Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Saturday, May 30, 2009



Houston, TX: The defending champion Houston Hitmen announced today that pitcher Cliff Sheets was named pitcher of the week for week 1 of the USMLB season.

In five starts, Sheets went 5-0 with a 3.00 ERA. He struck out 42 batters and walked 14 batters while holding opposing batters to a .261 batting average.

"Sheets continues his dominance in the league," first year bench coach Cleatus Hill remarked. "He's been the staff ace of this team since the beginning, and we're sure he will continue to be consistent as he has proven to do season after season."

Sheets is going for his third consecutive 20-win season after posting 21-3 and 21-9 records in the past two seasons. His ERA continues to go down as he progresses in his young career and will only continue to get better. Sheets is at the prime of his career.

The Hitmen will take on the San Diego Mafia (10-9) in a four-game set starting tonight before hosting the Post Doctoral Fellows (10-10).



Minneapolis, MN: The Minnesota Milfoils announced today that designated hitter Darren Higginson was named the USMLB player of the week for the opening week of the season.

Higginson batted .492 in the week and hit six home runs while driving in 17 runs. Higginson leads the Milfoils in all major offensive categories including home runs (6), runs (17), doubles (9), RBI (17), and average (.474).

"There's no doubt that Higgy has been our best player in the first week," Milfiols coach Harry Silva said. "Now we just need the rest of the team to up their game. There are still plenty of games left in the season."

The Milfoils went 8-11 in the first week with three of their wins coming from their sweep against the Durhma Bulls in their last three games. Minnesota will leave Minneapolis and head to Atlanta to take on the 14-5 Brave Vawts.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Week 1 Power Rankings

1. Houston Hitmen (13-3) (Previous Week – N/A)

2. Los Angeles Galaxy (13-3) (Previous Week – N/A)

3. Atlanta Brave Vawts (12-4) (Previous Week – N/A)

4. Milwaukee Bucks (11-5) (Previous Week – N/A)

5. Monterrey Stars (12-5) (Previous Week – N/A)

6. Arizona Sting (12-5) (Previous Week – N/A)

7. New Britain Fisher Cats (11-6) (Previous Week – N/A)

8. Toledo Mud Hens (11-5) (Previous Week – N/A)

9. St. Louis Cornerstone (10-7) (Previous Week – N/A)

10. Cincinnati Highlanders (9-7) (Previous Week – N/A)

11. Ottawa Crawdaddies (9-8) (Previous Week – N/A)

12. Kansas City Bobcats (9-7) (Previous Week – N/A)

13. Portland Post Doctoral Fellows (9-8) (Previous Week – N/A)

14. San Diego Mafia (8-8) (Previous Week – N/A)

15. Anaheim Beefpound (8-8) (Previous Week – N/A)

16. Chicago Blackhawks (8-8) (Previous Week – N/A)

17. Tampa Bay SSC OverTheHillGang (8-8) (Previous Week – N/A)

18. Scranton Beet Farmer (7-10) (Previous Week – N/A)

19. Boston Braves (8-9) (Previous Week – N/A)

20. Salem Gangstas (7-10) (Previous Week – N/A)

21. Tacoma Pioneers (7-9) (Previous Week – N/A)

22. Jacksonville RAIDERS (8-9) (Previous Week – N/A)

23. Washington D.C. Obama's (7-9) (Previous Week – N/A)

24. Jackson BlaZers (6-10) (Previous Week – N/A)

25. Seattle Sundogs (6-10) (Previous Week – N/A)

26. New York Fighting Molars (6-11) (Previous Week – N/A)

27. Santa Cruz Timber Rattlers (5-12) (Previous Week – N/A)

28. Louisville Grumbling Groundhogs (5-12) (Previous Week – N/A)

29. Philadelphia HeadHunters (5-12) (Previous Week – N/A)

30. Durham Bulls (5-12) (Previous Week – N/A)

31. Minnesota Milfoils (5-11) (Previous Week – N/A)

32. Dover Souls (4-13) (Previous Week – N/A)

Friday, May 22, 2009

National League South Preview

Tampa Bay SSC OverTheHillGang (Charleston Gullah's – 57-105)

Will the OverTheHillGang be even worse then last season or will they improve a little?

Well I don’t think the team will be as bad as last season but I don’t see there record improving all that much and probably will lose 100 games again.

Player to Watch:

Rapp was a Rule-5 Draft pick and could really help the team in his first big league season.

A word from the Coach:
We are rebuilding for the future. The next three years I want to rebuild thru the draft instead of free agency and get this team back to where it was a couple seasons ago.

Outlook:It’s going to be a long season in Tampa this year as the team will be bad. They have some young players but there at least a couple seasons away from helping the club but may be forced to play a little early just to help the team get through the season. I think the team will finish the season with a 60-102 record.

