Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

#8 In a Galaxy far far away....

Los Angeles Galaxy

The Galaxy has been one of the best teams during the first three seasons under the management of knucklebones, but for personal reasons he had to quickly leave the team. The team went through some tough times under a new manager never winning more than 72 games. Then knucklebones came back and the team quickly become the team to beat once again the National League West. As long as knucklebones is captaining the Galaxy ship, the team will be in good shape.

The total percentage of wins for the Galaxy is .512 (581 victories and 553 losses). The most wins in a single season were 102 during season one. The most losses in a season were 101 during season five.

Knucklebones is entering his fourth season as the general manger of the franchise compiling a 284-202 record for a .584 winning percentage during two different roles with the team. He managed the team during the third season but handed over the team to the new manager during the playoffs or his record would even be better then this. Knucklebones has a 445-365 record for a .549 winning percentage during his five years in the league. He spent two seasons with the Toledo Mud Hens manager before returning to his original team. The only thing that knucklebones does is win games as he has won four division titles with two different teams and going to the World Series during season one.

Future Outlook: Contender

Playoff Appearance: Four
Division Championship: Four
World Series Victory: None
All-Stars: 17
Awards: 5 Silver Sluggers/ 6 Gold Gloves

All Los Angeles Galaxy Team

Catcher: Frank Cooper (.292Ave, 94HR, 384RBI, 327R, .482SLG)
First Base: Wes Withem (.285Ave, 144HR, 419RBI, 349R, .545SLG)
Second Base: Odalis Montanez (.288Ave, 142HR, 554RBI, 477R, .508SLG)
Third Base: Vicente Domingo (.306Ave, 107HR, 385RBI, 330R, .539SLG)
Shortstop: Nolan Jordan (.276Ave, 78HR, 310RBI, 366R, .343OBP)
Left Field: Antonio Frye (.291Ave, 123HR, 385RBI, 373R, .516SLG)
Center Field: Khoury Glass (.301Ave, 41HR, 212RBI, 365R, 181SB)
Right Field: Earl Williams (.291Ave, 121HR, 358RBI, 337R, .608SLG)
Starting Pitcher: Gil Henson (4.22ERA, 54-36 Record, 889.3IP, 655SO, 1.37WHIP)
Reliever: Robert Price (4.37ERA, 90-107 Save Chances, 151G, 112SO, 1.35WHIP)

Career Records

At Bats: Odalis Montanez - 2785
Games Played: Odalis Montanez - 705
Runs: Odalis Montanez - 477
Hits: Odalis Montanez - 803
Doubles: Odalis Montanez - 161
Triples: Khoury Glass - 21
Homeruns: Alex Woo - 151
Runs Batted In: Odalis Montanez - 554
Walks: Benito Pineda - 400
Stolen Bases: Khoury Glass - 181
Batting Average: Frank Cooper - .292
On-Base Percentage: Odalis Montanez - .362
Slugging Percentage: Antonio Frye - .516

Games: Rico Martin - 232
Games Started: David Gao - 143
Complete Games: Gil Henson - 24
Shutouts: Gil Henson - 5
Wins: David Gao – 58
Losses: David Gao - 50
Saves: Robert Price – 90
Innings Pitched: David Gao – 946.3
Strikeouts: David Gao - 669
WHIP: Gil Henson – 1.37
Earned Run Average: Gil Henson – 4.22

Single Season Records
At Bats: Khoury Glass - 734 (season 3)
Runs: Khoury Glass - 161 (season 3)
Hits: Vicente Domingo - 232 (season 3)
Doubles: Khoury Glass - 47 (season 3)
Triples: Khoury Glass - 9 (season 3)
Homeruns: Alex Woo - 65 (season 4)
Run Batted In: Vicente Domingo - 179 (season 3)
Walks: Earl Williams - 127 (season 3)
Stolen Bases: Khoury Glass - 91 (season 3)
Batting Average: Tony Armas - .361 (season 3)
On-Base Percentage: Earl Williams - .476 (season 3)
Slugging Percentage: Earl Williams - .715 (season 3)

Games: Rico Martin - 82 (season 6)
Games Started: Mac Sheffield - 35 (season 4)
Complete Games: Gil Henson - 8 (season 1)
Shutouts: David Gao - 3 (season 1)
Wins: Peter Baek - 21 (season 7)
Losses: Dave Carpenter - 16 (season 6)
Saves: Robert Price - 35 (season 2)
Innings Pitched: Peter Baek - 227.2 (season 7)
Strikeouts: Peter Baek - 181 (season 7)
WHIP: Josh Kerr - 1.05 (season 1)
Earned Run Average: Peter Baek - 2.53 (season 7)