Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New York Fightning Molars

New York Fightning Molars

Division Championships

The Fightning Molars won the National East Division for the first time since season two and also the having a team record of 91 wins. The Molars have become the top of the east and really shouldn't have a problem repeating as division champs. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to your Season 9 New York Fightning Molars:


C Vic DaSilva (29 years old) - DaSilva is probably looking at his last chance to be the Molars catcher. DaSilva has always put up good numbers but never seems to play enough to really become a great catcher in the league. DaSilva last season hit .261/.336/.506.

1B Chico Posada (34 years old) - In his first season as a full time starter since season 3, Posada really came up with a vengence. Career highs in homeruns, On-base percentage, slugging and OPS would be a break out season. Posada numbers from last season where .296/.381/.621.

2B Justin Rogers (27 years old) - Rogers played his first full season as the starter last year and really played well. Rogers showed good power and the team is really looking forward to see what he can do this year. Last year Rogers went .267/.329/.446.

3B Pedro Javier (30 years old) - Javier has never been to big power bat that you would like from your third basemen but he still finds away to bring in the RBI's every season. Javier is probably better suited for Right Field as he makes to many errors at thirdbase. Javier hit .276/.333/.418.

SS Dernell Kirk (24 years old) - Kirk played 98 games last season and proved he was ready to be an every day major league shortstop. Expect Kirk to go through some growing pains but overall the team should be happy with his numbers. Last year Kirk hit .269/.349/.441.

LF Jeff O'Keefe (33 years old) - After spending the last three season as a bench player O'Keefe is finally given another shot of being an everyday starter. Even though being on some great teams but playing every day has always been the goal for him.

CF Ronnie Weiss (25 years old) - The team is looking towards the speedster Weiss to roam centerfield even though it will be his rookie season. Look for Weiss to have an up and down rookie year and looks to be the beginning of what could be a good career for him.

RF Dizzy Lankford (24 years old)- Lankford had a nice season last year showing some nice power and speed. His 42 doubles will turn into homeruns as he begins to grow into his power so look for his power numbers to increase this season. Lankford last season hit .280/.346/.489.

Players coming off the bench will be defense shortstop Al Diaz (28 years old), back up catchter Shep Bolton (28 years old) and right handed pitch-hitter Jim McEnroe (33 years old).


SP1- Heath Thomas (26 years old) - Thomas really has the look to have a big break out season this year. Thomas really became the staff ace last season getting 15 wins, pitching 233 innings and saving the bullpen by getting 7 complete games. Should once again be the bullpens best friend this season.

SP2- D.T. Telford (25 years old) - Telford really came into his own last season after struggle to find wins his first two seasons. Batters really had a hard time hitting him as he throws nothing but junk with his forkball only topping out in the high 80's. Should be another young pitcher looking for that break out season this year.

SP3- Lariel Camacho (25 years old) - After struggling to find out where he fit into the Molars pitching staff when he first arrived, Camacho really came through pitching well in the rotation the whole year. He's not going to eat up the innings but for the first six innings he's probably the best one on the team.

SP4- Don Gilkey (30 years old) - Gilkey is the veteran of the starting rotation but has never really pitching from the rotation for a full season. Gilkey is a big drop off from the first three starters so the team better hope the offense and bullpen are ready to play when he takes the mound.

SP5- Dwight Thomson (29 years old) - Thompson is just like Gilkey and pitcher that the Molars really don't know what to do with. Should he start, should he be in the bullpen but he's really never proved he can be either throughout his career.

Closer- Troy King (23 years old) - The King really makes life intersting late in the games last season, blowing 5 saves, going 6-9 with ERA almost 5, no wonder the coach always left the dugout with him on the mound. Don't worry has he should improve as the fans need to remember his still only 23 years old.