Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Monday, June 7, 2010



(1) Scranton Beet Farmer's - Last season Scranton just missed the playoffs with a good 83-79 record. With the core of the team coming back this season, this could be a big year for Scranton; I will give them the nod to win the division this year. Record 88-74 (4 game improvement)

(2) Ottawa Crawdaddies – Last season the Crawdaddies won the American League North with a nice record of 99-63. For some reason I just don’t think Ottawa can repeat last seasons performance and will come back to the pack in the North. Record 84-78 (15 game decline)

(3) Minnesota Milfoils – It’s been a slow process of getting Minnesota back on the winning track. The team’s record last season was 63-99, so it could be a couple more seasons before the Milfoils see that winning record return. Record 62-100 (1 game decline)

(4) Burlington Bombers – You can’t get any worst then the Bombers where last season and finishing with a 48-114 record was prove of that. I’m afraid to say that the Burlington fans will once again see another 100 lose season but the team will be improved over last year. Record 61-101 (13 game improvement)


(1) Boston Braves – Last season Boston slugged there way into playoffs and a division title. The big question for them this season, is can they repeat? They should be as good as last season and once again the offensive will by why. Record 103-59 (2 game improvement)

(2) Cincinnati Highlanders – It looked like with Atlanta gone from the East the Highlanders would have a easy path to the division but they once again came in second. By the end of the playoffs the Highlanders where laughing there way to a American League pennant, before losing in the World Series. With a more reliable closer a division title is within reach. Record 97-65 (9 game improvement)

(3) Cleveland Fishnets – The once mighty Atlanta team saw there first losing season last year with a record of 71-91. With a new owner and new team attitude expect the Fishnets to shock the world and be in contention all season long. Record 91-71 (20 game improvement)

(4) Dover Souls – The Souls seem to be the forgotten team of the division and with the three teams ahead of them it’s not hard to figure out why. The team is improving but with the division the wins and losses may not really change for the next couple of seasons. Record 67-95 (Same as last season)


(1) Durham Hitmen – The Hitmen had the best record in the American League last season and almost made it to the World Series. The team will be moving from Houston to Durham and I believe it will effect the a little, especially the pitching staff as the hitters will have even better numbers in Durham then Houston. Record 96-66 (19 game decline)

(2) Louisville River Dogs – The River Dogs once again had a nice season with a 90-72 record but once again finished second in the division and I see no reason to change that this season. Record 88-74 (2 game decline)

(3) Jacksonville Raiders – It doesn’t look like the Raiders have been able the break the out of the South and take the division the last couple of season. The pitching staff and fielding will be the reason why the team will have a big drop off this year. Record 74-88 (12 game decline)

(4) Kansas City Monarchs – The slow and painful process of getting the Monarchs back to there winning way. The team should make another small improvement this season and might have a chance to get out of the basement. Record 73-89 (3 game improvement)


(1) Arizona Sting – The Sting always seem to get off to a slow start every season and come storming back to take the division. I expect the team to once again have a slow start but by the All-Star game to be in control of division and have a easy time to the playoffs. Record 94-68 (1 game improvement)

(2) Anaheim Beefpound – The Beefpound have rebuilt themselves rather nicely and are looking to return to the top of the West this season. I think the team will fall short of that goal but a chance at the playoffs is within reach. Record 84-78 (2 game improvement)

(3) Portland Post Doctoral Fellows– I’m going out on a limb and saying Portland will struggle this year. The offensive will be the big reason why the team will see a big drop off in wins this year, as the runs could be a struggle at times during the year. Record 72-90 (14 game decline)

(4) Vancouver Knights – The Knights last season was one of the worst teams in the league and I hate to say this Vancouver fans but I expect them to once again be one of the worst teams in the league. Record 62-100 (4 game improvement)


(1) Milwaukee Bucks - Last season the bats won them a division title. Well this season the bats are still there and I expect the pitching staff to offer some support and you will see the team win the North once again. Record 97-65 (6 game improvement)

(2) New Britain Fisher Cats – The Fisher Cats are so close to taking the division back from the Bucks, that I believe it will once again be a tight race. The reason I put them in second is that the can’t hit with Milwaukee on a daily basis. Record 95-67 (5 game improvement)