Louisville Grumbling Groundhogs (79-83)

The Groundhogs are beginning to get up there in age, so could this be there last shot of winning another World Series before they need to reload?

Well the team has never had the best record in the league and always seems to hover around the .500 mark which they will again this year, but if they can make the playoffs they could be dangerous.

Player to Watch:

This is the last season for Redman before he hits the free-agent market at the end of the season so he could have a big year.

A word from the Coach:
The Goal is to continue to improve the farm system and maybe compete for a playoff spot as well. Where really beginning to get some talent into the minor league system so it could a couple of season when teams really start to fear us.

Outlook: The Groundhogs will once again be around the .500 mark but I don’t see them making the playoffs as the National League as a lot of talent this year and 80 wins won’t get you to the playoffs. I think the team will finish the season with a 80-82 record.

Monterrey Stars (112-50)

Can not winning the World Series make this even better this season?

The Stars could really be dangerous as they have to be the favorites to not only win the National League but to win the World Series as well.

Player to Watch:

Don’t be surprised to see Valdes make it to the Major League club this season.

A word from the Coach:
We need continue to lock up the major league starters to long term deals, sign high quality FA role players to modest contracts and return to the World Series. We should bring back close to everyone to last seasons club, which should help us. We expect to win close to 110 victories and maybe more with a march to a World Series victory.

Outlook: The Stars have really built a dynasty in the USMLB and could really become a big rivalry with the Hitmen from the American League for a while. The Stars always seems to make the big trade they need to put there team over the top and expect the Stars to pull that off once again this season. I think the team will finish the season with a 112-50 record.

Jackson BlaZers (94-68)
Can the Blazers take back control of the National League South like they once did?

No the Blazers will not wrestle the division from the Stars but they should make the playoffs and become a very dangerous team in the playoffs once again.

Player to Watch:

Really look for Perry to become one of the best players in the National League this season.

A word from the Coach:
The goal as always is to win the World Series, but its getting harder & harder to get to the playoffs with so many good teams this season. Biggest improvement will be either our shortstop Greg Dunn or starting pitcher Stevie Anderson and they should really help the team this season. We should get around the 90 win mark once again as well. We really need to find a way to weaken the Stars lineup as they can really pound the ball.

The Blazers will once again see second place this season but will probably be the number one wildcard team going into the playoffs. Last season they almost one the National League as they proved that once you make it to the playoffs anything can happen, even beating the Stars three games to one. I think the team will finish the season with a 95-67 record.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

American League East Preview

Cincinnati Highlanders (89-73)
Will the Highlanders once again play the role of the bride’s maid to the Brave Vawts in the American League East this season?

Well it’s hard to say but yes they will. They may still make the playoff but a second place finish will be in order once again.

Player to Watch:

Look for this very young tear the ball all over the park this season. Top contender for Rookie of the Year in the American League this season.

A word from the Coach:
This year is to just make the playoffs, where still one season away from competing for the division (watch out in season 8, Vawt). If I don't make the playoffs this year, it will be a disappointment. We really didn’t need to make any big improvements this off-season but looking for a some offense at the first base and DH spot and with some minor league players joining the club this year. It should be a fun year once again in Cincinnati this season.

The Highlanders has done a very good job of getting some young players in and competing for the playoffs every season, it’s very hard to that in this league. The Highlanders I think shouldn’t really have a problem making the playoffs but I think the division is a little to far away for them. I think the team will finish the season with a 90-72 record.

Dover Souls (Columbus Pride – 74-88)

Is this the start of a rebuilding year for the Souls or will they find a way to compete for a playoff spot this year?

I think the rebuilding of the Souls will begin with a lot of there veterans being gone by the trade deadline and the youth movement really taking effect.

Player to Watch:

The team is really hoping the Davenport can really have a big year, for trade purposes or team goals we don’t know yet.

A word from the Coach:
This team is really going to start to stock up on prospects but still try to keep the major league team competitive. The pitching really needs to improve and the offense needs to find a way to be more consistent if where going to compete.

The Souls are going to be in for a long year, as they have talent but it doesn’t look like that talent will be staying for long. The young players are really going really have to play big for the team. The offense should be fine no matter what but the pitching staff is going to be a big concern for the team. I think the team will finish the season with a 65-97 record.

Boston Braves (70-92)

Will the Braves finish the season in the American League East basement for the five straight season or will they claw themselves into third place?

I think with the improvements that the Braves have shown and the rebuilding in Dover the Braves should finish in the third spot this season.

Player to Watch:

With Terrero out of options and being a free-agent at the end of the season, this could really be a big year for him.

