Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Thursday, July 15, 2010



[A rare combination of power and speed. Only problem for Holmes is that his range at shortstop is a little low.]

[A deadly combination of control and velocity. Only problem for Selby is that he will rarely go beyond six innings.]

[A true definniation of an all-around hitter. Only problem for Holdridge is that his range at shortstop is a little low.]

[Can crush any ball, over any fence on a baseball field. Only problem for Leon is that playing in Florida might bring his homerun totals down.]

[A great contact hitter, with a some good pop in his bat. Only problem for Higginson is that he will struggle against right handers at times.]

[A great closer, with a unhittable pitch and speed. Only problem for Sellers is that he’s a one inning pitcher.]

[A nasty closer, with some of the best off-speed pitches in the league. Only problem for Sasaki is that he can’t make any mistakes with his pitches or he could get trouble.]

[A nasty starter, which right handed batters can’t hit. Only problem for Ward he will have to keep runners off the bases, as he will give up homeruns.]

[A solid shortstop that does every right from hitting to fielding. Only problem for Arnold is that he’s a little slow on the base paths.]

[Control artist that can make any hitter look silly at the plate. Only problem for Sexson is that hitters get a ton of fly balls, which doesn’t always work out so well.]









































51 Hector Espinosa Anaheim Beefpound

52 Vic Garces Louisville River Dogs

53 Ivan Baxter Monterrey Stars

54 Cesar Sivilla Durham Hitmen

55 Shayne Romano Salem Gangstas

56 Victor Rodriguez Milwaukee Bucks

57 Butch Woodall Iowa City Foxhounds

58 Napoleon Harris Portland Post Doctoral Fellows

59 John Giambi Philadelphia HeadHunters

60 Bernie Sosa St. Louis Cornerstone

61 Gordon McGlinchy Anaheim Beefpound

62 Vin Arnold Iowa City Foxhounds

63 Peter Kuo Scranton Beet Farmer's

64 Cristobal Trajano Columbus Buckeye Nuts

65 Darrell Black Boston Braves

66 Alfonso Mendez Oklahoma City Kingfishers

67 Joaquin Espinosa Philadelphia HeadHunters

68 Brian Glanville Scranton Beet Farmer's

69 Ivan Hernandez Iowa City Foxhounds

70 Javier Amezaga Louisville River Dogs

71 Felipe Lee New York Subway

72 Buzz McCall Durham Hitmen

73 Julio Herrera Charleston Crusaders

74 Josias Santiago Iowa City Foxhounds

75 Rico Martinez Philadelphia HeadHunters

76 Don Winchester Columbus Buckeye Nuts

77 Pat Kennedy Scranton Beet Farmer's

78 Chad Selby Kansas City Monarchs

79 Karl Nathan Chicago Blackhawks

80 Glenn Wilson Oklahoma City Kingfishers

81 Richard Stanley Minnesota Milfoils

82 Shea Gabriel Monterrey Stars

83 Ismael Martin Louisville River Dogs

84 Carlos Morales Columbus Buckeye Nuts

85 Gail Cline Florida Sizzlers

86 C.C. Maas Portland Post Doctoral Fellows

87 Alex Inouoe Cincinnati Highlanders

88 Eswalin Sanchez Florida Sizzlers

89 Donatello Miller Chicago Blackhawks

90 Sammy Park Vancouver Knights

91 Tom Smith Monterrey Stars

92 Luke Stevenson Cincinnati Highlanders

93 Walter Leonard Vancouver Knights

94 Tori Turner New Britain Fisher Cats

95 Peaches Keller St. Louis Cornerstone

96 King Mateo Philadelphia HeadHunters

97 Tim O'Malley Philadelphia HeadHunters

98 Mike Laroche Boston Braves

99 Armando Escuela Kansas City Monarchs

100 Otis Dorsey Jackson BlaZers

101 Tommy Bird Cleveland Fishnets

102 Wilbur Paquette Jackson BlaZers

103 Preston Coomer Cincinnati Highlanders

104 Hank Peterson Oklahoma City Kingfishers

105 Ivan Guerrero Oklahoma City Kingfishers

106 Willis Sadler St. Louis Cornerstone

107 Cap Grieve Durham Hitmen

108 Juan Alomar Charleston Crusaders

109 Jade Corino Arizona Sting

110 Tony Ramirez Cincinnati Highlanders

111 Rick Payne Durham Hitmen

112 Vincenzo Scharein Louisville River Dogs

113 Roberto Seanez Charleston Crusaders

114 Adam Morris Oklahoma City Kingfishers

115 Derrick Sample Vancouver Knights

116 Chris Iannone New Britain Fisher Cats

117 Slick Peters St. Louis Cornerstone

118 Ted Gilmore Florida Sizzlers

119 Len Lawson Scranton Beet Farmer's

120 Paul Horton Minnesota Milfoils

121 Benji Reynoso Iowa City Foxhounds

122 Caleb Bogar St. Louis Cornerstone

123 Jerry Christensen Salem Gangstas

124 Andrew Peterson Cleveland Fishnets

125 Timothy Clark Scranton Beet Farmer's

126 Matty Goya Monterrey Stars

127 Omar Clark Cleveland Fishnets

128 Hiram Kojima San Jose Earthquakes

129 Paul Witt Dover Souls

130 Rodrigo Arredondo Chicago Blackhawks