(3) Philadelphia HeadHunters – The HeadHunters have been in the basement for so long, that improving to a third place finish will be a big sign that this team is improving. Well the team is improving but the trip out of the basement as more to do with Chicago then the team this season. Record 76-86 (6 game improvement)

(4) Chicago Blackhawks – The original coach of the Blackhawks is once again back with the team after a one year vacation. The team as a ton of improvements to make and will struggle to put some wins together, especially at the beginning of the year. Record 71-91 (8 game decline)


(1) St. Louis Cornerstone – The Cornerstone have ruled the East for a long time and I didn’t see any reason to change that trend this season. Record 96-66 (4 game decline)

(2) Columbus Buckeye Nuts –The Buckeyes will be improved this season and with the weak division it could be possible to see a winning record from them. Record 82-80 (14 game improvement)

(3) Iowa City Foxhounds – Last season as the Atlanta Conquistadors, they where horrible and the worst team in the National League. I think they will shock some people this year and put a decent record together. Record 70-92 (18 game improvement)

(4) New York Subway – I look like the team was going to make a jump up last season but the hitters forgot the show for the season until late in the year. The hitters will once again get off to a slow start but unlike last season the pitching staff won’t bail them. Record 67-95 (5 game decline)


(1) Monterrey Stars – It wouldn’t have matter if the Stars got rid of every player they had last season, you would still have to be insane not for them to win the division once again. Record 108-54 (15 game decline)

(2) Jackson Blazers – After finally getting back to .500 last season, look for the Blazers to make the next step and make the playoffs this year. Record 87-75 (5 game improvement)

(3) Florida Sizzlers – The Sizzlers are turning most over most of the talent from there last place finish last season and will be looking for the young prospects to improve the team. The team should be improved but with all teams with a group of rookies expect some struggles at times this season. Record 73-89 (8 game improvement)

(4) Charleston Crusaders – The team finished one game ahead of Florida last season but with its history of being one of the worst teams year after year I would expect the same this season. The hitters, pitching and fielding are all below average, so it’s going to be a long year in Charleston. Record 64-96 (2 game decline)


(1) San Jose Earthquake – The team was in Fresno last season, but it doesn’t matter where this team plays they always find a way to win. The team will get off to a slow start and may even fall into last place during the season but at the end they will find a way. Record 88-74 (7 game decline)

(2) Salem Gangstas – The Gangstas will make a nice run and will hold first place in the division at times during the year. They will have a fast start out of the gate but will struggle down the stretch and missing a chance at the playoffs. Record 83-79 (6 game improvement)

(3) Tacoma Saints – The Saints will be better then last season but once again the offensive will struggle to protect the pitching staff and find themselves just outside the playoff picture. Record 82-80 (7 game improvement)

(4) Oklahoma City Kingfishers – The Kingfishers should have a winning record once again but when your playing in the tightest division it doesn’t mean a last place finish won’t be in your future. Record 81-81 (5 game decline)
American League
1). Boston Braves
2). Durham Hitmen
3). Arizona Sting
4). Scranton Beet Farmer's
5). Cincannati Highlanders
6). Cleveland Fishnets

Just on the Outside
Louisville River Dogs
Ottawa Crawdaddies
Anaheim Beefpound

National League
1). Monterrey Stars
2). Milwaukee Bucks
3). St. Louis Cornerstone
4). San Jose Earthquake
5). New Britain Fisher Cats
6). Jackson Blazers

Just on the Outside
Salem Gangstas
Tacoma Saints
Oklahoma City Kingfishers
Columbus Buckeye Nuts


League Batting Leaderboards
Batting AVG
Santiago Alfonzo NB .331
Gordon McGlinchy LAA .328
Darren Higginson MIN .328
Kenny Logan ARI .323
Juan Vazquez STL .322

On-Base PCT
Darren Higginson MIN .411
Gordon McGlinchy LAA .410
Santiago Alfonzo NB .408
Kenny Logan ARI .405
Juan Vazquez STL .404

Slugging PCT
Lewis Hague MTY .624
Danny Harding MIL .620
Mike Bonds NB .582
Brent Turner BOS .582
Albert Campbell BOS .578

On-Base + Slugging
Danny Harding MIL 1.012
Lewis Hague MTY 1.006
Kirt Holmes SAL .971
Geraldo Rodriguez DUR .970
Gordon McGlinchy LAA .967

