Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Week 3 Power Rankings

The third week of power rankings saw some big jumps and falls this week. The Chupacabras and the Beet Farmer's had the biggest jumps of ten while the Crawdaddies saw the biggest drop of 13 spots. The Express final see there way out of the 32nd spot this week. Two new teams entered into the top ten this week the BlaZers and Pioneers while Highlanders and Crawdaddies fell out of the top ten. The National League South is the hardest division to play in so far going 114-82 against teams outside there division with the Gullah's having the only losing record against teams outside there division (20-29). The National League West is the weakest division to play in going 82-114 against teams outside there division with the Pioneers having the only winning record against teams outside the division (27-22). The Blazers had the best week out of any team going 13-3 while the Crawdaddies had the worst week going 3-13. The American League is the hardest league to play in so far this season.

1. Monterrey Stars (42-17) (Previous Week – 1)
The Stars went 10-6 during the week and remained in the top spot for the third straight week. The Stars now have every starter with 10 or more homeruns already this season and the lowest average for a starter is .270. That’s a big reason why the Stars have the best offensive in the league.

2. Houston Hitmen (42-17) (Previous Week – 2)
The Hitmen went 11-5 during the week but it wasn’t enough to move them into the number one spot this week. I like the philosophy of the Hitmen so far this season, play very well at home (25-5 record) and let your two big starters carry the load (33% of the teams victories have come from Cliff Sheets and Mac Nakamura).

3. Atlanta Brave Vawts (36-23) (Previous Week – 5)
The Brave Vawts went 10-6 during the week and move up two more spots. The Brave Vawts already have 3 starters with more then 5 victories and will probably have all five starters getting more then 10 victories this season. The Brave Vawts are also one of the two teams with a top ten ranking in pitching (4th), hitting (8th) and fielding (1st).

4. Jackson BlaZers (36-23) (Previous Week – 11)
The BlaZers went 13-3 during the week to have the best record during the week which allowed them to jump up seven spots this week for a big jump in the rankings this week. The starters for the Blazers average 6.5 innings per start which is a big reason for the starters going 25-17 so far.

5. Kansas City Bobcats (35-24) (Previous Week – 6)
The Bobcats went 10-6 during the week and moved up one spot this week. The Bobcats have scored the second most runs in the league with 425 with 8 players scoring more then 30 runs so far this season.

6. Anaheim Beefpound (33-26) (Previous Week – 7)
The Beefpound went 10-6 during the week and moved up one spot this week. The Beefpound is one of the most constant team in the league as they are one of the two teams that have a top ten ranking in pitching (9th), hitting (6th) and fielding (3rd).

7. New Britain Fisher Cats (32-27) (Previous Week – 10)
The Fisher Cats went 10-6 during the week and moving up three spots this week. The Fisher Cats right now are very happy that Raymond Pavlov is pitching for them as he is already 9-1 and is back into his Cy Young form he was a couple seasons ago.

8. Milwaukee Bucks (36-23) (Previous Week – 4)
The Bucks went 8-8 during the week and that was a big reason for the team dropping four spots this week. The season has been very up and down so far for the Bucks going 13-8 versus the top five teams in the National League (including 5-2 against Monterrey Stars) while going 11-8 versus the bottom five teams.

9. Louisville Grumbling Groundhogs (33-26) (Previous Week – 9)
The Grumbling Groundhogs went 9-7 during the week and stayed in the ninth spot for the second straight week. Louisville is finding out exactly how hard the National League South is this season as there already seven games over .500 but nine games behind the divisional leader already as well.

10. Tacoma Pioneers (34-25) (Previous Week – 15)
The Pioneers went 10-6 during the week which really helped them move up five spots this week. The Pioneers are all about pitching this season as the have the best pitching staff in the league but they also have the second worst offensive in the league as well, which would explain them going 4-14 when they allow more then 5 runs and 15-3 when they score more then 5 runs while going 15-8 when both teams score less then 5 runs.

11. Chicago Blackhawks (34-25) (Previous Week – 12)

12. Tucson Chupacabras (31-28) (Previous Week - 22)

13. Columbus Pride (30-29) (Previous Week – 14)

14. Cincinnati Highlanders (33-26) (Previous Week – 8)

15. Minnesota Milfoils (27-32) (Previous Week – 24)

16. Ottawa Crawdaddies (32-27) (Previous Week – 3)

17. Pittsburgh Pirates (28-31) (Previous Week – 19)

18. Scranton Beet Farmer's (27-32) (Previous Week – 28)

19. Arizona Sting (30-29) (Previous Week – 20)

20. Portland Landports (30-29) (Previous Week – 21)

21. Colorado Rockies (27-32) (Previous Week – 16)

22. St. Louis Cornerstone (31-28) (Previous Week – 13)

23. New York Fighting Molars (27-32) (Previous Week – 25)

24. Durham Bulls (25-34) (Previous Week – 18)

25. Toledo Boltz (31-28) (Previous Week – 17)

26. Boise Hurricanes (21-38) (Previous Week – 29)

27. Charleston Gullah's (23-36) (Previous Week – 23)

28. Boston Braves (23-36) (Previous Week – 26)

29. Jacksonville RAIDERS (23-36) (Previous Week – 27)

30. Cheyenne Xpress (19-40) (Previous Week – 32)

31. Philadelphia HeadHunters (17-42) (Previous Week – 30)

32. Salem Gangstas (16-43) (Previous Week – 31)