131 Ricky Creek Charleston Crusaders

132 P.T. Valdes Monterrey Stars

133 Wilton Wilson Louisville River Dogs

134 David Wright Monterrey Stars

135 Jayson Hubbard Vancouver Knights

136 Wilfredo Guerrero Cleveland Fishnets

137 Aaron Thompson Cleveland Fishnets

138 Chico Rivera Milwaukee Bucks

139 Philip Brunson Vancouver Knights

140 Rico Cedeno St. Louis Cornerstone

141 Manny Krivda Monterrey Stars

142 Hughie Poole Arizona Sting

143 Karl Henson Jackson BlaZers

144 Alex Valentin Philadelphia HeadHunters

145 Jay Bibby Dover Souls

146 Daryl Warden Salem Gangstas

147 Ken Bowen Tacoma Saints

148 Sawyer Diaz Dover Souls

149 Pablo Mota Dover Souls

150 Victor Hernandez Oklahoma City Kingfishers

151 Aaron Smith Scranton Beet Farmer's

152 Derrick Durham Portland Post Doctoral Fellows

153 Francisco Diaz Cincinnati Highlanders

154 Howard Slaughter Jackson BlaZers

155 Jerrod Wilkinson Tacoma Saints

156 Johnnie Conine Charleston Crusaders

157 Kevin Corbin Florida Sizzlers

158 Julio Nieto St. Louis Cornerstone

159 Russ Newfield Dover Souls

160 Dernell Kirk Charleston Crusaders

161 Orlando Ramirez Arizona Sting

162 Chad Russ Jacksonville RAIDERS

163 Freddy Timmons Vancouver Knights

164 Fausto Gonzales Cincinnati Highlanders

165 Einar Mangual Cincinnati Highlanders

166 Willie Stark Louisville River Dogs

167 Andy Redman St. Louis Cornerstone

168 Francisco Valdes Portland Post Doctoral Fellows

169 Vince Watkins New York Subway

170 Eugene Brumbaugh New York Subway

171 Bob Minor Kansas City Monarchs

172 Fernando Aybar New Britain Fisher Cats

173 Giomar Ramirez Anaheim Beefpound

174 Benjamin Stevenson Arizona Sting

175 Wiki Cordero Cincinnati Highlanders

176 Alfredo Cedeno New Britain Fisher Cats

177 Quinn Mancuso Florida Sizzlers

178 Anibal Espinoza Cleveland Fishnets

179 Kip Burke Tacoma Saints

180 Junior Jacquez Kansas City Monarchs

181 Pedro Furcal Charleston Crusaders

182 Jarrett LaRue Tacoma Saints

183 Bartolo Flores San Jose Earthquakes

184 Juan Mondesi Jackson BlaZers

185 Alexander Ferguson Jacksonville RAIDERS

186 P.J. Cunningham Anaheim Beefpound

187 Sting Speaker Cleveland Fishnets

188 Bengie Zorrilla Florida Sizzlers

189 Dallas Becker Iowa City Foxhounds

190 Dan Howell Salem Gangstas

191 Jumbo Frias Vancouver Knights

192 Lonny Hamilton New Britain Fisher Cats

193 Chan Hasegawa St. Louis Cornerstone

194 Pat Johnstone Boston Braves

195 Donnie Lawson Oklahoma City Kingfishers

196 Jumbo Quevedo Tacoma Saints

197 Ralph Williams Philadelphia HeadHunters

198 Patrick Scheffer Dover Souls

199 Wilfredo Lopez Oklahoma City Kingfishers

200 Louie Soto Iowa City Foxhounds

201 Kris Hynes Cleveland Fishnets

202 Gustavo Lee St. Louis Cornerstone

203 Enrique Villarreal Monterrey Stars

204 Lorenzo Ramirez Boston Braves

205 Haywood Butler Vancouver Knights

206 Fred Rolls Louisville River Dogs

207 J.R. Brinkley New York Subway

208 Ben Scalici Monterrey Stars

209 Valerio Sosa Scranton Beet Farmer's

210 Tony Pearson Vancouver Knights

211 Bruce Tate Oklahoma City Kingfishers

212 Cesar Belliard Charleston Crusaders

213 Tomas Martinez St. Louis Cornerstone

214 Al Rojas Arizona Sting

215 Otis Roberts Jackson BlaZers

216 Rod Phelps Anaheim Beefpound

217 Enos Carter Anaheim Beefpound

218 Banana Sutton Tacoma Saints

219 Henry Fick New York Subway

220 Ron Weston Vancouver Knights

221 Tommy Shermann Jacksonville RAIDERS

222 Brandon Hull Philadelphia HeadHunters

223 Joakim Rios Minnesota Milfoils

224 Vern Buckley Milwaukee Bucks

225 Sun Martin Philadelphia HeadHunters

226 Dick Mancuso Florida Sizzlers

227 Kirk McPherson Charleston Crusaders

228 Stretch Belle Anaheim Beefpound

229 Wil Magee Jacksonville RAIDERS

230 Harry Ibanez Kansas City Monarchs

231 Jason Thomas Kansas City Monarchs

232 Harvey Rogers Philadelphia HeadHunters

233 Alan Patton Iowa City Foxhounds

234 Chuck LaRocca Salem Gangstas

235 Cesar Tavarez St. Louis Cornerstone

236 Lee Barkett Oklahoma City Kingfishers

237 Mike Clarkson Jackson BlaZers

238 Pedro Ozuna New York Subway

239 Ray Callaway New York Subway

240 Ching-Lung Suh Cincinnati Highlanders

241 Deion Cox St. Louis Cornerstone

242 Joaquin Moreno Dover Souls

243 Ronald Garland Columbus Buckeye Nuts

244 Tim Burch Jackson BlaZers

245 Jamie Kelly Louisville River Dogs

246 Henry Mancuso St. Louis Cornerstone

247 Francisco Guerrero Philadelphia HeadHunters

248 Edgardo Nieves Anaheim Beefpound

249 Steve Hoyt Portland Post Doctoral Fellows

250 Darrell Rubel Columbus Buckeye Nuts