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Monday, April 2, 2012

The Original Franchise

The Original

New Britain Fishercats

Record thru 16 seasons: 1434-1158 .553% WPCT

Playoff Record: 56-46 .549% WPCT

12 playoff appearances - 4 Division Titles – 1 time National League Champion - 1 time World Series Champion

Season 1-3: The Lost Seasons
The first three seasons the Fishercats did not make the playoffs, with seasons 1 being the franchises only season with more 100 loses. Season two became the last season that the Fishercats would see a losing season, as the team was beginning to stock pile some great young talent. Season three the team earned its first winning record but still finished third in the National League North and missing the playoffs. This would be the last time the Fishercats would miss the playoffs for the next seven seasons. Many of the worst pitching for the team was set during these first three seasons. Felipe Tejera set the team record for most losses with 19 during the first season. Three of first four team records for the worst Earned Run Average were also set during this time. The great Erik West set the team Homerun record in season three with 66 homeruns and Runs Batted In with 193. Nicholas Herndon set the Stolen Base record with 82 also during the third season.

Season 4-10: The Wall of Stars
The next seven seasons the Fishercats established themselves as one of the elite teams in the USMLB. The only problem with the Fishercats during this time, was everyone’s problem during this time, the Monterrey Stars. The Fishercats meet the Stars four times during the playoffs, losing three times in the division series and once in the National League Championship series. The Fishercats went 8-16 during this time against the Stars. The Fishercats only won two National League North Division Titles during this time with five wildcard appearances. Many of the team records where set during this time. The Fishercat set the team record for most wins in a season during the ninth season with 102 wins. Hoss Boone set the Team Batting Average in season 5 at .343. The Homerun and RBI’s record set in season three by Erik West was never broken but the next four records in the categories where set during this time. Damaso Seneca set the Runs record with 144 runs scored in season eight. Raymond Pavlov set the wins record for the team with 22 during season 8, which would later be broken. Pavlov also set the ERA team record with an amazing 1.96 ERA during season 8. Pavlov owns 4 of the greatest ERA records for the team. Andres Crespo started his reputation as the greatest strikeout king in Fishercat history with 215 strikeouts during season eight, which would later be broken by himself.

Season 11: The unthinkable
Season eleven came the unthinkable to Fishercats fans. The team missed the playoffs for the first time since season 3. No one could have seen this happening, as the team did not play any worse then they had the previous season but the team was only able to win 85 games, finishing third in the National League North. The team vowed the fans that this travesty would never happen again and that the goal of winning the World Series is even closer to fruition then ever before.

Season 12-13: The Return
Seasons twelve and thirteen saw the Fishercats return to their previous playoff ways. The Fishercats won the National League North for the first time in six seasons during season twelve. Season thirteen saw the team return to wildcard ranks and also finishing the season in third place. The goal of winning the World Series was said to closer the ever but the team fell in the First-Round of the Playoffs both seasons, only going 1-6 during this time.

Season 14: The Ultimate Goal
Season fourteen saw the team Fishercats return to the playoffs once again as a wildcard team. The team won 99 games, the second best in team history, so the expectation for making farther into the playoffs then ever before. The Fishercats had to face an old foe in the first round again the St. Louis Cornerstone (Playoff record versus during the Cornerstone in the playoffs 13-5). They quickly beat the Cornerstone in 4 games, advancing division round for the first time since season nine. The Fishercats meet the National League North Division Champion Philadelphia HeadHunters. For the first time since season five, the Fishercats made it to the National League Championship game, defeating the Headhunters three to one. Waiting for them in the championship game was the Monterrey Stars (the second Monterrey Stars ) and the hopes remained low in the fans eyes that the Fishercats could defeat their sworn enemy. The Fishercats did the unthinkable and defeated the mighty Stars in six games. The next biggest question for the Fishercats would be, how could the team refocus after defeating the Stars and be fully prepared to face the American League Juggernaut Durham Hitman. When the final out of the season was recorded the Fishercats stood as the greatest team during season fourteen, defeating the Hitman four games to two. The fans rioted in the streets and the ultimate goal fourteen long seasons ago was finally realized.

Season 15-16: The Afterglow
How did the Fishercats follow up their World Series victory by making it to the National League Championship game once again during season fifteen. The Fishercats came in the series as the heavy favorites, as the faced the New Orleans Pelicans. Like the season before the heavily favorite team lost, which happened to be the Fishercats this time around, losing the Championship series. Season sixteen saw the Fishercats struggle to make the playoffs and it took a late run for them to accomplish the goal of making the playoffs. The Fishercats was quickly taken out of the playoffs by the Charlotte Knights in the first round.
What does the future hold for the Fishercats? Well it is unknown but if history is any indication about the Fishercats will find a way to reload the franchise instead of trying to rebuild the franchise from the ground up. If the Fishercats miss the playoffs again, that would be sign that the Fishercats will once again be ready to win the USMLB World Series Trophy.

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