Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Manager of the Year Award (Phase III)

Cheyenne Xpress – powercats22
Team records
ML: 65-83
AAA: 81-63 (Wildcard Team)
AA: 58-86
HiA: 45-99
LowA: 53-91
Rookie: 34-42


ML team: D+ Many though this team was ready to contend this season and with there second half push just shows that the talent is there.

Minors: D+ The Triple-A is the only team with a winning record, with the rest really struggling to find wins through out the year.


Player acquisitions: None

Team MVP: Butch Halter Halter leads the team in runs scored and RBI’s and looks to be hitting like he was a couple seasons ago.

Team Best Pitcher: Esteban Fernandez Fernandez is the only starting pitcher that has given his team the best chance to win on a consistence basis.

Team Report: It look liked the Xpress was going to have there break out season this year but the team just got of to the worst start any team could start the season with. The pitching staff just couldn’t stop anyone from scoring on them but during the second half of the season the pitching staff has really pitched well and so has the win total for the team. Could this season just be a hiccup for the great things in the future for this team?

Coach hot seat ranking: Yellow

Houston Hitmen – szckrenyi
Team records
ML: 98-50 (Division Leader)
AAA: 85-59 (Division Winner)
AA: 56-88
HiA: 71-73
LowA: 70-74
Rookie: 44-32 (Division Winner)


ML team: A They have made the playoffs once again and it’s only a matter of time before the National League South is there’s as well once again.

Minors: C The Triple-A and Rookie teams won there division well the rest had less then .500 seasons but they weren’t as bad as some other teams in the league.


Player acquisitions: None

Team MVP: Todd Kirk Kirk is having the break out season that the Hitmen where looking for from him.

Team Best Pitcher: Magglio Salinas Salinas has really made himself into one of the best closers in the game.

Team Report: It’s simple for the Hitmen, play young cheap players and still win a majority of your games and they have done this once again. The goal of 100 victories looks like that is in the bag. Prove that there young players could play no matter what there age is, also check that off. Establish yourself as one of the perennial contenders, well I think Houston can also check that one off, as this team will be around the top of the American League for a long time to come.

Coach hot seat ranking: Blue

Cincinnati Highlanders – yanksrule
Team records
ML: 81-67 (Division Race)
AAA: 90-54 (Division Winner)
AA: 85-59 (Division Winner)
HiA: 97-47 (Division Winner)
LowA: 87-57 (Division Winner)
Rookie: 51-25 (Division Winner)


ML team: A- Wildcard race is tight but the team really has there eyes set on the American League East crown even more.

Minors: A+ Every team has won there division which can’t be said for any other team in the league this season.


Player acquisitions: Kennie Sexson Sexson signed a 1 year contract for the Highlanders. Sexson as struggled a little at the plate but his defense has been solid once again.
William Adcock Adcock signed a 3 year contract for the Highlanders. It hasn’t always been pretty for Adcock this season but he has found a way to win, which is all you can ask from your starter.
Donte Cashman Cashman signed a two year contract for the Highlanders. Cashman hasn’t hit for the power that the team was expecting but he has still been solid this season.

Team MVP: Matt Reagan Reagan as now had three straight seasons of 40 homeruns and 100 RBI’s, so I think it’s save to say Reagan is one of the best hitters in the game.

Team Best Pitcher: Donne McClellan After waiting several seasons for McClellan to establish himself as a reliable closer, the Highlanders finally got there wish this season.

Team Report: Well the main goal for this team was to make the playoffs and it looks like that goal will be accomplished as they are seating in the driver seat in the wildcard chase. If the team continues to play the way they have lately they could take the American League East away from the Brave Vawts for the first time since season one.

Coach hot seat ranking: Blue

Scranton Beet Farmer’s – aaron
Team records
ML: 70-78
AAA: 77-67
AA: 87-57 (Division Winner)
HiA: 75-69
LowA: 66-78
Rookie: 46-30 (Wildcard Team)


ML team: C+ The Beet Farmers has struggled all season to get to the .500 mark but I think they will fall just short this season.

Minors: B- Most of the teams where in a position to contend for a playoff spot with the Double-A team winning there division


Player acquisitions: None

Team MVP: Adam Thomas Thomas is doing something any team would love to have, he just gets on base, with over 100 walks he is really doing his job.

Team Best Pitcher: Steve McIntyre McIntyre has really bounced back after having his elbow problems fixed from last season.

