Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Third Basemen

(Seasons 1-10)
Career: .305 Batting Average, 1982 Hits, 405 Home Runs, 1307 RBI.
A feared left-handed slugger, Ball leads the league in career hits and doubles. A 7 time All-Star, 1 MVP award and 2 Silver Slugger sit on his mantle.

(Seasons 1-10)
Career: .290 Batting Average, 1766 Hits, 489 Home Runs, 1226 RBI.
Although Henry had a powerful arm and good range, hitting has always been his game. Henry has 10 straight seasons of 30 or more homeruns, including six of those seasons over 50 homeruns. Henry has been to 6 All-Stars, won 1 MVP award, 6 Silver Slugger awards, a Home Run Derby Champ and 4 World Series Rings.

(Seasons 1-10)
Career: .286 Batting Average, 1473 Hits, 213 Home Runs, 750 RBI.
Known as the ‘Dirt Devil,' Diaz has a .978 fielding percentage at 3B with only 44 errors in 10 seasons. He also has 4 Gold Gloves and 1 All-Star apperance.


(Seasons 1-10)
Career: .299 Batting Average, 1664 Hits, 235 Home Runs, 912 RBI.
Lui has methodically put together a remarkable career, notching 1091 runs, 421 stolen bases, 5 All-Star appearances, and 4 Silver Slugger Awards. His solid, steady play earned him the respect from his teammates and fans.

(Seasons 1-10)
Career: .281 Batting Average, 1416 Hits, 289 Home Runs, 841 RBI.
Barkley loves collecting World Series Rings as he is working on his seventh ring. He is five-time All Star, and All-Star MVP.

(Seasons 1-10)
Career: .275 Batting Average, 1452 Hits, 252 Home Runs, 887 RBI.
Lincoln will never be confused for a defensive shortstop but his offensive numbers have been so great it’s hard to keep him off the list. Lincoln has earned 1 All-Star appearance.

Second Basemen

(Seasons 1-10)
Career: .312 Batting Average, 1732 Hits, 171 Home Runs, 886 RBI.
Rooney is easily one of the top five best hitting second baseman of all time, hitting over .300 6 times. Rooney really lacked the defensive skills to truly become a superstar in this league, which has resulted in a move to left field. Rooney is a 3 time All-Star.

(Seasons 1-10)
Career: .285 Batting Average, 1686 Hits, 303 Home Runs, 906 RBI.
Turner is one of the greatest offensive second basemen but is probably the worst defensive player in the running for the All-Decade team. He has had 10 straight 20 homeruns seasons and has scored 100 or more runs four times. Turner is a 2 time All-Star, 3 time Silver Slugger and has 5 World Series rings.

(Seasons 1-10)
Career: .279 Batting Average, 1494 Hits, 240 Home Runs, 914 RBI.
Montanez is nicknamed 'Mr. Mechanical' because of his extreme consistency and the lack of excitement he brings to his game. He only managed .300 average twice, but has slammed almost 300 doubles. He hit over 20 homeruns 8 times. Montanez was a great fielder in addition to being an amazingly consistent hitter. Montanez has been to the All-Star game 3 times and has 1 Silver Slugger award.

First Basemen

(Seasons 1-10)
Career: .317 Batting Average, 1823 Hits, 305 Home Runs, 1022 RBI.
Through ten seasons of his young career, Boone has one of the best first basemen in the league. Boone what have the power numbers as the other players on the list but with his great numbers and Golden Glove at first is almost impossible to keep him off the list. He’s a 7 time All-Star, 5 time Silver Slugger and has received the Gold Glove award 2 times.

(Seasons 1-9)
Career: .325 Batting Average, 1608 Hits, 432 Home Runs, 1154 RBI.
Nunez hit over .300 8 of his 9 full years, more than 40 homers 7 years, and put up an ops higher than 1.000 7 times. Nunez was a quiet man, but winning the MVP in the first three years in the league he will always be known as ‘MVP Nunez’. To go along with his 3 MVP awards, he was an All-Star 4 times and a Silver Slugger 4 times.

(Seasons 1-10)
Career: .289 Batting Average, 1387 Hits, 397 Home Runs, 1036 RBI.
Please raise you hand if anyone has heard of Tony Alvarez? Alvarez has hit more than 40 homers 7 times, better than .290 4 times, and hit more than 90 runs in 9 times. I hope everyone will look at Alvarez more often because I think where all missing something special. Alvarez has only been to the All-Star game twice which is a crime to me.


(Seasons 1-10)
Career: .312 Batting Average, 1951 Hits, 490 Home Runs, 1380 RBI.
West is regarded as the greatest hitting catcher of all time in the USMLB. West is not known for his defensive, as he usually let’s opponents steal off him at a high rate in every season. He has been invited to the All-Star game 6 times, has won 2 MVP awards, 7 Silver Slugger awards and 1 Gold Glove. West is a sure lock for the Hall of Fame when it’s his time.

(Seasons 1-10)
Career: .319 Batting Average, 1728 Hits, 408 Home Runs, 1206 RBI.
Williams is an underrated catcher as several catchers seem to overshadow him. Williams is lethal hitter but probably one of the weakness arms in the league with barely over 20% throwing out would be base stealers. Williams is a 7 time All-Star, winning two MVP’s for the All-Star game and 5 Silver Slugger awards.

(Seasons 1-10)
Career: .331 Batting Average, 1190 Hits, 257 Home Runs, 917 RBI.
"The Monster" is a wizard behind the dish. He has really been overshadowed by Erik West, but if Pena’s knees weren’t so bad, he would rank top three in every statistical category in this league. Pena is a 6 time All-Star and has won 1 Silver Slugger, to go with his 2 World Series rings.

Designated Hitter

(Seasons 1-10)
Career: .360 Batting Average, 1912 Hits, 294 Home Runs, 1035 RBI.
Higginson is beginning the twilight of his career but after another great season it doesn’t look like he’s got the memo. With out a doubt he will go done as one of the greatest hitters in the USMLB and once he retires his career batting average and on-base percentage may never be broken.