Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Game of the Day 6-29-10

Game of the Day

Ottawa 7 - Vancouver 4

Junior Lui: Junior Lui is having a season for the ages. Lui collected his 80th RBI this season in just his 50th game. If you some how keeps up this rate he will finish the season with 233 RBI’s crushing the current single season record of 202 RBI’s. This is why you should always check the Waive Wire people.

Bonehead move of the day: Allen Justice with the bases loaded walked Hub Gordon. Why is it a bonehead move, because Junior Lui bats behind Gordon that's why. Lui crushes a grand slam, sending Justice to the locker room for an early shower.

They Also Played ...

Florida 6 - Columbus 4: The fire sale has begun in Columbus. Come get them while there hot.

Jackson 4 - Iowa City 3: An amazing stat in the game. 5 homeruns where hit, with 4 solo shots. The game winning run came when Tim Perry hit a double.

San Jose 3 - Monterrey 1: Player of the game should go to Jose Gonzalez. Why you ask, well in the bottom of the 3rd the Stars had a chance to go ahead but Gonzalez nailed Stone Taylor trying to score on a sacrifice fly to right field. Stars couldn’t get anything going after that.

Philadelphia 5 - Oklahoma City 4: Before the game Philadelphia announced that they lower the outfield fences by one foot. Alex Valentin needs to the owner out for a nice dinner.

New York 4 - Milwaukee 3: Bruce Arnold must have a seeing eye dog somewhere because the ball he hit for the game winning run somehow made past the infield.

St. Louis 9 - Charleston 5: Game of a lifetime for Barry Miller. 6 RBI’s in one game is something very few people do.

Arizona 10 - Scranton 2: “For some reason my arm just went dead in the fifth inning,” Louie Mendoza said to reporters after the game. Arizona got 7 runs that inning.

Cincinnati 7 - Kansas City 6: Don’t believe the score, this game wasn’t even close.

Anaheim 12 - Jacksonville 7: Two Grand Slams from the beefpound today. That’s what I call a good day.

Dover 9 - Minnesota 4: Mark Allensworth still playing? It’s always good to see X-Tacoma players still hanging around.

New Britain 6 - Salem 5 (10 innings): Santiago Melendez got taken out to a nice steak dinner from the bullpen.

Portland 10 - Burlington 3: “My arm felt like Jello,” Mark Chang said about himself after giving up 6 runs in 2/3rd of an inning.

Tacoma 6 - Chicago 3: Congrats to Fernando Domingo for getting his 5th career stolen bases. “It only took 33 tries to do,” Domingo telling about the milestone, “I really feel like a speed demon now.”

Louisville 9 - Cleveland 8: Ismael Martin is really enjoying his shaving cream pie after knocking in the game winning run.