Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Welcome to the fifth edition of the USMLB Weekly as there have been a lot of things going on with the league for the last week. The trade deadline has gone with very little activity at the end and the playoff pictures are looking more and more formed down the stretch.

Useless information:

Luis Nunez will need 194 more at bats to break his own homerun record of 73 homeruns in a season. At Nunez current pace of .738 slugging percentage will fall well short of his own record of .793 slugging percentage.

Michael Long has a good chance of having 162 stolen bases by the end of the season.

Khoury Glass at his current pace that he’s getting hits will only need 161 more at bats to break Darren Higginson hits record of 225 hits in a season. At Glass’s current pace of 4.73 at bats per game, Glass will finish the season with 752 at bats breaking Tony Roberts record of 686. At Glass’s current pace of a 1.14 runs per game he will finish the season with 182 runs scored breaking the record of 172 held be Ed Houston.

If Tony Armas plays every game the rest of the season he will need to hit .416 to break Darren Higginson record of .384 batting average in a single season.

Earl Williams at his current pace will break the record of Darren Higgenson .487 on base percentage with his .496 on base percentage. Williams could end the season with 149 walks breaking the record of 130 held by Freddie Adcock.

Luis Johnson will need 58 more hits to break the doubles record of 58 held by Freddie Adcock.

Erik West at his current pace of 1.18 RBI’s per game will finish the season with 192 RBI’s falling short of the record held by Ed Houston at 207 RBI’s.

Raymond Pavlov at his current pace will finish the season with 20 wins falling just short of the record of 21 held by Louis Kolb but if he can make three extra starts he could possible break the record.

Tracy Bowie at his current pace will finish the season with 20 wins falling just short of the record of 21 held by Louis Kolb but if he can make three extra starts he could possible break the record.

Roger Newfield at his current pace can finish the season with 57 saves breaking the record of 49 which is held by Christopher Newhan and Ed Jefferson.

Bey Dillion at his current pace of 7.66 innings per start will finish the season with 254.2 innings pitch will barley missing the record of 255 held by Ned Frazier but if he can make an extra start along the way he will break the record. Also if Bey Dillion can pitch 13 more games and all be quality start he will break his own record of 30 quality starts with 31 this season.

Jim Boyd will probably only need 4 more starts to have 21 loses breaking the record of 20 loses held by Willie Hernandez.

Tito Stone current pace of 5.52 walks per game will allow him to finish the season at 182 walks well short of the record of 204 held by Ray Jones.

Peter Baek will need to improve his pace of 6.25 strikeouts per game as he will probably finish the season with 213 strikeouts short of the record of 224 held by Wilson Fisher.

Raymond Pavlov current ERA of 2.48 is well behind the record of 1.91 held by Bey Dillon.

Vladimir Gonzalez at his current pace will end up with 92 game pitched falling short of the record of 107 held by Charlie Hill.

Buzz Jones will need to improve of his 8.88 strikeouts per 9 innings to break the record of 9.28 strikeouts per 9 innings held by Gil Lefebvre.

Mark Barkett has a WHIP of 1.02 which if he can hold it there will break the record of 1.04 held by Jim Buckley.

Vawt BS Ranking: #1 league source in power rankings.
1. Atlanta Brave Vawts
2. Colorado Sky Sox
3. Texas Talley Whackers
4. Detroit Demolition
5. New York Highlanders

Colorado Sky Sox and the Detroit Demolition have two big series this week with four games in Detroit and three more in Colorado. The Atlanta Brave Vawts have a tough week going to Anaheim for three games to play the Beefpound and then welcoming the Texas Talley Whackers later in the week. Not only is the Texas Talley Whackers traveling to Atlanta for three but are welcoming the New York Highlanders for four games. The New York Highlanders are also welcoming the Anaheim Beefpound into New York for a three game series at the end of the week.


aa12on will be provided a report on the trades so far this year so I won’t be doing any detail information on the trades as I’m looking forward to what aa12on has to say about the trades.

Santa Fe Sidewinders traded John Cho to the Fargo Woodchippers for Walt Cortes.

Chicago Legionaires traded Denny Pavano to the Colorado Sky Sox for Josh.

Santa Fe Sidewinders traded Lance Leius and Todd Roth to the San Diego Friar Power for Mike Vaughn.

Tacoma Pioneers traded Cy Ryan and 1.6mil in cash to the New York Highlanders for Amos Clapp and Wayne Fingers.

Will’s Opinion:
Well the end of the season is approaching quickly even though my major league team has a little shot of making the playoffs this season but with the window closing quickly if will probably not happen. But I’m still very proud of my team because I still have every minor league team in the hunt of making there leagues playoffs which I might miss out on a couple but I still think that it’s a great accomplishment for the team. It’s great to know that the future of the team is going strong and we can only improve as a team with the young players coming up from the minors in the next couple of years. I hope that everyone participates in picking the coach of the year which will add a lot of creditability to this league making even more of a hot league to join when this season is over. I’m still looking for ideas about the logo for the beet farmer’s logo as I just can’t find anything that is even close to being a beet farmer or a farmer for that matter. I’m still working on making the blog better and adding things that will have more information about are league and teams. At the end of the year I will be adding spreadsheets links on the stats of this season so that we don’t lose that information since WIS seems to get rid of previous year’s stats when the world turns over. If you have any suggestions on what you might like to see on the blog or what you don’t like please let me know as I would like to improve so that everyone will enjoy it.