Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Welcome to the fourth edition of the USMLB Weekly as there have been a lot of things going on with the league for the last week. Trades are still going strong with really no site of slowing down, the playoff pictures are beginning to form and teams are beginning decided if they need help for the playoff push.

Useless information:
Erik West at his current pace of a homerun every 8.8 at bats will need only 273 more at bats to break the single season homerun record and will need 277 at bats to break the RBI record at his current pace of an RBI every 3.18 at bats.

Michael Long at his current pace of 1.02 stolen bases a game will steal another 70 bases if you play’s the remainder of the season and finish with 165 stolen bases.

Khoury Glass at his current pace that he’s getting hits will only need 45 more games to break the single season hit record and there is still a chance that he can break the run record if he can keep his pace of 1.1 runs per game and he will get 173 runs scored if he can keep that pace for the rest of the season and play every game.

Earl Williams will get 160 walks breaking the record of 130 walks for a single season if you can keep his pace a 1 walk per game.

Luis Johnson will need 70 more hits to break the doubles record of 58 as his pace is a double every 3.16 hit.

Delino Maduro has a chance of getting 22 wins at his current pace of winning his games pitched.

Roger Newfield at his current pace can finish the season with 57 saves.

William Woo will need 15 more games states at his current pace of 7.26 innings per game to barely break in Innings Pitched in a season record as he would finish with 256.1 innings pitched.

Jim Boyd will probably only need 7 more starts to have 21 loses have the most loses in a season.

If Tito Stone makes 16 more starts he will more then likely have the most walks in a season with 206 walks breaking the record of 204.

If Peter Baek makes 16 more starts he will more then likely have the most strikeouts in a season with 228 strikeouts breaking the record of 224.

The poll question for the week is going by from what I remember on Sunday before it got messed up. 100% thought the Texas Talley Whackers, Anahiem Beefpound and Atlanta Brave Vawts would make it to the playoffs for the American League. 90% thought that the New York Highlanders would make it. 60% thought the Ottawa Crawdaddies would make it. Madison Lasers and the Kansas City Dirt Bags came under 50% to make the last spot a tight contest.

Vawt BS Ranking: #1 league source in power rankings.
1. Atlanta Brave Vawts
2. Colorado Sky Sox
3. Texas Talley Whackers
4. Detroit Demolition
5. New York Highlanders

Its divisional rivalry week this week as most of the teams will be playing there divisional foes the rest of the week. Should be interesting to see if any teams can make a move on the leaders.


aa12on will be provided a report on the trades so far this year so I won’t be doing any detail information on the trades as I’m looking forward to what aa12on has to say about the trades.

Chicago Legionaires traded Reggie Wise to the Toledo Tornados for Eduardo Rivera.

Toledo Tornados traded Ross Chase, Eddie Henderson, Javier Diaz and 5.0m in cash to the Tucson Xpress for Greg Tyner and Bob Ulrich.

Toledo Tornados traded Josh Romano and 100k in cash to the Tucson Xpress for Edgar Cabeza.

Toledo Tornados traded Peter Holmes to the Chicago Legionaires for Felix Davenport.

Detroit Demolition traded Carlos Rosado, Bill Harrelson and Diego Feliz to the Madison Lasers for Willie Blalock.

Colorado Sky Sox traded Socks Floyd, Robert Price and Rollie Russell to the Toledo Tornados for Sidney Gordon.

Tacoma Pioneers traded Julian Lampkin, Victor Mota and Kory Gil to the San Diego Friar Power for Mac Nakamura.

Richmond Wrecking Crew traded Matt Corey to the Detroit Demolition for Mitch Epstein, Odell Davis and Steve Green.

Cleveland Barons traded Harold Thomson to the Toledo Tornados for Trent O'Connor and 200k in cash.

San Antonio Stars traded Josh Bunning to the Richmond Wrecking Crew for Mitch Epstein.

Chicago Legionaires traded Hideo Uchida and Max Osuna to the Toledo Tornados for Doug Hobbes.

Chicago Legionaires traded Domingo Estrella and Russ Benson to the Detroit Demolition for Rex Ross.

Toledo Tornados traded Che Yamamoto to the Colorado Sky Sox for Rickey Mitchell.

Cleveland Barons traded Heath Thomas to the Richmond Wrecking Crew for Alex Roque and Hal Brown.

Will’s Opinion:
The expectations in Tacoma to make the playoffs are fading and fading fast as the team just can’t get on track. The hitting as gotten a little better but the pitching staff as been falling apart struggling when the team needed them to step up the most. With as bad as my offensive is doing this season to have the pitching start to struggle can only mean one thing that it’s going to be a long second half of the season.
Now I’m working on the draft grades it just taking a little longer then I thought but they will be posted per team when I get them done in the minor league report blog in which I will add the link to the regular blog in a little bit. I also need help on picking the beet farmers logo as I just can’t find anything that is even close to being a beet farmer or a farmer for that matter. I’m still working on making the blog better and adding things that will have more information about are league and teams. At the end of the year I will be adding spreadsheets links on the stats of this season so that we don’t lose that information since WIS seems to get rid of previous year’s stats when the world turns over. If you have any suggestions on what you might like to see on the blog or what you don’t like please let me know as I would like to improve so that everyone will enjoy it. Also I’m just thinking about this and it may or may not happen but I was thinking that instead of having a blog for are league that I might set up are own website to make this league even more unique league, it would be called USMLBWORLD as this is just something that I’m thinking about. Thank you all for beginning apart of this the league and I hope that all of you stay for many more years to come.