Welcome to the Season 17 of the USMLB.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Tacoma Pioneers Season Preview

With spring training upon us the Pioneers have settle into there new home, traveling a short distance from Vancouver. With a new city for the team, new expectations are huge from the fans of Tacoma. The new faces must gel well with the young talent that is abundant on this team. The veterans must provide the leadership that is needed to last 162 game season or the young players might crack under the pressure of the season. If the Pioneers are going to win it will be because of there pitching which was built to use the pitcher friendly field of Cheney Stadium to there full advantage. The GM has been very busy both in FA and in making trades was quoted as saying “every year our goal is the win a championship and with our off season moves I believe we are in a position get there.”
Gail Reid (1B) signed a 2yr/3.6mil, Peter Baek (P) signed a 5/55mil + 5mil signing bonus, Stuart Davidson (P) 1/1mil + 900k signing bonus, Dustan Grace (C) 2/3.8 mil, Nicholas Fox (P) 4/24mil + 2mil signing bonus and Alfredo Santiago (P) 2/1.5mil + 750k signing bonus where added from free agency. Bert Dunston (1B), Ted Watson (1B), Russell Broussard (CF), Sting Green (CF), Tyler Dorsey (CF), Julio DeRojas (CF), Julian Cela (CF), Todd Wolf (CF), Pablo Sanchez (3B) and Craig Fisher (2B) signed minor league deals. Mike Magee (2B) who will start in double-A and Kris Michaels (C) who will start in triple-A where acquired in a trade that sent Ricardo Ramirez (C) to rival Colorado Sky Sox. Midre Contreras (SS) who will start in triple-A was acquired in a trade that sent Rondell Borbon (P) to the Kansas City Dirt Bags. Tony Maduro (C) was acquired in a trade that sent Greg Tyner (RF) to the Tucson Xpress. Alex Mendez (SS) who will start in low-A was acquired in a trade that sent Walt Biggio (SS) to the Scranton Beet Farmer's.
Projected Starting lineup
1. Peter Herndon (CF) *(.215, 1, 10)
2. Jeff O'Keefe (LF) *(.259, 23, 81)
3. Gail Reid (1B) *(.234, 27, 75)
4. Brook Diaz (3B) *(.321, 13, 62)
5. Neifi Moya (RF) *(.280, 28, 108)
6. Archie Hitchcock (2B) (Minors)
7. Jaret Titan (SS) *(.270, 4, 58)
8. Tony Maduro (C) *(.287, 6, 31)
Dustan Grace (C) *(.800, 1, 1)
Marc Penny (C) *(.264, 9, 37)
Patrick Maurer (2B) *(.280, 18, 82)
Vinny May (2B) *(Minors)
Louis Martin (LF) *(Minors)
Projected Rotation
1. Peter Baek
2. Andrew Hutton
3. Peter Webster
4. Tommie Relaford
5. Flip Sheldon
Ugueth Estrada
George Wilkins
Rafael Estrada
George Evans
Stuart Davidson
Alfredo Santiago
Nicholas Fox

*- last seasons AVE, HR, RBI

Projected finish 81-81 2cd place in the NL West.