Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Game of the Day 6-16-10

Game of the Day
Iowa City 3 - Monterrey 2

Brook Diaz: Diaz seems to have finally found the swing that once made him a great power hitter. With the Foxhounds down a run, Diaz crushed a two-run homerun off Norman Jordan. Reports say it was at least 500 feet as landed somewhere in the parking lot.

The Old-Timers game: The game was pitched by William Adcock (38) for the Foxhounds and Raymond Pavlov (33) for the Stars. Combined they have 305 victories, 669 games pitched as well. Both pitched well during the game but neither won got the victory.

They Also Played ...

Burlington 5 - Arizona 1: A quote from Bombers Mangment, "Objects in your mirror are closer than they appear.” A quote from the Arizona Sting management, “What the Hell is going on!”

Florida 6 - Milwaukee 5: It’s not very exciting to drive in the winning run from a sac fly but Dick Mancuso and the Sizzlers will take them anyway they can.

Ottawa 7 - Durham 1: Mark Brantley hasn’t pitched well so far this season but a complete, one run effort could be the start of something great for him. Are you thinking szekrenyi wishes he was back in Houston right now.

Columbus 6 - Salem 4: Salem tried to make a comeback in the ninth inning but it was too little. Perfect example as to why you need those insurance runs.

San Jose 5 - St. Louis 2: I’m still with you Hulk Hayes but you need to win a game soon.

New York 11 - Jackson 6: Told you New York would be scary with an offense.

Philadelphia 3 - Tacoma 1: Nice job by Philly to stop the Tacoma winning streak.

Anaheim 6 - Boston 2: Everything bad I said against Anaheim’s bullpen I take back. And Boston I think it’s time for Eddie Drew to be taken to the glue factory.

Scranton 10 - Vancouver 3: That guy who picked Scranton to win the American League North, I like that guy.

Cincinnati 3 - Portland 2: It was Kid Glove day at the ballpark in Portland today. Must have given the kid gloves to the players as well, because I’ve seen better fielding in little league.

Louisville 7 - Dover 6: Diego Valentin is making the team rethink there Rule-5 draft pick already. 1-3 with an error close to 10 will make manager very unhappy.

New Britain 5 - Oklahoma City 2: Told you not to panic in New Britain, I knew the team would turn around.

Charleston 8 - Chicago 5: Well someone had to win the game.

Kansas City 4 - Minnesota 1: Jeremi Selby has started two games and is now 2-0 on the season. Why did it take so long to get him in the rotation Kansas City?

Jacksonville 5 - Cleveland 1: Have you ever seen a player that was this happy to leave Tacoma then Tommy Mientkiewicz?