Team Report: The Beet Farmer’s really though they had a good chance of winning the division and making the playoffs this season but it looks like those chances are falling to the way side as the season is coming to a close. I don’t think this season is a total lose for the Farmer’s as they could have one of there best season as a franchise and as really found some players that can stick around with the team for a while.

Coach hot seat ranking: Green

Chicago Blackhawks – mrtheedge
Team records
ML: 83-65 (Wildcard Chase)
AAA: 38-106
AA: 36-108
HiA: 81-63
LowA: 86-58
Rookie: 24-52


ML team: B+ They have been fighting for the final wildcard spot for most of the year and it doesn’t look like it will be resolved until the last game for the Blackhawks.

Minors: C- The upper minor teams where just awful this season as the team looks to have most of there talent in the HiA and LowA teams this season as they where the only ones with winning records.


Player acquisitions: Gene Guerrero Guerrero signed a two year contract for the Blackhawks. Guerrero is finally producing the numbers to the talent he has as a pitcher.
Tony Armas Armas signed a three year contract for the Blackhawks. Armas is still hitting like always and a little pop has come back to his bat this season.

Team MVP: Nick Ball Ball is the big power bat in the lineup and the big run producer as well.

Team Best Pitcher: Norman Jordan I think it’s time to put Jordan in as one of the top closers in the National League after another solid season from him.

Team Report: The Blackhawks look like the best team in the National League North at the beginning of the season and early in the season they where sitting at the top. The team has stumbled a little since the All-star game but they are still in a great position to win the Wildcard spot with a really good last week to the season.

Coach hot seat ranking: Blue

St. Louis Cornerstone – kk73
Team records
ML: 83-65 (Division Leader)
AAA: 90-54 (Division Winner)
AA: 93-51 (Wildcard Team)
HiA: 116-28 (Division Winner)
LowA: 105-39 (Division Winner)
Rookie: 62-14 (Division Winner)


ML team: B+ Another division title looks likes it’s in each for the Cornerstone this season and with there improved offensive could be a dangerous team in the playoffs.

Minors: A+ Every team has made the playoffs with the Double-A team being the only team without a division crown to go with it.


Player acquisitions: None

Team MVP: Carlos Alvarez Alvarez is having the greatest season of his young career this year.

Team Best Pitcher: Ed Jefferson I don’t even know why teams even try to play the ninth inning when the Cornerstone have the lead, every one knows Jefferson will be on the mound during that time.

Team report: Well the main goal of the team to win every division from the major league team to the rookie team came really close as only one minor league team couldn’t hold up there part. This team has always been about pitching and defense but the offensive has really come into play this season and could be the reason for the teams first post season series win once they make the playoffs.

Coach hot seat ranking: Blue

Jackson Blazers – bodean
Team records
ML: 87-61 (Wildcard Chase)
AAA: 76-68
AA: 44-100
HiA: 41-103
LowA: 84-60
Rookie: 33-43


ML team: A- Looks like another wildcard berth for the Blazers this season but could be one of the most dangerous teams in the playoffs once again.

Minors: D+ The Triple-A and LowA team where the only team with winning records with the Double-A and HiA team each getting over 100 losses this season.


Player acquisitions: None

Team MVP: Tim Perry Once the Blazers provide some protection in the lineup for Perry, he goes and has his best season this year.

Team Best Pitcher: Greg Flanagan Flanagan last season didn’t get any run support and this season he has and the wins just keep coming for him.

Team report: The Blazers start every season with one goal and that is to win the World Series and with the offensive improved this season they could really challenge for it this season. I don’t know how being one of the top three teams in the National League but not winning your division will play on the minds of the players, if it will make them more focused during the playoffs or more lacked.

Coach hot seat ranking: Blue

Boise Hurricanes – movet22
Team records
ML: 55-93
AAA: 47-97
AA: 18-126
HiA: 3-141
LowA: 26-118
Rookie: 22-54


ML team: D Nothing was really expected from the team this season as they are rebuilding.

Minors: F This had to be one of the worst minor league teams to play in the league in a long time.


Player acquisitions: None

Team MVP: Wes Withem If Withem was playing for a winning team, he could be in the running for MVP this season.

Team Best Pitcher: Rico Martin Martin could be a future closer for the team after this season performance.

Team report: The rebuilding project for the Hurricanes is still under way but with the way that the minor leagues played this year it could be a long while before the fans of Boise see a winning team in the park. Withem is star that is just about to really shine and could be the foundation that this team could build around but how long will he want to play for a team that’s not winning?

Coach hot seat ranking: Red