Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Game of the Day 6-15-10

Game of the Day
Dover 16 - Burlington 15

What ever you can do, I can do better: That was the motto for Dover today. Every time Burlington scored, Dover seemed to have an answer. Burlington scored 5 in the first, well so did Dover and then 4 more in the second. Burlington takes a 9-7 lead in the fifth, Dover quickly get’s two back in the bottom of the fifth and then 2 more in the 7th. Give up 4 runs in the top of the ninth and find yourself in the 2 run deficit, no problem when you can get 3 back and the victory in the bottom of the ninth.

Free passes for everyone: It’s hard to say anything positive about a pitching staff that gave up 13 walks and 15 hits in only a 9 inning game, but when it comes down to it, a win is a win. Stone Punto should have call in sick because he gave up 9 runs in 3 innings of work, including 8 hits and 5 walks.

Burlington’s pain: Despite a great effort from the team, the pitching staff just couldn’t finish the game. The team would love for Magglio Salinas to find his form that once made him a top closer in game.

They also played...

Tacoma 4 - Chicago 2: Luis Barajas pitched another strong game, going 7 innings and striking out 13 Chicago batters.

Jackson 9 - St. Louis 1: The game was close with Jackson only up 2-1 going the 8th. That quickly changed when Jackson scored 7 runs in the top of the 8th. Hulk Hayes falls to 0-3 but pitched well only given up 2 runs in 5 innings of work.

San Jose 11 - Florida 1: Do you think San Jose offense was happy to play somewhere else besides the west coast?

Monterrey 2 - Columbus 1: Sandy Blackmon was seen crying after the game in the dug-out. Allowing a pass ball with a runner on third and first, to allow the winning run would make me cry as well.

Anaheim 12 - Kansas City 6: Placing bets on when Wilson Fisher will pick up his first win the American League. Record so far is 0-4, with a horrible 7.32 ERA.

Ottawa 11 - Vancouver 0: Junior Lui is hot to start the season. He’s hitting .484 and has 20 RBI’s already. MVP chats are beginning to make waves around the ballpark already.

Durham 4 - Portland 3: With the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth inning and no outs, Durham needs to thank the baseball gods for only allowing 3 runs to score. Will the real Lonnie Rizzo please stand up?

Oklahoma City 5 - Milwaukee 4: It wasn’t pretty but Oklahoma wins again. Moises Montero pitched the last two innings to pick up his first save of the year.

Cincinnati 7 - Jacksonville 2: It’s not hard for Cincinnati to win games when Shawn Long crushed 2 homeruns and Vin Ramirez shuts down the other teams offense to pick up his 3rd victory of the season.

Salem 2 - Charleston 1: Word to Charleston; Peter Webster can’t do everything. Despite his 0-3 record he pitched 7 strong innings and hit homerun for the teams only run. I hate to say this but you can’t win a lot of games if you’re looking at your pitcher to produce the runs as well.

Cleveland 14 - Scranton 3: Game of a lifetime for Ossie Martin. 3-4 with 6 RBI’s isn’t too, shabby considering he only had 2 RBI’s entering the game.

Minnesota 8 - Arizona 6: You know things are going well for you when you lead-off hitter hit’s two homeruns. Minnesota’s bullpen almost folded in the ninth but they found a way to save the game in the end.

Philadelphia 4 - Iowa City 3: Philadelphia has cold down from a nice start to the season. No matter what the team does the rest of the way, things are looking up for them.

Louisville 7 - Boston 3: Not many times will you see Boston tie the game in the ninth inning on a fielders choice, makes you wonder why the infield wasn’t in to protect the one-run led in the first place. It’s doesn’t matter as Julio Cruz crushed a two-run homerun to give Louisville the victory.