Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wichita Wranglers Draft

The Wranglers have signed little then half of there draft picks so far this season. Left-Fielder Nomar Rogers looks to really be the pick in this draft this season. Pitcher Geoff Sterns looks to be the best pitcher selected by the team.

Rating: D-

The ownder had this to say abou the draft this season. “If getting a ML prospect this season was my goal and I think we got that. Nomar Rogers could be a huge diamond in the rough in the future. Besides that I got nothing."

Round 1 Pick 28 Bo Bennett P Rating (B-)

Round 2 Pick 75 Geoff Sterns P Rating (D)

Round 3 Pick 107 Dave Simmons P Rating (D)

Round 5 Pick 171 Billy Daly P Rating (F)

Round 6 Pick 203 Harry Williams P Rating (F)

Round 7 Pick 235 Francisco Osuna RF Rating (B-)

Round 9 Pick 299 Jared Van Hekken 2B Rating C-)

Round 11 Pick 363 Carlos Mateo P Rating (F)

Round 12 Pick 395 Nomar Rogers LF Rating (B+)

Round 14 Pick 459 Alving Javier P Rating (F)

Round 16 Pick 523 Kenneth King P Rating (F)