Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Friday, October 9, 2009

#2 Missing that extra Vawt

Atlanta Brave Vawts

If there were no playoffs in the USMLB, the Brave Vawts would probably the greatest team the league has ever seen. They hold the league records for most victories for any club during the last seven years, every single season finishing with at least 90 victories and a league record five 100 win seasons. But then the American League Championship game comes, where the team has only advanced twice during there five tries. Each time the Brave Vawts have made it to the World Series the Monterrey Stars stood in there path and have been beaten both times in a close seven game series during season five and a quick sweep during season seven. There’s no question that the Brave Vawts are one of the best run teams in the league, we just have to hope one day a World Series victory will be in there future as well. FACE!!!!

The total percentage of wins for the Brave Vawts is .624 (708 victories and 426 losses). The most wins in a single season were 117 during seasons four. The most losses in a season were 72 during season one.

Vawt is entering his eighth season as the general manger of the franchise compiling a 708-426 record for a .624 winning percentage. Vawt has the most victories for any manager in the league and also holds as the third most victories in the playoffs with 33 even though he also has 36 losses during the playoffs for the most in the league. Vawt also seems to motivate his players when ever another team from the American League East tries to make run the division crown and at the end of the year they have a nice double digit lead.

Future Outlook: Contender

Playoff Appearance: Seven
Division Championship: Six
World Series Victory: None
All-Stars: 13
Awards: 2 Cy Young Awards/ 2 Fireman of the Year Awards/ 2 Silver Sluggers/ 3 Gold Gloves

All Atlanta Brave Vawts Team

Catcher: Cookie Pena (.348Ave, 124HR, 366RBI, 326R, .681SLG)
First Base: Aubrey Hutchinson (.269Ave, 243HR, 700RBI, 597R, .512SLG)
Second Base: Morgan Robertson (.299Ave, 62HR, 306RBI, 380R, 151SB)
Third Base: Frank Surtain (.281Ave, 229HR, 659RBI, 551R, .535SLG)
Shortstop: Alex Sojo (.268Ave, 85HR, 351RBI, 391R, 84SB)
Left Field: Luis Nunez (.328Ave, 81HR, 255RBI, 197R, .643SLG)
Center Field: Luis Carreras (.262Ave, 89HR, 384RBI, 395R, .404SLG)
Right Field: Nick Collins (.316Ave, 176HR, 533RBI, 519R, .592SLG)
Designated Hitter: Mac Johnson (.297Ave, 149HR, 557RBI, 501R, .505SLG)
Starting Pitcher: Phil Nitkowski (2.14ERA, 94-27 Record, 1125.4IP, 1091SO, 1.02WHIP)
Reliever: Paul Krause (3.39ERA, 165-196 Save Chances, 382G, 402SO, 1.32WHIP)

Career Records

At Bats: Aubrey Hutchinson - 3708
Games Played: Aubrey Hutchinson - 1016
Runs: Aubrey Hutchinson - 597
Hits: Aubrey Hutchinson - 998
Doubles: Aubrey Hutchinson - 152
Triples: Mandy Adams - 26
Homeruns: Aubrey Hutchinson - 243
Runs Batted In: Aubrey Hutchinson - 700
Walks: Aubrey Hutchinson - 474
Stolen Bases: Mandy Adams - 212
Batting Average: Nick Collins – .316
On-Base Percentage: Nick Collins - .397
Slugging Percentage: Nick Collins - .592

Games: Paul Krause - 382
Games Started: Ray Jackson - 193
Complete Games: Larry Rath - 21
Shutouts: Larry Rath - 7
Wins: Larry Rath – 97
Losses: Andruw Dunston - 61
Saves: Paul Krause – 165
Innings Pitched: Andruw Dunston – 1247.8
Strikeouts: Phil Nitkowski - 1091
WHIP: Phil Nitkowski – 1.02
Earned Run Average: Phil Nitkowski – 2.14

Single Season Records

At Bats: Ellie Bowman - 612 (season 7)
Runs: Nick Collins - 126 (season 1)
Hits: Nick Collins - 185 (season 2)
Doubles: Alex Sojo - 41 (season 3)/ Morgan Robertson - 41 (season 4)
Triples: Nick Collins - 8 (season 1)/ Morgan Robertson - 8 (season 3)
Homeruns: Frank Surtain - 52 (season 3)
Runs Batted In: Frank Surtain - 149 (season 3)
Walks: Aubrey Hutchinson - 79 (season 2)
Stolen Bases: Morgan Robertson - 63 (season 3)
Batting Average: Nick Collins - .353 (season 3)
On-Base Percentage: Nick Collins - .438 (season 3)
Slugging Percentage: Nick Collins - .655 (season 3)

Games: Nicholas Fox - 78 (season 6)
Games Started: Larry Rath - 34 (season 3 & 5)/ Samuel West - 34 (season 7)
Complete Games: Larry Rath - 8 (season 2)
Shutouts: Larry Rath - 3 (season 2)
Wins: Samuel West - 20 (season 4)/ Larry Rath - 20 (season 6)
Losses: Samuel West - 13 (season 2)
Saves: Paul Krause - 42 (season 4)
Innings Pitched: Larry Rath - 246.7 (season 2)
Strikeouts: Phil Nitkowski - 200 (season 4)
WHIP: Phil Nitkowski - .86 (season 4)
Earned Run Average: Phil Nitkowski - 1.32 (season 7)