A word from the Coach:

The Braves as struggled to find wins the last couple of seasons but I think with the young players the Braves could see the end of the rebuilding project and there a couple seasons away from competing for a playoff spot. The Braves might just approach the .500 mark but I think they may fall just short of that mark. I think the team will finish with a 75-87 record.

Atlanta Brave Vawts (95-67)

With five straight division championship and one trip to the World Series in the last five years can the Brave Vawts final win there first World Series this year?

Every season the Brave Vawts are going to be on of the favorites to win the World Series and this year is no different.

Player to Watch:

Really look for Bowman to really have a great year and score a ton of runs as well.

A word from the Coach:

Outlook:The Brave Vawts have to be the favorites to win the American League East for the sixth straight season this year and one to the favorites to represent the American League in the World Series. The Brave Vawts are really entering there prime as most of there players are still in there primes so it could be a very interesting year in Atlanta this season. I think the team will finish the season with a 102-60 record.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American League South Preview

Kansas City Bobcats (89-73)
After making the playoffs as a wildcard team the last two year, could the Bobcats final take the division title this season?

If it wasn’t for the Hitmen the Bobcats would win the division very easily this season but they will once again be a wildcard team this year.

Player to Watch:

Trout will be in the hunt for Rookie of the Year this season.

A word from the Coach:
The main goal this season for the Bobcats will be making it into the playoffs. Winning the division would be a goal, but is probably unrealistic with Houston probably having another 100+ win season. The biggest improvement this season will be team pitching. The young staff should continue to improve as they get more experience 86-76 is my prediction on the season and this record should keep us in the playoff hunt the whole year.

Outlook: The Bobcats have some good experienced hitters that can pound the ball all over the field and a young pitching staff that can make some mistake knowing that the offense will back them back. The Bobcats I think won’t have any problems making the playoffs this season but winning the division would be one of the biggest surprises of the season. I think the team will finish the season with a 92-70 record.

Jacksonville RAIDERS (67-95)

Last season the team had the biggest payroll and only got 67 wins, that’s 1.88 million dollars spent for every victory, so can the Raiders improve there record after another spending spree during the off-season this year?

There’s some good young players on the team but there’s also some bad contracts as well but the team will show a little bit of improvement but I don’t think a winning season will come again this season.

Player to Watch:

The Rookie of the Year Simmons is really expected to carry the offense this year after a great season.

A word from the Coach:

Outlook: The Raiders are prove that you can’t spend your way to a championship as they have a ton of money tied up in there players. The Raiders once again went into the free agent market to improve this team which I think a did a little but this team will once again have another losing season. I think the team will finish the season with a 75-87 record.

Houston Hitmen (108-54)

Could the Hitmen repeat as World Series Champions this year?

Well the Hitmen have a really great chance to repeat with the team they have put together this season but it’s very hard to repeat as champion.

Player to Watch:

The team is expecting some big things from there second year player this season.

A word from the Coach:
Well we would like to repeat as back to back champion. We really wanted to get some more offense during the off-season and with a couple trades I think we have done that. I think well get over 100 wins once again this season and another division championship as well.

Outlook:The Hitmen probably have one of the most balance team in the league. One night they could out score you then the next night when a close 1-0 game with there pitching staff. This team is still so young, that the Hitmen are looking to build a dynasty in Houston for a long time to come. I think the team will finish the season with a 105-57 record.

Durham Bulls (78-84)

After having there first losing season as a franchise can the Bulls rebound and get back into the title hunt this season?

The biggest problem for the Bulls last season was the pitching staff, where nothing seemed to go right. I think the team will back to the .500 mark but I don’t think they will challenge any team for a playoff spot this season.

Player to Watch:

Peavy was brought to the team to become a ace; instead he was a big bust last season. Maybe with less expectation this season he could see a improvement and help this team.

A word from the Coach:
After a tumultuous first year, owner George Steinhacker expects his team to make the playoffs this year. After four managers last year, Steinhacker hopes he's found his manager in D. H. "Ironhead" Zimmer. Steinhacker was so furious at losing Nick Ball that he fired his junior partner Bill "Stumpy" Veeck as GM and hired Levi "Mickey" McPhail. Steinhacker expects great things this year from Brian Kim and Glen Matheson and has brought up Yannick Powell to add to an already powerful lineup. The Bulls believe Tony Harper and Esteban Polanco will stabilize a harried pitching staff. The Bulls also have not given up on Joaquin Ozuna and Ajax Peavy. Steinhacker one remaining goal in life is to stomp on his archrival and sensei goldie from the Monterrey Stars in the World Series.

I think with the offense that the Bulls will see improvement this season but the pitching staff will once again be there down fall as they really didn’t add any depth to the pitching staff during the off-season. I expect there to be a lot of high scoring games once again in Durham this season. I think the team will finish the season with a 81-81 record.