Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Anaheim Beefpound (Third Place)(84-89 victories this season)

Bud Jackson LF (Jackson just finds a way to get on base and then he finds a easy time stealing the nest base as well)

Bum Clarkson CF (Clarkson doesn’t have any power in his bat but his glove is now made out of gold)

Christopher Burks RF (Burks sure does love to swing at anything even close to the plate as he only had 2 walks all last season)

David Taylor DH (Taylor is young but his bat might just keep him in the lineup this season)

Juan Amaro 3B (Amaro is just a solid player that will put up solid number once again this season)

Karim Lee 2B (Looking to bounce back after an injury season last year)

Junior Lui SS (Lui is making is case every season he could be the greatest shortstop to ever play in the USMLB)

Vin Cordero 1B (Cordero is really the only power threat in the lineup that the Beefpound will have this season)

Zip Wirth C (Can hit for power when he’s in the lineup)

Miguel Martinez (Well if you follow Martinez trend so far in his career he should have a good season this year)

Paulie Yarnall (Yarnall will need to see more innings pitched this season if he’s going to get more victories)

Daisuke Lui (The older brother of Junior Lui, Daisuke is beginning to make his own name for the family)

Herbert Brandt (Brandt was the team leader in wins last season with 13 but 157.1 innings pitched is not what you want out of a starting pitcher)

Delanor Romero (Expect another solid season from Romero this season)

Rodrigo Romero (The team thinks they have found the future closer that every team would want in Romero)

Coaches Corner:
A World Series title is really what this team needs this season. I'm tired of flirting with it, its time to claim one. Anything less is considered a failure. We still need to keep our core group of guys together and also add depth at all levels if we are going to contend this season. Rodrigo Romero should get more innings this season and with that he should see more saves from him this year now that he is finally healthy. I think this is the year his dominance will become evident. Go strong or go home is the motto that is hanging from every locker this season, it’s a little extra to motivate the guys. The team is shooting for 95 wins. The talent in this world is getting better and I think some of the lower teams are working hard and will come up and shock some people. You can't look past any one team in this league anymore.

Rankings to start the season:
22nd ranked offensive
6th ranked pitching staff

Players Added:
Lance Morton P (Acquired via Trade from the Boston Braves)
David Taylor 2B Acquired via Trade from the Arizona Sting)

Players Lost:
Mark Phillips RF (Left via Free-Agency)
Keith Winston P (Traded to the Boston Braves)
Jay Larson P (Claimed off Waivers by the Jacksonville RAIDERS)
Jimmie Rios SS (Traded to the Arizona Sting)
Lance Morton P (Claimed off Waivers by the Minnesota Milfoils)

Colorado Rockies (Fourth Place)(78-83 victories this season)

Damaso Nieves RF (Nieves was brought in the power solid right field play and expect his offensive number to jump as well)

Lewis Shouse CF (Expect Shouse to improve his .244 batting average from last season in the thin air of the Rockies)

Carmen Garcia LF (Garcia has always been a 20 homerun type of guy through out his career he will now hit 30 easy)

Cookie Gonzalez DH (Gonzalez isn’t much of a catcher anymore but he can still hit)

Eric Cross 3B (Cross is in search of a position as his bat is good enough to be in the lineup)

Pedro Sanchez 2B (Sanchez’s power numbers will go way up this season)

Eli Guerrero SS (Could go from contact guy to a power hitter no one is expecting)

Santiago Mesa 1B (Mesa could have his greatest year this season)

Eddie Bass C (Bass is in a tough battle with Max Ransom for the starting catcher spot)

Eddie Serrano (Serrano was asked if he would enjoy pitching in Colorado and he just ran off crying)

Joaquin Diaz (Diaz has sent a statement through his agent that he will not be talking with the media this season, as he just wants to focus on pitching)

Albert Jose (Jose want to rethink his contract he signed during the off-season)

Ebenezer Canseco (A starting job is a starting job no matter where you pitch)

Napoleon Fordham (Let us all pray for Fordham who will think about changing his last name to Fomdham (Found on Mound Dead)

Ned Fogg (Need a closer Fogg is the team’s man this season)

Coaches Corner:
The goals is simply get around .500 this season. The minor league system if going to be the main concern as we need to find players that will fit with the ballpark we play in now. We really don’t need base stealers like the team has now. We need more contact for power type hitters. Carmen Garcia should improve all his number the board. Ground ball pitching to good fielders in the infield and an outfield that can both hit and have good range is the type of players that where looking to coming to Colorado in the future. I think with the few bad contracts that the team has we can still get 82 wins this season

