Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Arizona Sting

The Sting have signed all but a couple of there draft pick so far. Second-Basemen Carlton Terry and Right-Fielder Vic Robertson looks to be really good studs they got for there first two picks. Pitcher Tom Fordham looks to be the best pitcher they got out of this draft.

Rating: B+

This is what the team had to say about there draft this season: "I was actually pretty pleased with the results. 3 future ML position players and ML long reliever in the first 4 rounds. Plenty of strong talent for the minors for the next several rounds. Late picks I don't really care so much."

Round 1 Pick 16 Vic Robertson RF Rating (A+)

Round 2 Pick 63 Carlton Terry 3B Rating (A+)

Round 3 Pick 95 George Sanders 3B Rating (A)

Round 4 Pick 127 Tom Fordham P Rating (C)

Round 5 Pick 159 Alex Villalona P Rating (D)

Round 6 Pick 191 Kevin Hernandez P Rating (D)

Round 7 Pick 223 Charles Chang CF Rating (B-)

Round 8 Pick 255 Justin Aldridge P Rating (D)

Round 9 Pick 287 Paul Hocking P Rating (D-)

Round 10 Pick 319 Arthur Wilson 3B Rating (A-)

Round 11 Pick 351 Walt Broadhurst CF Rating (C)

Round 12 Pick 383 Chris Hermsen SS Rating (C)

Round 13 Pick 415 Torey Tavarez SS Rating (B-)

Round 14 Pick 447 Jackson Chase P Rating (F)

Round 15 Pick 479 Scott Gruber P Rating (F)

Round 17 Pick 543 Santiago Lee RF Rating (D+)

Round 18 Pick 575 J.B. Reagan C Rating (F)

Round 19 Pick 607 Tim Haynes CF Rating (C-)

Round 22 Pick 703 Dwight Hudson P Rating (F)

Round 23 Pick 735 Rob Blair P Rating (F)

Round 24 Pick 767 Cristian Huff P Rating (F)

Round 25 Pick 799 Philip Burgess P Rating (F)

A+ - Allstar Talent
B/A - Major League Talent
C+/B- - Border Line Talent
C - Slim chance at the majors
D-/C- - Minor league only
F - Will never get out of Low-A or released