Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Friday, January 30, 2009

USMLB Top Prospects Overview

After looking through 2837 prospects the final list is in. The top 25 prospects will be in on Monday with a short description about there career so far and where I think they will be in the future. (To qualify to become a prospect the player most not be on the Major League rosters as of the first day after budgets have been set and has to be under the age of 27).

The Pittsburgh Pirates have the most prospects with 129 players while the Minnesota Milfoils has the fewest with 59 players.

The St. Louis Cornerstone has the most in the Top 250 with 15 players while the Minnesota Milfoils once again has the fewest with 1 player

The Tucson Chupacabras has the greatest percentage of prospects in the Top 250 with .167% of there players in the Top 250 (72 prospects - 12 Top 250 prospects) while the Minnesota Milfoils once again has the fewest with .017% (Minnesota Milfoils 59 prospects - 1 Top 250 prospect).


1. St. Louis Cornerstone
2. Tucson Chupacabras
3. Jacksonville RAIDERS
4. Boise Hurricanes
5. Kansas City Bobcats
6. New Britain Fisher Cats
7. Monterrey Stars
8. Scranton Beet Farmer's
9. Milwaukee Bucks
10. Tacoma Pioneers


23. Columbus Pride
24. New York Fighting Molars
25. Boston Braves
26. Louisville Groundhogs
27. Colorado Rockies
28. Pittsburgh Pirates
29. Charleston Gullah's
30. Toledo Boltz
31. Anaheim Beefpound
32. Minnesota Milfoils

I'll will put each team's top 10 prospects in position players and pitchers on there team page next week. If you would like more information about your team please let me know and I will send it to you or put it on your team page.

Thank you.