Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

National League North Draft

New Britain Fisher Cats
The Fisher Cats selected catcher basemen Ben Scalicias as there first pick. Scalicias is one of the best pure in the draft this season, as he will produce some huge offensive number once he makes it to the majors. Peterson is going to be a DH no matter what level he plays at. The only question about Scalicias is that he can really only play in the American League if he wants to make it to the majors. Ranking A+
The Fisher Cats also selected shortstop Emmett Rasmussenin the fourth round. Rasmussenin has great defense abilities that could help him make it to the majors some day. Rasmussenin is the 12th best shortstop in the draft and the 7th best defense shortstop in the draft. The only question about Rasmussenin is that he really needs some help at the plate. Ranking B+
The Fisher Cats got three solid picks during the first five rounds, with the pitching selections lacking a little bit. Ranking A-

Milwaukee Bucks
The Bucks selected second basemen Neil Wilson as there fourth round pick. Wilson as got a decent bat and glove but his main attraction is his speed and his ability to get on base. Wilson is the 7th best second base in the draft this season. The only question about Wilson is that he is probably better suited in the outfield then second base. Ranking B+
The Bucks also selected second basemen Glenallen Davis in the third round. Davis is just a solid prospect with good contact and a little pop in his bat. Davis is the 12th best second basemen in the draft this season. The question about Davis is just like Wilson is that he might be better suited for the outfield. Ranking C+
The Bucks went after pitching there first couple rounds but found there best prospects during the next two. Ranking B-

Philadelphia HeadHunters
(Subject to change once a new owner comes in and signs there draft picks) Ranking F

Chicago Blackhawks
The Blackhawks selected pitcher Vic Michaels in the first round. Michaels has got great control over the few pitches that he throws and will make batters look silly with the junk that he throws. Michaels is the 17th best pitcher in the draft and could really be one the best set-up men in this draft. The question about Michaels is that he doesn’t really throw had enough to be a closer or have enough pitches to be an effective starter. Ranking C+ (Unsigned)
The Blackhawks also selected pitcher Elmer Dessens in the fifth round. Dessens has great control and some heat to go with it. Dessens is the 79th best pitcher in the draft this season. The question about Dessens is that he really gets down on himself if things don’t go his way and then his performance really starts break down. Ranking D-
The Blackhawks only had four picks during the first five rounds and they went after pitching which might have been a mistake as pitching was really weak this season. Ranking D+