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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Anaheim Beefpound

Anaheim Beefpound

The Return (just not this season)

The Beefpound saw there third straight season where they didn't make it to the playoffs even though they had a winning record. The team this team is very young this season so it could be a struggle to expect the Beefpound to make a return to the playoffs. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to your Season 9 Anaheim Beefpound:


C Alex Franco (29 years old) - Franco had a really nice year last season setting career highs in at bats, hits, homeruns, RBI's and batting average. Franco is also one of the toughest catchers to steal against as you threw out 26 attempts last season. Last year Franco hit .280/.338/.440.

1B David Taylor (27 years old) - Taylor seemed to take a small step back last season setting career lows in most offensive catergorys. Taylor should bounce back as it always seems with a young player once they get there bad year out of the way they really start playing well after that. Taylor numbers from last season where .262/.324/.418.

2B Ezdra Martin (26 years old) - Martin was traded from the Headhunters during the off-season and the team is really excited about what they think Martin can do this season. Beefpac told me he didn't know how Martin wasn't in the majors all ready but they where more then happy to get him.

SS Don Guerrero (24 years old) - Guerrero really seems to puzzle me and probably the Beefpound as well. Guerrero really seems to be struggling offensively but the team hopes that keeping him at one position instead of seven like last season will improve those numbers. Guerrero hit .239/.94/.273.

3B Danny Stratton (26 years old) - Stratton really struggled during his rookie season but coming from HI-A to the major would be a major jump for any player to over come. Also the team is hoping with him as well keeping at one position will hlep him. Last year Stratton hit .229/.315/.431.

CF Juan Amaro (27 years old) - Amaro once again a very solid season, not only with his bat but in the field as well. Amaro will be player centerfield for the first time in his career but I don't think it will be a big problem for him. Amaro hit .306/.361/.461.

LF Gene DeJean (24 years old) - DeJean made his debut about half way through the season and really took off. DeJean might struggle a little this season but a solid season shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone. DeJean hit .331/.404/.431.

RF Vic Robertson (24 years old)- Robertson had a great year last season and will really look to take a big jump in becoming the offensive weapon for this team. Robertson should have no problem getting over 100 RBI's this season. Robertson last season hit .290/.346/.495

DH Bing Kolb (24 years old) - Kolb only played 24 games last season and only hit 2 homeruns but his 117 carreer homeruns in the minors should tell you what Kolb could do in a full season. Expect Kolb to be in the running for Rookie of the Year at the end of the season.

The Bench players for the Beefpound are backup catcher Wascar Ozuna (25 years old), 100 RBI producer from last season Robinson Buckley (27 years old) and big power bat Andrew Stevenson (27 years old)


SP1- Miguel Martinez (27 years old) - Martinez had his best season last year setting a career high in innings pitched and ERA. The team will really look for Martinez to be the staff ace this season and help the young offensive in tight games. Injury update: Forearm strain will have Martinez miss his next two starts.

SP2- Herbert Brandt (29 years old) - Brandt set career highs in games started, wins and innings pitched. The only reason Brandt isn't the number one starter for the team is only averaged five innings a start last season and team ace should go more innings then that per start.

SP3- Paulie Yarnall (31 years old) - Yarnall really struggled last season having his worst season eight year major league career. The team really needs Yarnall to find his old form or could Yarnall already beginning the down turn of his career.

SP4- John Wang (24 years old) - Wang will finally be given a chance to be in the starting rotation this season after starting in the bullpen the last couple years before moving into the rotation. Another season with 10 or more wins should be within reach this season as well.

SP5- Steve McIntyre (29 years old) - I really don't know if the Beefpound was desperate for starting pitchers during the off-season but I really don't think they should have signed McIntyre to a 3 year 18 million contract. Since McIntyre had elbow surgrey during season five, he's gone 26-29 with his ERA close to 5.

Closer- Rodrigo Romero (25 years old) - Romero is only 25 years old but is already one of the top closer in the game. Something happen with Romero last season as he had 13 blown saves and an ERA over 5. Could last season just be a hiccup in his career or is it a beginning of a trend?