eighth with a solo homerun to leftfield. Barkley making up for his error hit an RBI single in the top of the ninth that scored Jackson Cooper but then Tommy Crede grounded into a game ending double play. With the game moving to Atlanta you really saw how good the Vawts are infront of there home crowd and now we once again have a series.

Monterrey Stars 2 - Atlanta Brave Vawts 1

World Series Game 2 Recap

Game 2 of the World Series went to the Monterrey Stars 4-1. Once again the Stars pitching staff was able to hold down the Brave Vawts offensive only allowing 1 run on 4 hits with a team effort in pitching. The Stars used six different pitchers during the game in a screw up by the manager so we will have to wait and see if it will effect there bullpen later in the series. Mike Bonds was the star of this game though going 3-4 with a double, homerun and 3 RBI day. Once again the Stars where able to score early against the Brave Vawts before the Vawts pitching staff was able to settle down. One has to think that the Vawts first World Series is effecting there pitching and maybe with the series going to Atlanta will settle them down. The scoring started in the first inning with Bonds singling in Clem Barkley, then Jackson Cooper singled in Bonds two batters later. Bonds crushed a two run homerun in the fourth inning to end the scoring for the Stars. Aubrey Hutchinson got the Vawts on the board with a solo homerun in the fifth inning. Larry Rath didn't pitch badly he just got hurt with some early inning mistakes as he went 7 innings, allowed 2 earned runs, 1 walk, 5 strikeouts and gave up 12 hits. Horacio Mieses saved his second straight game in the series. Now the series switches to Atlanta so hopefully the Vawts can make a series out of this.