Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Monday, March 16, 2009

American League West Draft

Colorado Rockies
The Rockies selected second basemen Ivy Zagone as there first pick in the first round. Zagone has a great bat with a decent amount of power behind it and a great eye that will bring a lot of contact with the bat. Zagone is the second best second basemen in the draft. The question about Zagone is that sometimes he struggles a little with right handed power pitching. Ranking A+ (unsigned)
The Rockies had also selected right-fielder Johnnie Conine also in the first round. Conine has some great pop in his bat and will probably hit for a high average to go with it. Conine is the best right-fielder in the draft this season. The question about Conine is that he could really hurt the team with his defense and may be better suited as a DH in the American League. Ranking A (unsigned)
The Rockies did a great job a finding some good offensive players during the draft and if he would have signed his first too picks he would have had the best draft of any team this season. Ranking A-

Anaheim Beefpound
The Beefpound selected third basemen Troy Green as there fourth round pick. Green is going to be known more for his defense then offensive as he can be a vacuum at third base but his bat might struggle at times. The question about Green is that his power those have some pop to it but will it be good enough to play third base. Ranking B+
The Beefpound also selected shortstop Harvey Barber in the fifth round. Barber is one the best defense shortstop in the draft this season and will quickly become a pitcher best friend. Barber is the 19th best shortstop in the draft this season. The question about Barber is the defense good enough to make up for the butchery that he displaces at the plate. Ranking C+
The Beefpound really did a good job with finding some very good defense players but like a lot of teams they went after pitching in the first rounds and that hurt them in the overall ranking. Ranking B-

Arizona Sting
The Sting selected shortstop Jim Franklin as there first round pick. Franklin has a good amount of pop in his bat, quick speed around the base paths and defense that very few shortstops will ever play at. Franklin is the third best shortstop in the draft this season. The question about Franklin is that can he get on base enough to really take advantage of his speed. Ranking A+
The Sting also selected shortstop Chick Raben in the second round. Raben is equal to Franklin in the defense category but lacks the pop in his bat that Franklin has but will still be good hitter in his own right. Meacham is the 13th best shortstop in the draft this season. The question about Raben is that he may need to find another position to play or be traded down line as Franklin may be blocking him to the majors in the future. Ranking B
The Sting did a really good job of finding some good defense players to play the middle of the field and Franklin could really be a great find for them. Ranking C+

Cheyenne Xpress
The Xpress selected shortstop Walter Houston in the third round. Houston could really just become an average player as everything about him is average from his bat, eye and defense. Houston is probably better off playing second base during his career then shortstop. The question about Houston is that he may go through long struggles at the plate followed by some hot streaks. Ranking B-
The Xpress also selected pitcher Vincenzo Scharein in the first round. Scharein has great control and is just deadly to any left hander at the plate to face him. Scharein is probably the best set-up man in the draft as he doesn’t have the stamina to be a starter and right hander’s can hit hard at times to become a long term closer. The question about Scharein is that he worth being a first round pick just to be a set-up type of pitcher? Ranking B-
The Xpress had a good draft not a great one but a good one that could see a couple players at the major league level in the future. Ranking C-