Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

UMSLB Power Rankings 1-5-12

1. Salem crawdaddies [davisbrian] (41-16) (Points = 85.98) Last week (13-8) Last Rating (1) The crawdaddies are number for another week but with the Highlanders hot on their trail, how long would that last?

2. Cincinnati Highlanders [yanksrule11] (40-17) (Points = 56.22) Last Week (15-6) Last Rating (2)
The Highlanders appeared to have won the battle against the Kings and now their preparing for a nice crawdaddie dinner.

3. Sacramento Kings [impressionah] (33-24) (Points = 51.18) Last Week (10-11) Last Rating (2) The Kings lost the battle with the Highlanders and have been licking their wounds but do not be surprised if Kings will be looking for revenge soon.

4. Milwaukee Bucks [waydogg5] (33-24) (Points = 47.87) Last Week (12-9) Last Rating (4) I know what you’re thinking; how could an Elite team be in second place? Sorry I have no answer to that question.

5. Charlotte knights [ndrules] (34-23) (Points = 47.57) Last Week (15-6) Last Rating (7) I would like to resend my previous comment about the “k”ights not being manly. You are manly “k”ights, as you dominate the National League last week.

Above Average Teams

6. Seattle Rainers [aa12on] (34-23) (Points = 36.30) Last Week (14-7) Last Rating (8)
Seattle must be love living at the end of the rainbow because scoring 5.72 runs per game in Seattle most be a miracle.

7. Wichita Redemptions [tomjames] (33-24) (Points = 23.86) Last Week (15-6) Last Rating (14) Redemption is upon us and it begins in Wichita.

8. New Britain Fisher Cats [jway11] (20-16) (Points = 23.65) Last Week (14-7) Last Rating (17) A big jump in the ratings for New Britain. See this is what happens when you get called out in the rankings. 


9. St. Louis Cornerstone [kk73] (31-26) (Points = 16.99) Last Week (14-7) Last Rating (16)
Feels like old times here in the ratings, as the Cornerstone are once again in the top 10.

10. Chicago Fire [tarktheshark] (30-27) (Points = 16.15) Last Week (15-6) Last Rating (19) Chicago is so hot right now, it makes you think that a cow was involved somehow. 

11. Scottsdale Massacre [Free_Barry] (29-28) (Points = 14.82) Last Week (8-13) Last Rating (5) Scottsdale was just “massacred” during the week. I hope it’s not a sign for the team going forward.

12. Richmond Posse [dennisdee] (32-25) (Points = 12.85) Last Week (12-9) Last Rating (12) Richmond is just hanging around in the back, the teams in front of them might what to start worrying.

13. Helena Blue Devils [dukediggler5] (28-29) (Points = 9.96) Last Week (11-10) Last Rating (13) [Winner of the Unlucky Award] Helena needs to figure out how to win at home if they want any success this season.

14. Boston FistsOfRighteousFury [gbaldwin9] (28-29) (Points = 2.08) Last Week (12-9) Last Rating (21) Boston plays in the toughest division in the USMLB, could be the best fourth place team in the league.

15. Kansas City Monarchs [hacker7] (27-30) (Points = 1.96) Last Week (9-12) Last Rating (9) Yes the dreaded Power Rankings curse gets at least one team every season.