Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


The third week saw some big jumps by a couple of teams and some big falls for a couple teams as well. It’s good to see that the Atlanta Brave Vawts finally in the top ten again but where still waiting for the Anaheim Beefpound to finally make it back to the top ten as well. The Monterrey Stars jump into the number one stop this week with a huge week with only losing four games during the week. The Kansas City Bobcats and Brave Vawts debut in the top ten this week, while the Arizona Sting and Cincinnati Highlanders drop out of the top ten this week. The Stars and Bobcats also had the best record during the week going 16-4 while the Ottawa Crawdaddies had the worst record going 3-17. The Stars have scored the most runs with 419 (6.87 runs per game) while the Tacoma Pioneers have allowed the fewest runs with 221 (3.68 runs per game). Stars has the best home record of 25-10, while Clowns have the best road record 22-10. The Stars also have the biggest divisional lead with 9 games ahead of the Jackson BlaZers. The National League South is the toughest division to play in with the American League West behind it, followed by the National League North, then the American League South, then the American League East, then the National League West, then the National League East and then the American League North. The reason why the Clowns fell seven spots this week was because of there week record of 7-12. With past Power Rankings before this season I never incorporated the weekly record to the equations’ that I have but that changed this season that’s why your seeing big jumps with teams having a great week and big falls with teams having bad weeks. As the season goes through that should stop has the records will be more broken up and the weekly record won’t affect that as much. Before the Xpress talk about not respecting them every team above they had a better week then them expect for the Clowns and the Milwaukee Bucks, but the Bucks where 12-8 compared to your 12-7 so that one loss didn’t hurt them as much.

1. Monterrey Stars (42-19) (Previous Week – 3)
The Monterrey Stars moved up two spots into the number 1 spot this week after going 16-4 during the week. The Stars are scoring 6.87 runs per game while giving up 4.34 runs per game. The Stars have the 2nd best pitching staff, 2nd best offensive and 13th best defensive in the league so far this season.

2. New Britain Fisher Cats (39-22) (Previous Week – 5)
The Fisher Cats moved up three spots this week after going 14-6 during the week. The Fisher Cats are scoring 6.25 runs per game while giving up 4.18 runs per game. The Fisher Cats have the 3rd best pitching staff, 5th best offensive and 4th best defensive in the league so far this season.

3. Houston Hitmen (41-20) (Previous Week – 2)
The Houston Hitmen fell one spot this week after going 13-7 during the week. The Hitmen are scoring 6.85 runs per game while giving up 5.05 runs per game. The Hitmen have the 13th best pitching staff, 3rd best offensive and 14th best defensive in the league so far this season.

4. Kansas City Bobcats (36-25) (Previous Week – 14)
The Kansas City Bobcats moved up ten spots this week after going 16-4 during the week. The Bobcats are scoring 6.84 runs per game while giving up 5.69 runs per game. The Bobcats have the 26th best pitching staff, the best offensive and 3rd best defensive in the league so far this season.

5. Tacoma Pioneers (37-23) (Previous Week – 8)
The Tacoma Pioneers moved up three spots this week after going 14-5 during the week. The Pioneers are scoring 4.85 runs per game while giving up 3.68 runs per game. The Pioneers have the best pitching staff, 23rd best offensive and 17th best defensive in the league so far this season.

6. Milwaukee Bucks (37-24) (Previous Week - 6)

7. Atlanta Brave Vawts (36-24) (Previous Week – 15)

8. Indianapolis Clowns (37-23) (Previous Week – 1)

9. Cheyenne Xpress (37-23) (Previous Week – 10)

10. Wichita Wranglers (37-24) (Previous Week – 9)

11. Anaheim Beefpound (35-25) (Previous Week – 12)

12. Durham Bulls (30-31) (Previous Week – 18)

13. Colorado Springs Armed Forces (31-29) (Previous Week – 19)

14. Arizona Sting (34-26) (Previous Week – 7)

15. Jackson BlaZers (33-28) (Previous Week – 13)

16. St. Louis Cornerstone (32-28) (Previous Week – 11)

17. New York Cab Drivers (29-31) (Previous Week – 26)

18. Florida GaToRs (26-35) (Previous Week – 29)

19. Cincinnati Highlanders (32-28) (Previous Week – 4)

20. Burlington Ice Storm (30-31) (Previous Week – 16)

21. Scranton Beet Farmer's (27-34) (Previous Week – 22)

22. Honolulu Honus (29-31) (Previous Week – 25)

23. Fargo Woodchippers (29-32) (Previous Week – 23)

24. Madison Lasers (26-35) (Previous Week – 28)

25. Boston Braves (24-36) (Previous Week – 27)

26. Portland Landports (25-36) (Previous Week – 17)

27. Boise Hurricanes (24-36) (Previous Week – 20)

28. Ottawa Crawdaddies (20-41) (Previous Week – 21)

29. New York Mets (21-39) (Previous Week – 24)

30. San Diego Skyhawks (22-38) (Previous Week – 30)

31. Jacksonville RAIDERS (19-42) (Previous Week – 31)

32. Tampa Bay Manta Rays (11-49) (Previous Week – 32)