Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Monday, November 30, 2009

New Britain Fisher Cats

New Britain Fisher Cats

Looking for first place

The Fisher Cats as finished second in the National North for three straight seaons and is really looking to bring another division crown this season. I think the Cats have to the team to watch this season, as they could make a serious at the World Series. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to your Season 9 New Britain Fisher Cats:


C Erik West (32 years old) - The future Hall of Fame catcher just keeps plugging along with another outstanding season. There's not much you can say about someone who's got eight straight seasons of 100 runs scored and 100 RBI's. West last season hit .327/.400/.669.

1B Hoss Boone (33 years old) - Boone is just another great hitter that just knows how to hit. Boone is a lifetime .321 hitter and will probably get over 1,600 hits this season. Boone numbers from last season where .329/.405/.550.

2B Pep Valdes (26 years old) - Valdes followed up his great rookie season with an all-star sophomore season. Valdes is hitting his prime and could be going for a break out season. Last year Valdes went .315/.384/.554.

3B Santiago Melendez (22 years old) - Melendez had a up and down rookie season showing he has some good power and speed. Melendez will need improve his hitting if he wants to be something special in the league. Melendez hit .244/.314/.423.

SS Kennie Sexson (33 years old) - The Lancaster Wizard Kennie Sexson is one of the best defense shortstops in the league. Sexson really struggled at the plate last season barely hitting above .200. Last year Sexson hit .207/.281/.282.

LF Gustavo Park (26 years old) - Park is just another great young hitter that the Fisher Cats always seem to find. Watch for Park at the end of the season when the Rookie of the Year awards comes out, he'll probably be near the top.

CF Santiago Alfonzo (29 years old) - Alfonzo isn't your typical Fisher Cat hitter as he isn't going to hit a ton of homeruns but he is still one of the best hitters on the team. Alfonzo is also one of the best defense centerfielders in the game. Alfonzo hit .310/.367/.432.

RF Damaso Seneca (25 years old)- What a year Seneca had not only did he when the homerun derby, the All-Star team and Silver Slugger award but he won the grand daddy of them all the MVP of the National League. We all have to wonder what kind of season he will have this year. Seneca last season hit .320/.416/.697.

Players coming off the bench will be veteran, spot-starter Vernon Graves(32 years old), backup catcher Vicente Melendez (32 years old) and pitch-hitter Tony Padden (26 years old).


SP1- Raymond Pavlov (31 years old) - It took five years but Pavlov finally got his second Cy Young Award. There wasn't really any question that Pavlov had one of the best season any pitcher has ever had in this league. His 22-7 was really nice but the 1.97 proved just how dominate he was last season.

SP2- Andres Crespo (24 years old) - Everything really came togather for Crespo last season winning 20 games for the Fisher Cats while keeping his ERA under 4. Crespo has always been a workhorse type pitcher but he has learned if he can keep the hits down he can be one of the top pitchers in the league.

SP3- Bono Barr (24 years old) - Barr really had a nice rookie season even though his win-lose record wasn't really that great. It's really a great advantage for Barr to know that he really doesn't have to worry about pitching perfect games as the offense will always be there to back him up.

SP4- Jimmie Amezaga (23 years old) - Amezaga really had a horrible sophomore season losing 18 games for a team that almost won 100 games. No one really expected Amezaga who won the Rookie of the Year award to struggle that bad. One has to wonder what we will get from Amezaga this season, the one from his rookie season or the one from last season?

SP5- Phil Perry (28 years old) - As the fifth starter Perry is almost like a spot starter for the team. Perry went 9-5 last season but the 1.48 WHIP has got to be a concern for the team that maybe some struggle will come from the Perry this season.

Closer- Shawn Buckley (25 years old) - Not since Buckley's rookie season has he had a chance to become a closer and that season he had 10 blown saves. The Fisher Cats believe that Buckley has matured enough where he is ready to be a full time closer once again.