Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Welcome to the Ninth edition of the USMLB Daily. A lot of news and information will be in here and fun things will be added through out it. I hope that you enjoy and that the report will be up Monday through Friday till the end of the season. Draft information will also be added to the Daily report after the draft. Trades that happen from this day forward will also be added to the report. If there’s anything you would like me to cover or add (real or not) just let me know and I’ll do my best to add it.

Interview with the Tacoma Pioneers from the National League West Division.
The Pioneers find themselves on top of the National League West and look to be a good position to repeat as National League West division champions.

So what are you goals for the season:
My goals for this season was simple make the playoffs and have the best pitching staff with an ERA around 3, I would prefer it to be lower then 3 but there’s some good offensives in the National League this season.

What has surprised you most about this team:
Well the offensive is beginning to come around as I thought I might be the worst offensive in the league and win just with pitching like last season but the offensive has held it’s own so far. But the biggest surprise has been the bullpen. The bullpen last season was blowing saves left and right and so far this season they have been able to hold there leads and not letting in runners come around when they come in and that is a great success to me.

What team scares you the most to face:
The Stars would be that team, there just so powerful on offensive and have a good pitching staff to back that up. Should be a good out of the division rivalry if he keeps continuing to win.
Who do you think will make it to the World Series out of the American League:
That’s a tough choice with so many good team on the American League side but I would have to say the Atalanta Brave Vawts as there pitching is great and if they where in the National League I would have a good fight for the best pitching staff in the league.

Why have you been trading away some of your top pitchers this season:
That’s a good question. The pitchers that I’ve traded this season will not fit with the direction that this team is going in the future. With each one close to arbitration I figured that it was best to trade them while there hot rather then when there salary is high and can’t trade them. Plus is fun it fun to see if you can add more depth and better players on the fly, rather then waiting for the bottom to fall out before you rebuild your team.

Anything else you would like to add:
This truly is a great league, as it was my first and the won I really have but everything I can into this league. So thank you everyone for making this a great league.

Monterrey Stars traded Damaso Velazquez (P) to the Arizona Sting for Dicky Puffer (P). Rating: C
This was just a trade to provide minor league help for each franchise as I really don’t see either player making it to the major any time soon if ever.

Arizona Sting traded Carmen McPherson (P) and 800k to the Ottawa Crawdaddies for Shawn Durbin (SS). Rating: C+
The Sting have some extra pitchers that they need to get rid of and McPherson was one of them and with the Crawdaddies needing some pitching help it was a good trade for both.

Indianapolis Clowns traded Hooks Gagne (RF) and Allen Chase (P) to the Ottawa Crawdaddies for Gus Wilkins (SS) and 2.9m. Rating B-
The Clowns got another offensive weapon for a stretch run as the owner has loved Wilkins for a long time and he finally got him. The Crawdaddies probably got the better end of this trade as they got a good outfielder and pitcher who will probably make it to the majors in a couple seasons.

Rumor Mill:
Breaking news there has been a lawsuit filed against the Brave Vawts mascot claiming that there mascot is a danger to others. There has been no comment from the Brave Vawt organization about this or who has filed the claim.
The mode in the Houston Hitmen organized has gotten worse as the season has gone on with the team struggling a bit now. Hopefully the return of the playing the National League will get this team back into shape.
“The Puffman” Dicky Puffer has never been more happy then joining the Stars franchise to help there Double-A team make a run to the Double-A championship.
We are still waiting for Vawt to explain to us what a Vawt is?

Poll Question:
Looks like you guys think that the Lasers will not make the playoffs this season even though there in first place right now.

Useless Information:
The National League won the inter-play games this season going 104-96 versus the American League, with the National League South having the best record versus the American League South going 28-20.
The Anaheim Beefpound had the best record 10-2 versus the National League West.

Franchise Information:
The Atlanta Brave Vawts franchise has the most saves then any other team in the league with 233 saves while the Jacksonville RAIDERS franchise has the fewest saves with 151 saves.
The Cheyenne Xpress franchise has the most stolen bases then any other team in the league with 1195 stolen bases while the Arizona Sting franchise has the fewest stolen bases with 159 stolen bases.
The Scranton Beet Farmer's franchise has the fewest errors then any other team in the league with 281 errors while the Madison Lasers has the most errors with 540 errors.

What has happen to him:
Now what has happen to Hank Epstein this season? The two time Firemen of the Year and three time All-Star has really struggled with a 2-3 record, 4.96ERA and 0 saves. The life as a closer is very short termed in this league as he had 134 saves in the first four season and now is bullpen help only. I tried to get a comment from him but the Beefpound are still on lock down but after speaking with his wife she said that maybe a change of scenery would be best for his future.