Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Welcome to the Seventh edition of the USMLB Daily. A lot of news and information will be in here and fun things will be added through out it. I hope that you enjoy and that the report will be up Monday through Friday till the end of the season. Draft information will also be added to the Daily report after the draft. Trades that happen from this day forward will also be added to the report. If there’s anything you would like me to cover or add (real or not) just let me know and I’ll do my best to add it.

Interview with the Indianapolis Clowns from the National League East Division.
The Clowns have gotten out to a great start but they have cooled down recently but with a tough schedule they just went through any one would have struggled that bad.

So what are you goals for the season:
My goal was to have a winning record. I thought I had the pieces to make a run with guys like Chief Martin and good starting pitching.
I think that you’ve done a great job so far this season and I believe a winning record is within reach.

How does it feel like to be back in this league:
This league was one of my favorites from the very beginning because I was among newer owners when I started and had my “home" team in Los Angeles. It didn't hurt that I technically won the division 3 years in a row.
Well I think I speak for everyone it’s good to have you back and happy to that you’re not in the National League West anymore so that my team has a chance to shine.

What team scares you the most to face:
I guess I fear the Stars since I am 0-6 against them so far.
I know the Stars has to be the team that everyone fears this season.
Who do you think will make it to the World Series out of the American League:
I guess I'll go with Anaheim. I don't really look at other teams, so I'm just going by their record and past history.
I think that would be a safe bet but they may not get out of there own division at the end of the year.

What do you think the reason is for your team’s poor performance as of late:
Although my team has hit a lull, I don't feel they were as good as they started or as bad as they have been lately. Take away the 6 losses to Monterrey recently and we still would've been playing .500 ball more or less.
I think playing the Stars will always hurt your record no matter how well you play.

Anything else you would like to add:
This is a very competitive world. Jway11 & Beef have been excellent in their patience with recruiting and I look forward to more seasons here in USMLB. tomjames and his blogging has made this a very entertaining league. I personally rate it my top three and I've been in quite a few leagues. I've been here for most of the 5 seasons and intend on staying in the league as long as I play the game. Clowns show a happy face no matter how they are doing, much like I do in real life. Although we're not in LA, I feel this team is a perfect fit for me.
I really don’t think the clowns always bring a happy face to the teams they have played so far this season.

Tacoma Pioneers where in the trading mood again as they traded Tommie Relaford (P) and Pablo Jimenez (P) along with 500k to the Honolulu Honus for Britt Hamelin (P) and Jim Glynn (P). Rating: B+
This trade was a very even trade with the Honus getting some pitching help at there major league level and the Pioneers getting a couple young arms that they where looking for. In a couple of years I think everyone will be happy with this trade.

Monterrey Stars traded Ben Donahue to the Boston Braves for Tommy Crede and 3.7m. Rating: B-
The Stars got another power hitting outfielder to help out there offensive even more in Crede while they gave away a good young outfielder to get this deal done.

Rumor Mill:
Could we see the return of the dreaded Vawt Power Rankings this season, we can only hope that it comes true.
A lot of fans in Tacoma are wondering what going on with the Pioneers trading away players left and right, with 2/3rd of the starting rotation being shipped out. Will the trades end in Tacoma or will see more trades from there first place team.
We are still waiting for Vawt to explain to use what a Vawt is?

Poll Question:
I hope jway11 is ready for his interview.

Useless Information:
Greg Turner of the Durham Bulls have won 34% of his teams victories with his 10 victories so far this season while no other pitcher has more then 4.
Danny Harding of Milwaukee Bucks have hit 31% of his teams homeruns with 28 homeruns so far this season while also leading the league in homeruns early this season.
Henry Anderson and Tim Rooney the shortstop and second basemen for Wichita Wranglers have to best double-play combo in the league with them combining for 114 double-plays.
The Monterrey Stars are hitting 2.08 homeruns per game for there total of 123 homeruns which is tops in the league but if they keep up that pace they will finish with 336 homeruns which is way down from there record breaking performance last season of 376 homeruns, 2.32 homeruns per game.
The Burlington Ice Storm and Atlanta Brave Vawts are leading the league in strikeouts with 427, 7.23 strikeouts per game. If they both keep up that pace they will finish the season with 1171 strikeouts which is below the league record of 1185 by the St. Louis Cornerstone in season three.

Franchise Information:
The Jackson BlaZers franchise has the lowest ERA by any team through the first five years with a 4.02 ERA while the Kansas City Bobcats franchise has the worst with a 6.72 ERA.
The Kansas City franchise has the highest batting average by any team through the first five years with a .303 average while the San Diego Skyhawks has the lowest at .251 average.
Scranton Beet Farmer's franchise has the best fielding team during the first five years with a .990 fielding percentage while the Madison Lasers and the Houston Hitmen has the worst with a .980 fielding percentage.

The answer to yesterday Trivia Question:
Which team one the first World Series? And how long did the series go?
Boston Americans in eight games.