Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American League East Draft

Boston Braves
The Braves selected second basemen Brent Turner as there first pick. Turner is one of two players that were drafted that will be considered a six-tool player, a rare combination of power, hitting and speed. Peterson is the best pitcher second basemen in the draft and the second overall player. He will probably be an All-Star as soon as he makes the majors. The only question about Turner that he may be better suited for a corner outfield position. Ranking A+
The Braves also selected shortstop Jon Eaton in the second round. Eaton has great defense abilities and with a decent bat to go with his defense. Eaton is the 6th best shortstop in the draft and will probably be a solid major league shortstop with a long career. The only question about Eaton is can his offense keep up with his defense. Ranking A-
The Braves got four solid major league players with there first five picks and the only problem I had was there fifth pick as I thought there where better pitching options out there. Ranking A-

Atlanta Brave Vawts
The Vawts selected catcher Butch Betancourt as there fourth round pick. Betancourt is going to be a sold hitter with some decent power as he is nothing but a pure hitter. Betancourt is going to be a DH no matter what level he plays at. The only question about Betancourt is that he can really only play in the American League if he wants to make it to the majors. Ranking C (Unsigned)
The Vawts also selected catcher Ossie Martin in the second round. Martin is going to be a big power catcher that can spray the ball around all over the field. Martin is the 2nd best catcher in the draft and will probably be an All-Star real soon. The question about Martin is sometimes he has trouble hitting some right handed pitching. Ranking A
The Vawts went after pitching and catching during the first five rounds with some decent results with Martin being the star. Ranking C+

Cincinnati Highlanders
The Highlanders selected pitcher Odalis Maduro in the second round. Maduro has really great control of the few pitches he has with some good movement. Maduro is the 14th best pitcher in the draft and could become a good closer one day. The question about Maduro is that he doesn’t really throw that hard and with only two pitches he throws that could hurt him. Ranking C+
The Highlanders also selected pitcher Dean Iorg in the first round. Iorg is a decent starting pitcher with great control with average stuff. Iorg is the 35th best pitcher in the draft and could become a back end of the rotation type pitcher. The question about Iorg if he can make it to the majors how long can he survive with his average stuff. Ranking C-
The Highlanders got a couple pitchers that could find there way the major league club but it could be a while before the fans see them. Ranking C-

Columbus Pride
The Pride selected shortstop Al Brito in the second round. Brito is going to be a speed demon on the base paths with a decent glove and hitting to go with it. Nash is the 10th best shortstop in the draft and could be a solid shortstop for any team in the future. The question about Brito is that he really doesn’t have a good sense of the strikeout zone and swings at almost everything. Ranking B+ (Unsigned)
The Pride also selected pitcher Stone Punto in the first round. Punto has great control of his pitches and has an arm that seems like can pitch every day. Punto is the 32nd best pitcher in the draft this season. The question about Punto is that he doesn’t have the velocity to make mistakes in the strikeout zone are he’s going to get hammered. Ranking C- (Unsigned)
The Pride have only signed one of there first five picks and that’s being the fifth pick which is really hurting them for the future. Ranking F