Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Game of the Day 6-11-10

Game of the Day
Charleston 8 - Jackson 6 (14)

Second Chances: Oh, that Pepper Gunderson. It should be said that you should never give a team a second chance and this is the reason why. Two outs in the bottom of the ninth, Jackson up 6-3 and Gunderson missed place a ground ball. The ball must have been on fire because his hand just keep dropping it back into the grass and allowing Charleston catcher to reach base. And then couple batters later the game was tied. I say extra fielding practice for poor Gunderson tomorrow.

The More I Know, The Less I Understand: Harold Turner, that’s right, that Harold Turner who was stolen from San Jose during the Rule 5 Draft crushed a 2-Run homerun to win the game for Charleston. San Jose had no comment about losing Turner.

Buckner would be proud: Jackson has got some leaks in the field. Two out of the three errors by the Blazers allowed runners to score and the game. Something needs to be done soon or it could be a long season in Jackson once again.

They Also Played:

Boston 9 - Dover 3: Games get real easy when you score six runs in the first to innings. If Sam Stone and Jackson Cooper can keep this up the whole year, watch out American League.

Monterrey 3 - Florida 0: Raymond Pavlov just keeps mowing down hitters year after year. 15 innings this season already and 0 runs given up to start the season, is just scary.

Minnesota 17 - Burlington 3: It’s official now Rachel Phelps is now running the team and Miami is calling.

Milwaukee 5 - New Britain 3: Is it time to start panicking in New Britain? I don’t think the people in Milwaukee thought they would be looking up at the Headhunters for first place in the National League North. Baseball is a strange sport.

Philadelphia 8 - Chicago 2: Speaking of Philadelphia. Rico Martinez once again had a nice pitching performance, improving his record to 2-0. The team has been banned to talk with the media during the winning streak. I curse you Philly, I curse you.

Portland 2 - Arizona 1: A nice performance from one of my favorite players “Lucky” Rabbit Kennedy, going six shutout innings, for his first victory of the season.

Anaheim 6 - Vancouver 1: Do you think Anaheim is worried about a bullpen giving up yet another run late in the game? Remember Anaheim about second chances, just ask Jackson about that.

Cleveland 2 - Cincinnati 1: Miguel Martinez pitched his first complete game in eight seasons but the Highlanders offense forgot that there was a game today, giving Martinez a very bad luck lose.

Jacksonville 3 - Kansas City 2: Wilson Fisher right now is having nightmares in the American League. He’s giving up 7 earned runs in only 11.1 innings, for an awful error of 5.40. You have the talent Kansas City, please start playing like it.

Columbus 3 - Iowa City 2: Cristobal Trajano is off to a great rookie season. He crushed his 3 homerun already on the year. Columbus is going to be scary in a couple seasons.

Oklahoma City 3 - Salem 2: Oklahoma City and Salem filling left out that every other game was 3-2, decided to follow the trend for the day and finish with the same score. Bruce Tate had the best game of his young career getting two RBI’s in the victory.

Tacoma 3 - San Jose 2: Must be theme or something. The teams out west really did to get use to scores like this; it’s going to be happening all season. Also news about the game was Robin Lilly punched a water color after the Saints stole two bases against him.  Keep you posted on further developments.

Louisville 4 - Durham 3: I’m so happy the score wasn’t 3-2. “Bad” Bobby Henry was again spoiled the Hitmen’s day crushing a 3-run homerun in the sixth, giving Louisville the big early season win.

New York 11 - St. Louis 0: Hulk Hayes forgot to Hulk Up for this game, because he got crushed. In 1 2/3 inning he gave up 6 runs on 6 hits and 2 homeruns. Look everyone New York has found an offense this season.

Ottawa 6 - Scranton 3: Junior Lui crushed a Grand Slam in the bottom of the eighth and it was a good thing as well because the Ottawa bullpen gave up two runs in the ninth. No word on why Lui skipped around the bases but it sure was funny to see.