Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dover Souls

Dover Souls

The Time is Now

The Dover Souls finished with a winning record for the first time since season three but when you played in the toughest division last year that only good enough for a 4th place finish. Things don't look any different as it's going to be tough for the Souls to get out of the basement. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to your Season 9 Dover Souls:


C Endy Hemingway (36 years old)/ Tanyon Strong (33 years old) - Hemingway will see action against the right handers while Strong will start against left handers. Strong is a better hitter but lacks the defense capablities that Hemingway can provide.

1B Matt Darr (27 years old) - Darr is the big power bat in the lineup. He hit a homerun every 10.4 at bats last season but then comes the other side as he strokeout every 4.9 which was better then his career average of 4.1 strikeouts per at bat. Darr numbers from last season where .244/.317/.566.

2B Robert Seanez (22 years old) - Seanez had himself a very stellar season and was in the running for rookie of the year as well. Seanez fell three stolen bases short of having himself a 30/30 which he might just get there this season. Last year he went .292/.346/.507.

SS Johnny Grey (29 years old)/ Shawn Durbin (25 years old)- Grey will mostly in the lineup against right-handers and after being demoted to AAA last season he's very eager to prove he's a major league shortstop. Durgin will mostly see time against the left-handers and his also the better defensive player of the two. Durbin hit .289/.341/.419.

3B Tommy Crede (33 years old) - Last season Crede had the worst year in his career hitting less then 100 hits and less then 20 homeruns for the first time in his career. The time has got to hope Crede can find his old form this season or the team could be in trouble. Last year Crede hit .236/.302/.422.

CF Claude Marshall (30 years old)/ Cory Skinner(28 years old) - Marshall is mostly going to be in the lineup against the right-handers and his knee surgrey from last season doesn't seem like it will effect his speed. Marshall hit .295/.362/.444. Skinner should be in lineup mostly against the left-handers and is one of the fastest runners in the league. Skinner hit .281/.321/.340.

LF Milt Kroeger (28 years old) - Kroeger was probably the best player on the field for the Dover's last season. You know every season that Kroeger will give you just over 30 homeruns and around the 100 RBI mark which is really want this team needs season after season. Melfi hit .284/.350/.481. Update: Ligament tear in the knee has put Kroeger on the 60 day DL.

RF Timmothy Hennessey (23 years old)- It rare these days to see a team given a rule-5 draft pick a chance in the starting lineup. Hennessey's solid ability, sometimes you have to take a chance if you want to make the playoffs.

DH Brad Villone (30 years old) - With third base blocked by Crede the team needs a another solid bat in the lineup and Villone can fill that void. Don't be surprised if you see Villone finishing the year starting at thrid base. Villone last season hit .245/.296/.438.


SP1- Gene Brooks (24 years old) - After a solid rookie season Brooks took a small step back last season, losing 16 games in the process and having an ERA close to 5. It wassn't all bad news though as his control improved and people are still having trouble catching up to his fastball. I think you should bouce back a little and have another solid year.

SP2- Tito Holt (29 years old) - Holt really does seem to be running out of options for someone only 29 years old but the reason for his lack of success at the major league level is his control issues. For his career Holt has walked 274 against 325 strikeouts.

SP3- Pablo Moreno (26 years old) - Moreno really had himself a great season last year setting career highs in every major catergory evening keeping his ERA around the 3 mark for most of the year. The team is really looking forward to what he can bring this season.

SP4- Albert York (33 years old) - This to me was really one of the few moves this off-season that had me wondering why. Why would the Dovers want to take on York's contract of 7.5 million dollars for a player that was banished to rookie league during the end of last season. Career 5.51 has to be another concern for a team in the American League.

SP5- Delino Maduro (30 years old) - Coming over from Los Angeles during the middle of last season really seemed to wake Maduro up. He went 8-6 with a 3.91 ERA during the 21 start for the Dovers. Maduro really needs to do something this season as he got a 2 year 10 million dollar extension from the team during the off-season.

Closer- Justin Lewis (26 years old) - After getting 5 saves in 10 games he pitched after september call ups as the team excited that they have a good closer this season. Lets see if Lewis can take advantage of this great chance the team is giving him this season.