Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Welcome to the fourth edition of the USMLB Daily. A lot of news and information will be in here and fun things will be added through out it. I hope that you enjoy and that the report will be up Monday through Friday till the end of the season. Draft information will also be added to the Daily report after the draft. Trades that happen from this day forward will also be added to the report. If there’s anything you would like me to cover or add (real or not) just let me know and I’ll do my best to add it.

Interview with the Jacksonville RAIDERS from the American League South Division:
The team hasn’t gotten off to a good start at all only winning 14 games so far but at least they don’t have the worst record in the majors so there’s always a good side to a bad situation.

So what are you goals for the season: “Goals not to finish in last place --and within the next year or 2 to make a run at the playoffs.”
Well I hate to say this but I think last place is where this team will finish the year at, the American League South is that much better this season.

What do you need to do to this franchise to turn it around: “Need starting Pitching and some sticks. Though we opened the wallets this year we will do the same till we get it right. With our Bikini’s at the Ballpark promotion, we have seen a huge rise in our uh revenue.”
I think pitching will need to be the main so this team goes after next. And I thought with the team in Jacksonville wearing bikini’s to the ballpark was normal dress attire.

What team scares you the most to face: “The Indianapolis Clowns -- I think I was scared as a child.”
The Indianapolis certainly is giving a lot of team’s nightmares this season.

Who do you think will make it to the World Series out of the National League: “The Clowns look tough early, though barring any injuries (just jinxed him didn’t I) he should take that division (Jinx Jinx) trades near the deadline could move a couple of teams ahead if the right players are involved, so the clowns need to watch out.”
I think someone really does have a problem with the Clowns and the Raiders have to thank there lucky stars they don’t face the Clowns this season .

What would be the one thing you would change about this league: “I would like to have the ability to make coaching changes.”
Wouldn’t we all like to do that?

Anything else you would like to add: “I want to say thank you for flying me out to Washington to do this interview, very classy, also what is a VAWT anyways?”
No problem, also first class amenities from this franchise. I really don’t know what a Vawt is but I think Vawt reads this and would be happy to answer that.

Tacoma Pioneers sent Midre Contreras (SS) and Sam Walsh (P) to the Ottawa Crawdaddies for Orlando Izquierdo (P), Dan Romano (P) and Tony Rodriguez (SS). Ranking: B
The Pioneers gave up to good players with Major league experience under there belt for some young players that will help this team with there reliever problems. I think that this trade will help out both teams in the long run.

Rumor Mill:
Vawt says that he has been misquoted about the last question during his interview so here is his real answer “My team is the greatest thing since slice bread and there isn’t any other team is better then mine.” So there you go Vawt.
I have been told from a reliable source that the bullpen for the Houston Hitmen have been sleeping with knifes under there pillows during road trips and making sure they never leave there lockers before and after the game as they are afraid for there lives as the owner (an ex-hitmen by a rumor) as it out for them if they keep blowing saves. I don’t know the owner is kidding or not but it certainly has the bullpen on high alert.
Knucklebones the Clowns owner was hoping that the team would remain in the shadow during the season but with there great start the team can no longer hide in the shadows as it seems they are the powerhouse in the National League early this season.

Poll Question:
So far you guys want to the Clowns and Cab Drivers to get new logos but there’s two more days to vote so it’s anyone’s to win.

Useless Information:
This league must really love hitting left-handers as the league is hitting .283 against left-handed pitches, with the Boston Braves hitting .333 against them. The league is hitting .269 against right-handed pitchers, with the Indianapolis Clowns hitting .310 against them.
So far this season the league as thrown out 362 base stealers in 1360 attempts for a percentage of .266. The San Diego Skyhawks has thrown out 21 of the 48 attempts against for a percentage of .433 which is the best in the league in caught stealing and percentage. New York Mets has thrown out 16 of the 63 attempts for a .254 percentage which is the most attempts that any team has faced so far.
Frank Jacobsen and Edgar Seguignol hold the record for the longest hitting streak in the league with 35 straight games with a hit.
Bey Dillon is the ultimate ground ball pitcher already getting 119 forced double plays when he’s on the mound. Double plays will kill any rally for any team.
Don’t run on Tony Maduro as he as thrown out .355 percentage of would be base stealers during his career.

Trivia Question:
What is the oldest continuously used ballpark in the World?