Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Manager of the Year Season 6 Results

The Season 6 Manager of the Year award goes to waydogg5 and the
Milwaukee Bucks The Bucks really had a great season with a 10 game improvement over last year, winning the National League for the first time in team history. The team will also be making there first World Series apperance as well.

"I am very proud to receive the first ever Manager of the Year Award in USMLB. Thank you very much to everyone who voted for me. I am both excited and proud of what my team has accomplished this season. My goal for this franchise has always been simple: improve upon the successes of last season. I definitely believe my squad has done a remarkable job of doing just that. This season has been an incredible ride and I am very honored to be recognized for the award. Thanks again everyone." waydogg5 said about recieving the award.

Second Place: sharkyaz Toledo Boltz

"Honestly, all I was trying to do was build for the future. I saw that there were bad records, but never did I imagine that it would turn around this way. To take the team I had and make it work, I think I deserve it." sharkyaz said about his teams preformance this season.

Third Place: szckrenyi Houston Hitmen
"Very pleased with the season. Looking forward to see what this team is capable of over the next 3 years as it fully matures." szckrenyi said about his teams performance this season.

Fourth Place: kk73 St. Louis Cornerstone
"The season was a little disappointing, but expected. We're 2-3 years from realistically competing." kk73 said about his teams performance this season.

Fifth Place: gerld Tucson Chupacabras