Edgar Tejada DUR 649
J. Duncan IA 637
A. Hogue FL 628
Kirt Holmes SAL 626
J. Sharp OKC 625

Brent Turner BOS 124
Kirt Holmes SAL 122
Lewis Hague MTY 122
Geraldo Rodriguez DUR 121
Mike Bonds NB 119

Danny Harding MIL 195
Kirt Holmes SAL 192
Brent Turner BOS 191
Edgar Tejada DUR 190
Gordon McGlinchy LAA 186

Brent Turner BOS 52
Kirt Holmes SAL 52
Geraldo Rodriguez DUR 51
Max Figureoa ARI 50
Henry Anderson OTT 46

Geraldo Rodriguez DUR 10
Brent Turner BOS 9
Edgar Tejada DUR 9
Kirt Holmes SAL 9
Sal Moore MIL 9

Home Runs
Mike Bonds NB 44
Danny Harding MIL 41
Ben Scalici MTY 40
Albert Campbell BOS 39
Lewis Hague MTY 38

Runs Batted In
Danny Harding MIL 138
Gordon McGlinchy LAA 129
Lewis Hague MTY 122
Ben Scalici MTY 121
Geraldo Rodriguez DUR 119

Stolen Bases
Kirt Holmes SAL 78
Bobby Donnelly TAC 59
Mikey Frey TAC 50
Rich Blue TAC 48
Orber Sierra MIL 46

Gordon McGlinchy LAA 109
Geraldo Rodriguez DUR 104
Darren Higginson MIN 101
Hub Gordon OTT 96
Kirt Holmes SAL 96

Max Figureoa ARI 178
Todd Kirk DUR 177
Ben Scalici MTY 175
Rondell Lowe MTY 166
Davey Calvo OK 165

League Pitching Leaderboards
Steven Hill TAC 2.22
Buzz Jones SJ 2.78
Phil Nitkowski DUR 2.84
Brandon Ellis BUR 2.89
Aaron Hernandez SJ 3.26

Phil Nitkowski DUR 23
Steven Hill TAC 22
Ramiro Johnson SAL 18
Harry Martinez JAC 18
Wilson Fisher KC 17

Joaquin Moreno DOV 19
Allen Justice VC 19
Ivan Borges CHR 17
Trey Kennedy LOU 17
Dustin McCall PHI 16

Shane Haad ARI 45
Miguel Pena TAC 43
Donnie Washington MTY 39
Lonnie Rizzo DUR 37
Shawn Buckley NB 36

Games Pitched
Tommy Mabry STL 88
Skeeter Boskie STL 84
Kordell Trunk CLE 82
Cesar Sivilla DUR 82
Pasqual Fernandez CLB 82

Complete Games
Dustin McCall PHI 4
Delino Maduro JAX 4
Steven Hill TAC 4
Pinky Snyder SWB 4
Wilt Frank JAC 3

Wilt Frank JAC 3
Ramiro Johnson SAL 1
Steven Hill TAC 1
Wilson Fisher KC 1
Ramiro Johnson SAL 1

Innings Pitched
Bono Barr NB 250.0
Ramiro Johnson SAL 247.1
Steven Hill TAC 247.0
Dustin McCall PHI 232.0
Pinky Snyder SWB 231.0

Hits Allowed
Ramiro Johnson SAL 250
Pinky Snyder SWB 241
Joaquin Moreno DOV 237
Bono Barr NB 232
Allen Justice VC 229

Home Runs Allowed
Allen Justice VC 41
Cliff Sheets DUR 41
Garland Haney DUR 40
Alberto Sanchez DUR 40
Cesar Delgado BOS 39

Walks Allowed
Stone Punto DOV 124
Walt Cortes JAX 100
Trey Kennedy LOU 95
Deion Cox STL 94
Sting Stowers IA 94

Jeremi Selby KC 243
Alfonso Mendez OK 223
Phil Nitkowski DUR 222
Wilt Frank JAC 221
Bono Barr NB 211

Phil Nitkowski DUR 1.12
Alfonso Mendez OK 1.12
Wilt Frank JAC 1.13
Steven Hill TAC 1.14
Brandon Ellis BUR 1.14