Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Game of the Day 6-23-10

Game of the Day: Arizona 9 - Jacksonville 6

Everyone loves Ball: Nick Ball at a great day going 3-5 with 2 doubles and a homerun. His 6 RBI game was a career high. At 33 years old he still has an outside chance of getting three thousand hits. I hope he makes it.

Winless in Jacksonville: Victor Sojo lost his 6th game of the season. But the team has told me they still believe in him and will continue to start him. Wonder how many games he has to lose before they final end this nightmare season for Sojo?

They Also Played...

Florida 5 - St. Louis 2: Herman Blair improves to 3-0 on the season. No he’s not related to Herman Munster?

Anaheim 3 - Burlington 1: Notice a pattern in Burlington so far. Offense is scoring runs; the pitchers can’t stop anyone from scoring. The Pitchers are shutting down teams and then the offense forgets to score runs. It’s going to be a long season for Burlington.

Jackson 4 - Philadelphia 2: Pepper Gunderson loves living on the edge. Gives up a run but still get’s the save.

Ottawa 6 - Cleveland 5 (15): This the kind of game that will kill a pitching staff. Great job by Victor Domingo for ending the game before the fans had to sleep at the stadium.

Monterrey 4 - Oklahoma City 3: What’s the over/under on when Donnie Washington will give up a run this season?

Columbus 11 - Milwaukee 3: If the Bucks didn’t commit any errors they would have only lost by 3. Coaches don’t lose game, players making mistakes lose games.

Minnesota 5 - Cincinnati 4: Milfoils have the Highlanders number this season. Funny how things work out like that.

Louisville 8 - Scranton 2: Game was over once Mike Vaughn hit a Grand Slam.

New York 10 - Salem 6: Can anyone stop the New York Hitters right now?

Iowa City 6 - Chicago 5: Shane Clayton has to be one of the best closers in the game? Doesn’t he?

Durham 5 - Vancouver 4: Lonnie Rizzo most of read his contract wrong or something. Right now he’s getting paid just over 6mil per save or just over 1.2mil per run given up.

San Jose 5 - New Britain 1: Do you know the way to San Jose. Well here comes there move up the National League West standings.

Portland 2 - Dover 1: A milestone was set today for Portland. Congrats to Anthony Bolling on hitting his 30th homerun.

Boston 16 - Kansas City 9: Nice football score, bad baseball, well unless you’re a Boston fan.

Charleston 5 - Tacoma 3: Tacoma’s offense makes any pitcher look like a world beater. Isn’t right Ron O’Shea?