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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Monterrey Stars

Monterrey Stars

The Unbeatable

The Stars just won there fourth World Series victory in the last five season. This team is truely a dynasty. The Stars will once again be in the running to win the World Series but I really think the rest has really caught up with him talent wise. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to your Season 9 Monterrey Stars:


1. LF Vin Cordero (29 years old) - Cordero is not your typical lead-off hitter as he will probably hit around 40 homeruns once again this season. Last year Cordero stole more bases for the Stars then anyone one has in years with 17. Cordero last season hit .293/.340/.549.

2. C Cookie Pena (32 years old) - Pena came over from Atlanta last season and the switch to the National League didn't slow him down at all. The only thing that has held Pena down has been his stamina has going beyond 100 games a season is a stretch. Pena numbers from last season where .341/.411/.627.

3. 1B Mike Bonds (26 years old) - After his MVP preformance, Bonds followed up with one of the best seasons just not another MVP season. Bonds had his fourth straight year of 60 or more homeruns even though he had the fewest homeruns since his rookie year. Last year Bonds went .306/.391/.642.

4. RF P.T Valdes (23 years old) - The Tijuana Crusher P.T Valdes crushed 37 homeruns in just 259 at bats. Would have probably won Rookie of the Year if he had played a whole season. Hague hit .328/.392/.826.

5. 3B Frank Surtain (29 years old) - Surtain was really struggling in Atlanta last season but once he came to Monterrey he really started like he did a couple seasons ago. Surtain should put up a nice season in his first full in Monterrey. Last year Surtain hit .249/.311/.448.

6. SS Clem Barkley (29 years old) - Barkley had a really off year last season hitting his lowest average since season 5 and his lowest runs scored since season 4. Look for Barkley to have nice bounce back this season and come close to career highs. Barkley hit .267/.346/.485.

7. CF Rondell Lowe (27 years old) - There is probably nothing that puts more fear into a pitcher then having to face Lowe in the seventh spot in the order. Lowe hit over 50 homeruns for the third straight season but saw is batting drop to a career low. At 27 Lowe is hitting is peak, so the rest of the league should watch out. Lowe hit .250/.316/.594.

8. 2B Brain Turner (32 years old)- The homeruns hitting machine of the Stars don't even take a break in the eigth hole. Turner in any another lineup would be a number four or fifth hitter but for the Stars he's just another power hitter. Turner last season hit .264/.350/.494.

Players coming off the bench will be veteran, spot-starter Cy Ryan (33 years old), backup catcher Brooks Surtain (26 years old) and pitch-hitter Stone Taylor (22 years old).


SP1- Wilson Fisher (31 years old) - Fisher won 23 games for the second straight season but something just really seemed off with Fisher last season. His 84 earned runs and 28 homeruns was the first since season 4. Fisher during the off-season really reditacted himself into becoming the best pitcher in the league once again this season.

SP2- Wilt McGee (33 years old) - At the age of 32 years old, McGee set a career high in wins last season. Since he was traded to Monterrey in season 6, McGee has gone 37-15 and if he can stay on that track he could approach 200 victories for his career.

SP3- Gil Henson (37 years old) - Henson just keeps pitching well evening has his age is getting up there. Henson had a 3.21 ERA last season dropping his career ERA below 4 for the first time. Henson will once again get about 15 wins this season based on his ability to pitch as his abilities are beginning to slip a little.

SP4- Tommie Relaford (31 years old) - After spending eigth seasons in the Pioneers system, Relaford was trading to the Stars last into season last year. In his seven starts Relaford pitched really well even though he went 4-2 for the team. Look to Relaford to have a career year has he will finally have an offense to provide runs and wins for him.

SP5- Tom Smith (23 years old) - The Rookie of the Year had one of the finest season any rookie could ever have. Smith went 21-2 in his 29 starts and if he could repeat this preformance this season, he could see a Cy Young award hanging next to the Rookie of the Year award.

Closer- Donnie Washington (28 years old) - Believe it or not but Washington only had 25 saves last season. The reason for this is that the Stars are in so few close games that it's rare for any closer on the team to pile up the saves.