Rankings to start the season:
12th ranked offensive
16th ranked pitching staff

Players Added:
B.C. Tracy 2B (Acquired via Trade from the Charleston Gullah's)
Tito Ramirez P (11-7, 3.05ERA, 182.2IP)(1yr, 2.6mil)
Albert Jose P (8-5, 5.13ERA, 2SVS)(2yrs, 8.0mil plus a 1.2mil signing bonus)
Danny Smith P (2-1, 5.46ERA, 2SVS)(1yr, 327k)
Damaso Nieves RF (.314, 12, 66)(2yrs, 6.6mil plus a 200k signing bonus)
Ebenezer Canseco P (10-9, 6.23ERA, 57SO)(2yrs, 5.0mil plus a 500k signing bonus)
Napoleon Fordham P (3-2, 4.12ERA, 52G)(2yrs, 5.0mil plus a 500k signing bonus)

Players Lost:
Cliff Woodson P (Left via Fee-Agency)
Tony Brea P (Left via Fee-Agency)
Jim Buckley P (Left via Fee-Agency)
Edgar Seguignol 3B (Left via Fee-Agency)
Pat Sugawara 2B (Left via Fee-Agency)
Irv Jensen LF (Traded to the Charleston Gullah's)
Adrian Duncan DH (Released)

Arizona Sting (Second Place)(84-89 victories this season)

Chris Murphy LF (With Murphy getting a shot at playing the whole season this year he could see his number greatly improve)

Jim McEnroe CF (McEnroe is in the lineup because his glove in centerfield)

Malcolm Lanier RF (Lanier is one of the power hitters that the team will have in the lineup this season)

Wilfredo Aybar DH (Aybar is one the best DH’s in the league and will have another good season this year)

Diego Campos 3B (Campos will once again provide solid offense and defense for the team this season)

Jose Espinoza 2B (A star is being born with Espinoza becoming the face of the franchise)

Jeremi Jones SS (Jones may not have much speed on the bases but he is still a perfect lead-off hitter)

Kenny Logan 1B (Logan just loves to hit and the power will come as his career goes along)

Dummy Palmer C (Palmer will win the starting catcher of fan favorite Randy Montgomery this season)

Brendan Wright (Wright had a breakout season last year with 16 wins)

Chet Kingland (Kingland will need to improve over last season if he wants to stay in the rotation this year)

Scooter McMichael (McMichael could see another season in the rotation)

Elvis Romano (Romano is really going to be pushed this season and he may not survive it)

Max Moreno (The rookie could win a starting rotation during spring training)

Shane Haad (With 160 saves already Haad is on his way as one of the best closer ever)

Coaches Corner:
This team is finally looking to get over the hump and wrestle the division title away from the Beefpound and make the playoffs this year. This franchise as always stuck with a simple strategy of making minimal changes via free agency and promote from within. Max Moreno has arrived. I’m looking for this young pitcher to make a big impact in the rotation. To knock of the Beefpound this team will need to win 100 games this season for us to accomplish our goals.

Rankings to start the season:
11th ranked offensive
14th ranked pitching staff

Players Added:
Dummy Palmer C (.263, 5, 15)(2yrs, 4.8mil)
P.T. GuerreroP (Rule-5 Draftee)
Jimmie Rios LF (Acquired via Trade from the Anaheim Beefpound)

Players Lost:
Tito Ramirez P (Left via Fee-Agency)
Will Randolph C (Left via Fee-Agency)
Bill Snyder P (Left via Fee-Agency)
Ricky Bennett P (Released)
Alex Mann P (Released)
Marino Mendez P (Released)
Miguel Abreu C (Released)
David Taylor 2B (Traded to the Anaheim Beefpound)

Cheyenne Xpress (First Place)(85-90 victories this season)

Esteban Juarez LF ()

Michael Long CF ()

Donn Bergman RF ()

Kenneth Bryant DH ()

Butch Halter 2B ()

Dave Roberts 3B ()

Manny Hasegawa SS ()

Erubiel Sanchez 1B ()

Ricky Gibbons C ()

Esteban Fernandez ()

Victor Sojo ()

Harry Hollandsworth ()

Del Lee ()

Jeff Schourek ()

Shawn Buckley ()

Rankings to start the season:
6th ranked offensive
11th ranked pitching staff

Players Added:

Players Lost:
Luis Encarnacion P (Left Free-Agency)
Scott Coleman C (Left Free-Agency)
Mateo Romano P (Left Free-Agency)
George Lincoln P (Left Free-Agency)
Tony Wood C (Left Free-Agency)
Albert Jose P (Left Free-Agency)