Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Los Angeles Galaxy

Los Angeles Galaxy

The Western King

The Galaxy won there fifth National League West division crown last season but once again really couldn't do anything in the playoffs. The Galaxy really tried to make moves this off-season to not only win the division but make a run in the playoffs as well. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to your Season 9 Los Angeles Galaxy:


1. CF Khoury Glass (33 years old) - Glass made his return to Los Angeles last season where he had trouble getting a ton of at bats finishing the season with only 349 at bats. Glass was excited about returning to the starting lineup once again promising the fans of Los Angeles that he's going to return to his glory years this season. Glass last season hit .298/.364/.433.

2. 2B Odalis Montanez (31 years old) - Montanez really saw his numbers take a huge drop last season. Montanez really needs to improve on his 57 RBI effort last season and get is average around his mark of .280. Montanez numbers from last season where .255/.352/.409.

3. RF Glenn Matheson (27 years old) - Matheson came over near the beginning of last season and had one of his finest season for the Galaxy. Look for Matheson to once again be in the race for the National League MVP. Last year Matheson went .319/.377/.618.

4. LF Lewis Hague (24 years old) - It's the simple fact that if Hague would have had a better average of .258 he might have won the Rookie of the Year award. Hague is just another great young hitter that the Galaxy just seem to bring up every season. Hague hit .258/.349/.531.

5. 1B Antonio Frye (30 years old) - Frye continued his streak of a great season to a below season with the below season coming last season. Look for Frye to bounce back and do what he always does and have a great year this season. Last year Frye hit .258/.324/.403.

6. C Ricardo Ramirez (33 years old) - Ramirez wasn't getting any playing time while he was he was in Monterrey but once he got traded to the Galaxy he proved why is one of the best offensive catchers in the league hitting 12 homeruns in just 75 games for the Galaxy. Ramirez hit .311/.360/.486.

7. 3B Arnold Buchanan (26 years old) - Buchanan came off the bench last season after getting the starting job the during season 6 and 7. Buchanan should really become a man on mission this season to earn back his starting spot. Buchanan hit .253/.309/.402.

8. SS Archie Hitchcock (26 years old)- After spending five years in Tacoma, Hitchcock went Galaxy hoping that his luck could change. Hitchcock put up the same offensive numbers he's put up in his career but really improved his defense having a career low in errors with 23. Hitchcock last season hit .225/.293/.365.

Players coming off the bench will be veteran, pinch hitter Heath Fitzgerald (35 years old) and backup catcher Robin Lily (26 years old.


SP1- Bartolo Rosado (30 years old) - Rosado always found winning games tough in the league until the team came to Los Angeles. Since the move Rosado has a 29-13 record with his ERA well below 4. Look for his numbers to come close to last season numbers with his wins improving a little.

SP2- Aaron Hernandez (26 years old) - Hernandez rookie season was a huge success for the Galaxy. Hernandez will get a full season in the rotation and with the teams history should get around 15 wins with around 200 innings pitched.

SP3- Daisuke Lui (31 years old) - No one really knows what happened to Lui last season for the Beefpound but pitching just over 100 innings and having a 5-11 record really hurt his chances of returning to the team. The Galaxy really knew how much he loved living in the Los Angeles area so it wasn't a big sell sign a contract with them.

SP4- Butch Magee (26 years old) - You can't ask any more from a rookie then what Magee did for the Galaxy last season. It's amazing that a rookie could win 20 games and not win the Rookie of the Year but Magee is looking to prove that last season wasn't a fluke.

SP5- Peter Baek (37 years old) - Baek was once worth 18 million dollars a season but now at 37, 18 million dollars now is paying alot for a fifth starter. Look for Baek to have a fine season, as the 37 year old arm simply knows how to pitch and sometimes that's all you need.

Closer- Jeremy Morris (39 years old) - The Galaxy loves what Morris brings as a closer even at the age of 39. After losing the closing job a couple of season ago for the Stars the writing was on the wall he wouldn't return once his contract was up and that's what happened this off-season. The Galaxy said he was going to be the closer and he signed a two year contract that day.