Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This will be a weekly installment, hoping it will give us all a chance to get to know each other a bit and create sort of a tight knit league.
Rocky Mariners 2
Screen name: sharkyaz

Real name: Nick

Age: 32

Current Residence: Oklahoma City, OK

Born in: Lansdale, PA

Occupation: Director of Merchandise for the Oklahoma City Thunder (contracted through XP Events)

Single? Married? Kids? - Have a girlfriend back in Seattle

How long have you been in HBD? Second season in this league, third overall season in HBD.

What season did you join USMLB? Season 10

What does your team name mean? I chose Seattle since I used to live there... as well, the team characteristics seemed to line up perfectly with the characteristics of Safeco Field. The team name is "Sundogs" after the Arizona Sundogs , a "AA" minor league hockey team in the Central Hockey League. I was hired during their inaugural season in 2006-2007 to build and direct their merchandising operation.

Any other teams?
- San Diego Sharks (Let's Play Two)
- Atlanta Argonauts (Uecker)
- Boston Red Sox (Hot Stove)
- Chicago Maulers (7MICKEY7) - my first team

What drew you to HBD? I saw it the year it started, but I was working for an expansion hockey team... I wouldn't have the time to devote to it, so I didn't join. Last season, when the Seattle Sonics had left (since I was working for them at the time), we had nothing to do. I saw HBD again and decided to join since I knew I'd have the time to devote to it.

What condition was your team in when you took over? There was a solid foundation already there when I took over the team. I brought back a player or two and only needed one or two players in free agency. There definitely needs to be some improvement in my starting pitching.

What are your plans for your team this season? I want to get through this season and see how these guys perform. I'm hoping Seattle is the place to be. The team doesn't have a deep minor league system, so I may break the team apart if they're not performing well. I think we will have a winning record and may be in the wild card, but I don't think we'll go past there.

Prediction for your team? Wild Card, won't make it past the first round.

National League East Preview

St. Louis Cornerstone (87-75)
Is this the year that the Cornerstone final break out into an elite team in the National League?

Well ever year the Cornerstone get over looked as an elite team in the league even though they have been to the playoffs three straight seasons and winning there division twice. This might be the year where you need to really watch out for the Cornerstone

Player to Watch:

Hayes will final make his major league appearance this season and with a name like Hulk the fans in St. Louis might just be in for a treat.

A word from the Coach:
Our goal this season is to win the division while adding new and younger players to the team. We are looking for that franchise starting SS of the future but you might be surprised how hard it is the find that kind of player in the league. We are bringing several players to the major league team this season so the future of this team could be now.

The Cornerstone is really a great team that just seems to fly under radar year after year, while the other great teams in the National League get talked about. The Cornerstone could really just sit back in the crowd most of the season and then make a great run in the playoffs with the team there putting together this season. I think the team will finish the season with a 95-77 record.

New York Fighting Molars (72-90)
Will the offensive show up this season after being one of the worst groups last season?

The team hopes that the offensive will be better this season, as the pitching staff had to work a little too hard to keep the teams in some games last season. With the signings they got from free agency to offensive should be better this season.

Player to Watch:

In his first full season last year, Chang proved he could be a very good hitter and he’s still improving in that area.

A word from the Coach:
We have a very young team this season and we need to build upon this season. I think are team will get to the .500 marker with a outside chance of winning the division. I think were still short on starting pitching but hopefully Telford will help there. Troy King should be a very good closer this season, but he still may be a year away. It should be a nice year with a young players growing this season.
The Fighting Molars are beginning to build a good team but I think there at least a couple seasons away from competing for a playoff spot. The offensive will really need to show improvement if this team is going to make the .500 mark this season as the pitching staff can only do so much. I think the team will finish the season with a 77-85 record.

Toledo Mud Hens (Pittsburgh Pirates - 81-81)
Was last seasons 15 game drop in wins a fluke or is a rebuilding project about to begin in Toledo this season.

Well the Mud Hens aren’t in a rebuilding mode this season as they signed six players from free agency and there looking to challenge the Cornerstone for the National League East crown.

Player to Watch:

Santana is expected to get his first full season as the everyday second basemen and could be a great table-setter for the lineup.

A word from the Coach:
Goals for the season is provide stability to a franchise that has seen some recent success, but has moved around. Toledo is ready to support a winner and I think we will be very competitive this season. Where looking to improve on the .500 record posted in Pittsburgh last year and maybe even challenge the Cornerstone for the division as well.

The Mud Hens moved back to Toledo after a quick trip to Pittsburgh for a season and the fans in Toledo can’t be happier. For the team competing this season I think they have a good chance to challenge the Cornerstone for the division, it should be a interesting race at least. I think the team will finish the season with a 84-78 record.

Washington D.C. Obama's (Toledo Boltz – 79-83)
Will this team make another giant step in wins this season and challenge for a playoff spot or will they fall to the level they where at a couple seasons ago?

I don’t think the Obama’s will take as big a step this season as last year, but I don’t see them falling below the .500 mark very much either.

Player to Watch:

It’s hard to think of a player making over 7 millions dollars as a player to watch but with Takada just now entering his prime it could be a great year for him.

A word from the Coach:
The goals for the team this season is just to field a competitive big league team that can maybe challenge for a playoff spot. I feel my bullpen is quality and we really are trying to take some steps to addressing starting pitching problems that hurt the team last season. Where trying to make this team self sufficient in two years and not rely on free agency to improve.

Well the National League really hasn’t been this competitive for a while as the Obama’s could really challenge getting over the .500 mark and maybe the playoffs. I think they might fall short of those goals as the rest of the National League really seems to have improved with the Obama’s this year. I think the team will finish the season with a 78-84 record.