Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Welcome to the second edition of the USMLB Daily. A lot of news and information will be in here and fun things will be added through out it. I hope that you enjoy and that the report will be up Monday, Wednesday and Friday till the end of the season. Draft information will also be added to the Daily report after the draft. If there’s anything you would like me to cover or add just let me know and I’ll do my best to add it.

Once again we see the Monterrey Stars at the top of the Power Rankings. Could the Stars be the first team to go the whole season in the number one spot? I guess will all have to wait and see.

To celebrate the first five years that the USMLB has been around and I have ranked every player that has played in the USMLB. This is the winner of the best player award (based on stats):

Second is the Alvin Silva
Third is the Guy Williams
Fourth is the Erik West
Fifth is the Eric Sisk

It looks like everyone is in agreement that
is the best player making over 10 million dollars this season.

Rumor Mill:
Breaking news from Durham: Bulls minority owner "Stumpy" Veeck confirmed rumors of a rift between him and majority owner George Steinhacker. “Steinhacker should fire himself,” Veeck told us. Veeck, who lost his left leg in a still unexplained accident involving Suzanne Sommers, her thighmaster, two midgets and a goat, said he will stand behind manager "Whiskey Slick" McGraw no matter what happens. "That blowhard Steinhacker can fire anybody he wants," Veeck bellowed. "But, I'm the GM and I can hire anybody I want. McGraw is here to stay!"
We are still waiting for Vawt to explain to us what a Vawt is?

Useless Information:
The Pirates and Bulls debut there new road uniforms this week.

Where are they now?:
Ed Houston
Ed Houston is the league leader in RBI’s with 207. He retired during this off-season after not being signed by any team. I caught up with him on the golf course at Palm Beach where he looked really happy. Said that it really hurt when no team wanted his services for this season but now that he has spent so much time with his family he couldn’t think of a better time to retire. He also said that he might think about getting into coaching at the start of next season as he thinks he could teach the young players a lot about hitting. Well let’s hope good things happen to Houston now that he’s beginning a new chapter in his life.
Houston career stats
.290 Average, 190 homeruns, 602 RBI, 547 Runs, 741 Hits, 128 doubles, 23 triples, 300 walks, 77 stolen bases, .371 OBP, .581 SLG, .952 OPS.